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Definitely Maybe


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This great book tells the story of a young girl, Barbara Marvel Jesus otherwise Babe, Barb, Barbie, Barbara or simply Marvel as she enjoys being called. Babe is a sixteen years old girl who had to move from a big city like Allentown to a remote Duncan Town. The previous year, she lost her father who was a rich, successful pilot before his death and left her a fortune. As if moving to Duncan Town wasn't enough, she had a pedophilic stepfather and a disturbed older stepbrother to deal with. Duncan high school was the only schooling option she had. Popular kids, bullies, the power-thirsty, attention seekers and a psychotic principal are all elements of Duncan high. The pressure for the only spot in an all-expenses-paid scholarship by a generous donor is the high and Babe has to do the unthinkable to get through. Will she stick to her morals or will she give in to desperation? Will Babe ever get her head up? Will she survive or will she perish? Will she fall and never rise again? Will everything she touches ever turn to gold? What happens when her stepfather gets a new habit? A new addiction? And her mum suffers from a life-threatening illness? What then she finds out the truth? ______________________________________ Know the truth and the truth shall set you free......or haunt you forever? Will she name and shame? Will her family ever survive the storm? Is she ready for a whole new responsibility? Will she rise above her problems? Will she have the last laugh? _________________________________ If there is one thing life has taught me, it's that not every story has a happy ending? - Bojuwoye Ayoola Babe's Diary is the book you should read this season. It's is realistic fiction, it talks about real-life issues and is directed to the general audiences. It's a book you can discover yourself in. The author brings you closer to the character and creates a connection such that you can substitute yourself in the book. There were times I found myself disagreeing with my own characters. It's like I am living the story and I think you should do the same, of course, it doesn't matter what I think....lol. I enjoyed writing this book so much and I hope you enjoy reading it. This book is # Child abuse # Romance # Teen # Tragedy. This book may be quite different from other books you have read but am positive in the end you will be glad reading it. I could rightly tag it the book of all times but I won't be so forward.... lmao. I'll leave you to decide, share this book if you agree. © This book is written by me @Bojuwoye Ayoola and is not a property of anyone but me. The cover image does not belong to me but to Inkstone™. ________________________ Muchas gracias Dios por la inspiración para escribir este libro. I give thanks to the supreme being. My appreciation goes to my parents and siblings too and to all of my fans out there for the encouragement and support. Thank you so much. A big shout-out to Webnovel for the opportunity and I hope this book gets a front-page recommendation someday. Contact Author: Discord: @Bojuwoye Ayoola Email; eenahwrites@gmail.com Discord server https://discord.gg/VvDzXrp Follow on Instagram: eenahwrites Twitter: Bojuwoye Ayoola Like, comment, share, vote and review. Send power stones too......Duncan High could really use a renovation...lmao. Gift this author if she ever made you laugh.


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