1 Gold Value (Golden’s POF)

Today is my 19th birthday and I'm traveling to Los Angeles for an audition for a new movie called "Everyone Needs Love". I'm auditioning for the role of "Kristy" who is kind of an extra in the movie. "Kristy" is the friend of the main character but "Kristy" dies off about 20 minutes into the movie. I know its not the most glamorous role in the movie but I'm hoping its my first real big break. I've had even smaller roles in movies like being a waitress, or front desk receptionist. I've been dreaming of being a actress since I was a 5 year old little girl, watching Turner Classic Movies. I grew up wanting to have the beautiful home, cars, fur coats, and winning Oscars for my heart pounding role in a drama. I've been practicing my speech since I was about 11, every time I'm in the shower, in front of a mirror, sitting in first period math class. It's been the same speech too its always goes a little something like this.

"Thank you, thank you. I cant imagine who to thank in this short amount of time, so first I just want to thank everyone who has been apart of my journey. I couldn't imagine getting here without those who supported me through the highs and lows of my career. This award isn't just mines it belongs to all the dreamers out there, the little girls, the little boys, the adults who still have dreams in their hearts. I want to dedicate this award and those that will follow to the fans that have followed my journey and never gave up on me. This is for the dedication you showed me and your love means more to me than anything else, so thank you all, I love you".

I know it seems dramatic or self absorbed to think about the day I win an award for my acting but its my dream. You have the Beyoncé's of the world, and then you have the Meryl Streep's. Well I Golden Davis am trying to fall in between the 2 of them when it comes to recognition and awards under my belt. Being a girl growing up in the ghettos of Oakland, California my chances of becoming a somebody hasn't always been in my favor. If anything you were lucky to make it to your 18th birthday if you hadn't got shot dead in the street or thrown in prison on a trumped up police charge. Life in the lower bottoms of Oakland hasn't always been easy, but it hasn't always been bad either. Being from the Bay Area actually has some great perks to it, the stars that have made it out the hood, the multi-billion dollar companies that are homed in San Francisco. I'm proud to be apart of my city, but I'm also working hard to be apart of something even bigger. I haven't lived with my parents since I was 17 years old, my father hated the fact that I was a dreamer. My mother has always supported me and still does, just my father has to much pride to admit that my dreams could become reality. My father has always felt my way of thinking wasn't traditional and that I should be a doctor or lawyer, but those dreams belong to some other little girl just not his. Its hard not being around my dad as much because we were so close and then it seems like once I became my own person he faded away. We use to spend every waking moment together he would tuck me in at night, I would wake up to star shaped pancakes every Saturday morning. Now I get half assed text from him on my birthday and 1 armed hugs when I come visit them for family occasions or holidays. My mom on the other hand still spends time with me, she tries to come to all my auditions with me when she can, and she financially supports me whenever I ask her. I always felt my mom was a dreamer and that's why she is so supportive of me following my dreams. I look into my moms soft brown eyes when I talk to her about the roles I'm practicing for and they always get a little twinkle. I've got a secret goal that when I make it big I'm going to get my mom casted in some TV shows and movies. I'm hoping I can help her to fulfill a dream that maybe she didn't have the time, courage, or support to go after. She's my biggest fan and supporter and I owe her the world. I look down at my phone and it reads 10:30 am, I gather up my duffle bag to head to the airport for my 2 o'clock flight. I have a thing about being early to everything I do even if it means I have to sit there for a few hours. I walk into the living room where my mom is reading a book, she turns around and smiles when she see's me walk up.

" Are you ready Bug ? " she says in her soft voice

" Yes mom I'm nervous but I'm definitely ready " I say looking at her smile at me.

" Your going to do great bug " she gets up and hugs me tight.

My nickname has been " Bug " every since I was a little girl, my mom named me " Bug " when she found out I was going to be a girl. The name just kind of stuck with me and its been a family name ever since. I couldn't imagine my life without hearing " Bug " constantly, honestly it would just be weird. I go to my dad's office and stand in the door way, he looks up at me over the top of his glasses.

" Mom's about to take me to the airport dad " I just stand there waiting for a response.

As I turn to walk away I hear him say something that makes my heart stop.

" Bug " I hear so much hurt and sincerity when he says it.

I went turn around and he's standing up, he begins to walk towards me and I can feel my eyes fill with tears.

" I'm sorry for the way I've acted, and I'm sorry for not supporting you. I let my pride get the best of me and fear cloud my judgment, and that wasn't fair to you because your my daughter. Today is one of the biggest days of your life its your 19th birthday, and the biggest audition you've tried out for. Your one of the greatest things to happen to me and I don't want to mess that up. Our relationship has been strained for years, and I don't want the same thing I went through with my father to happen to us. "

I stand there with  smile across my face because I never though I would get my father to say he was sorry. I know I have the support of my mother but my father's support means the world to me also. I can't even fathom the words to say to my father so I just walk over and bury my face into his chest. I feel his arms wrap around me and just like that I remember each and every hug I ever gotten and this hug made up for each and every hug I ever missed. After a few moments of tears and hugs I say my goodbyes to my dad before I head off to the airport. On the ride over I smile replaying the words my father said to me, I couldn't have asked for a better birthday gift. We reach the Oakland airport and every time we do this trip my mom cries, it's the sweetest thing too because it's almost like she's dropping me off for the first time.

" I love you Bug and remember to shine bright and show them why your name belongs in the lights. "

I smile back at my mom telling her I love her as we hug and she kisses me goodbye. I grab my bag out the back seat say my last goodbye and watch as my mom drives off, I turn around and walk into the airport to begin to my check in process. I always grab a fully loaded bagel with egg, sausage, bacon, cheese, with a side of hash browns from my favorite café in the airport. I always get it to eat about 45 minutes before my flight begins to board so it can hold me over for the flight. I made the mistake of barely eating the first time I ever took an air flight and that empty tummy did not go well with my anxiety. I finally board the plane, and grab my seat to wait patiently for my flight to take off. I listen anxiously as the flight attendant goes over safety instructions, how not to die on a plane, and how the pilot appreciates passengers who cooperate during the flight. After about 56 minutes in the air we finally reach LAX, it was a safe cozy flight which I really appreciated due to my paranoia of being in the air. I walk into LAX which never seems to have a empty moment no matter what time of day your catching a flight. I make my way over to baggage claim trying to avoid getting caught in slow walking crowds of tourists who cant quit snapping photos of them being in the airport. I understand the excitement of being in a new place especially a place like Hollywood, but damn y'all in a crowded airport at least make it outside. I make it to baggage claim finally and stand there amongst the other impatiently waiting bag parents. I finally see my duffle bag come shooting out onto the rotating belt, I lean in to make sure I grab it at the perfect time. I get my bag and begin to walk outside so I can call a Lyft to take me to my hotel, I arranged for a late check in due to my flight not getting me into LA until 3. I hop onto the Lyft app and order a driver, the app assigns a driver that will arrive in 3 minutes which is perfect. I really love the concept of ride sharing apps they're convenient as hell especially when you don't want to pay out the ass for car rentals. My Lyft driver finally arrives, when he pulls up he hurriedly gets out the car to help me with my bag. I thank him and I get in the back seat, I never get in the front seat when I get in a Lyft maybe I'm weird but I just prefer back seat riding. We have some small conversation about why I'm visiting and how he's giving celebrities like Johnny Depp, Kim Kardashian, and Lebron James Lyft rides. I laugh and smile as he tells me brief stories about their encounters, of course I find it hard to believe but hey its LA anything is possible here. We pull up to my hotel, I'm staying at the Marriot because its super close to my audition site. I've racked up a lot of free nights due to me staying at the Marriot so much the last few years. I thank the Lyft driver and wish him safe driving, I pick up my duffel bag and walk to the check in desk. I'm greeted by a super perky girl by the name of Alison at the front desk, she's super nice and makes small talk as she confirms my reservation. She hands me my key card and asks if I need help with my luggage I decline nicely and head to the elevator to get to my room. I make it to the 4th floor on a surprisingly empty elevator ride, I step out and walk to my room which is at the end of the hall. I call my mom to let her know I made it safely to my room, I could hear my dad in the background saying he loves me which melts my heart. After I hang up I send my mom a text with the address of the hotel, my room number which ironically is my birthday 419, and the address of where the audition is. I have about 2 hours to rehearse my lines before I head out for my audition, I have about 100 lines to practice even though I know them like the back of my hand. After a hour of practice I do my make up, fix my hair, and hop in a shower. I decide to wear a black tank top, white pants, and a black cardigan. I dab a small amount of perfume on my neck and wrist, take a few deep breaths, and practice a few smiles in the mirror. I grab my lines, purse, phone and key card and head towards the elevator. I feel like my heart is about to fall out my ass but I remember that this is something I want, I can never scare myself out of a opportunity. I make it downstairs and I order another Lyft to take me to my audition, my Lyft comes after about 5 minutes and I'm relieved. I don't say much to the driver because my mind is just replaying lines as I ride in the back seat. The car stops and I've made it to my audition, I thank the driver and get out the car. My audition is being held at the Centennial Hotel so I walk into the hotel and I ask the front desk agent where the audition room is. I make my way in the direction that the receptionist told me to go, I take the last left around the corner as I make the turn I see about 100 other girls. Different girls, different races, different sizes, all with different goals in their hearts. I go check in for my audition and sit down in a empty sit at the end of the hallway. I sit for an hour watching girls go in and out some with tears, some with disappointment, and some with just sheer disregard of emotions. There's 10 of us left and I think I may be the second to last person, this audition is a straight forward yes or no audition. So I'm going in with the intentions of wowing the judges within the first few moments of my audition. I hear the voice of a man that sounds familiar to me, I look up and its celebrity agent Brent Cornell. He represents some of the biggest names in Hollywood from actors, singers, to everything in between that is considered a celebrity. We make eye contact and he shots me a cocky yet handsome smile, I cant help but blush as he looks at me. I move back one of my curls and smile back at him feeling my heart race. After he finishes talking to who I believe is the casting director he heads over towards me. He walks up to me and I can smell his Ralph Lauren cologne embrace my nose. " God he smells so good " I'm thinking to myself as he sits next to me.

" Hi I'm Brent and you are ? " He says holding his hand out.

" I'm Golden nice to meet you Brent. " I say grabbing his hand to shake it.

" Golden is a different name, who are you named after ? "

" I was actually named Golden because my mother loves Gold and wanted me to be the one Golden thing that would never lose value and worth " I look at him with a smile.

" Well she was right because you definitely are of worth and value. "

I can't help but sit there in awe with redness swelling up in my cheeks, is Brent Cornell really flirting with me ? My mind is racing even though I'm not losing a single line out of my head but I begin to smile as he continues to flirt with me. He tells me how he thinks he can help my acting career because I have a genuine and authentic look. He tells me I should join him for dinner tonight after my audition, I don't even hesitate at the idea of being seen out with a hot shot celebrity agent. I hadn't realized how much time had went by because I was broken out of my Brent spell when I heard my name get called. The casting director looked my way when I answered to my name, a smile grew across her face when she laid eyes on me. I'm not sure if it was because Brent was sitting next to me or because it was just a genuine smile.

I get up and as I go to reach out to shake Brent's hands he shakes his head no at me.

" I'll be sitting here waiting for you Golden. " He winks at me as I smile at him saying okay.

I walk into the audition room with butterflies in my tummy, I place my purse and lines down on a chair and I go stand center stage.

" Hello my name is Golden Davis and I'm here to audition for the role of " Kristy". "

After a few moments of introductions and the judges going over my acting career I begin my audition, I say each line flawlessly and with grace. When a line needed emotion I would effortlessly flow into the moment, if a laugh was needed I laughed, tears I had those. I gave my heart, soul, and even my dignity for this role. This role needed to be the role that pushed my portfolio into an official acting role. After what seemed like hours I ended my audition, I stood there pacing my breathing trying to catch my breath. The next thing I knew the judges were standing up clapping, they had smiles painted across their faces. There I was getting a standing ovation from the judges including the casting director, at this moment I think I did it. The casting director who's name was " Melanie Smith " came over to me and congratulated me, telling me I was the best authentic audition she had seen in a long time. I couldn't compose my emotions I felt the tears streaming down my face, my heart pounding out my chest. At this very moment I couldn't decipher a dream from reality, was this real or was I still sitting on the plane dreaming. I pinched myself without anyone noticing and that quick moment of pain was proof that I was living my dream . This role may not be the main star but it was the beginning of my dream as a actress. After about 20 minutes of congratulations and details about when the first day of filming would start I said my goodbyes. I walked out the door and leaned against it sighing and holding my script close to me. A giant smile planted across my face as I imagined my name plastered across billboards and movie screens.

" The only Gold that has worth. "

I walk out the audition room and swiftly turn my head and see Brent still sitting where I left him I couldn't believe that he sat there and waited. I felt a warm smile grow across my face as he smiled at me.

" Would the movie star like to go to dinner ? "

In my mind I was yelling like a little girl, in his presence I had to present myself as a young lady. I couldn't appear like some groupie girl that can't be around elite celebrities.

"She would love to go out to dinner".

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I cant believe after a few hours in LA I landed my biggest acting role, and having dinner with "The Brent Cornel". It was all happening so quickly but i was loving every minute of it. I tell Brent I want to find something better to wear for dinner, he gets up walking towards me.

"Let me take you shopping", he says with no hesitation.

At first I think to say no but my mouth was already saying yes. We walk outside and he hands the valet his ticket to receive his car, the valet pulls up in a sexy black Range Rover. Brent hands him a $50 tip and opens the door for me to get in the car. I get in the car and it smells just like him, the thought of him sends tingles through my body. He gets in the car and we drive off to downtown LA. We pull up to a cute but expensive looking boutique called "La Beau". He gets out the car and opens the door for me, he's the perfect gentleman I cant help but feel special. We walk into the store and of course we're greeted with champagne and smiles. I take the glass I hadn't really ever drunk alcohol yet. I whisper to Brent telling him I'm only 19 and hadn't start drinking yet. He smiles down at me with his gorgeous smile and says, "that's okay babe it'll be our little secret". I smile feeling the warmth hit my cheeks, he made me feel so special yet like s bad girl. He tells me to get whatever I wanted and loved the sound of that. I find a sexy black sleek dress that hugged my little curves, red heels, and a red clutch purse. When I tried it on the way Brent looked at me, it just made my insides melt. I felt like putty in his hands he could mold me any way he wanted.

We leave the boutique and get back into his car, we talk about it being my birthday and how he wants to do something special. I object to the fact because he's done so much already but of course he ignores it by smiling and saying I deserve it. After another 30 minutes of talking, we exchange numbers and he drops me off at my hotel. He tells me he'll be back to pick me up at 8 o'clock tonight for dinner. He kisses my hand before I get out the car.

I get up to my hotel room and lay across my bed, just thinking of him makes my body warm. His smile, his smell, his jet black hair. I begin to imagine how his body looks under his clothes, I could tell he had broad shoulders. I remember peeking a few glances at his manhood and it did not seem small at all. Oh my God who am I becoming thinking like this. I was tingling in more places than my cheeks and the feeling wasn't fading. Next thing I knew I was biting my lip and rubbing over my breast, the thoughts of him kissing my neck playing in my mind. I was slowing sliding my hands into my panties while thinking of his body on top of mines. Soft moans begin to leave my body as I touched myself over and over until I sent my body into a shivering orgasm. I laid there heavy breathing, licking my fingers I had just used to bring myself to a breath taking climax. Something came over me just thinking of Brent and I wanted more of him in so many ways.

I looked over at my clock and it was 8 o'clock I had to get ready, I got up to shower with my legs still shaky. I cleaned my self extra good in the shower after feeling like a filthy little woman but something about him just got me going with each thought. I got out the shower did a light makeup look , and pulled my thick curls up into a bun. I oiled my body down and sprayed on my "Coco Chanel" perfume. My nerves were rattled but I also was excited for what the night could be. I brushed my teeth again, and finished getting ready I was sitting on the bed putting my heels on. I heard my phone chime, it was 7:46 by now I hope he wasn't canceling. My heart dropped ad I seen his name pop up on my screen, then I read his text.

"I know this is corny, but i feel like I struck Gold when I met you. I can't get you out of mind in more ways then you know. I can't wait to see you my love, let this be the beginning of a beautiful love story".

My heart fluttered, my cheeks beaming, I couldn't believe what was I was reading. I remembered to text my mom to let her know I was going out for dinner with a friend and that there was exciting news to tell her. She sent back hearts and crying emojis, I know she's going to be so proud of me. It's 7:55 now I grab everything and head downstairs, butterflies fill my tummy as I reach the lobby of the hotel. I walk outside and a few moments later he pulls up in his car, the biggest smile across both our faces.

He gets out the car looking more handsome then ever, black suit with no tie his first 3 buttons of his shirt undone. He has a strand of his black hair dangling down his forehead, he has a little red rose stuck in his suit coat. I start thinking like damn did he match with me like baby don't do that, I'm really gone want you. Okay Golden girl think like a lady not a horny teenager, but damn he looks so good.

Im broken out of my trance when he leans in to kiss my cheek, my hand lands on his chest and it was firm. He leans away telling me I look gorgeous, his smell is lingering in my nose still. I tell him he looks handsome and he gives me a smile of appreciation. He helps me into the car and we drive to the restaurant, we pull up to "Royale Kitchen". It doesn't sound like much but this restaurant is $50 for an appetizer, they have raving reviews. He hands his keys to the valet and we walk into the restaurant. We walk up to the host and Brent tells them we have a reservation.

"Hello, I'm Brent Cornell I reserved the dinner lounge for 2".

The host answers politely and tells us to follow her to our spot. I heard this restaurant has private rooms you can reserve for more private intimate dinners. We're directed towards the left side of the restaurant to the back, the host holds her hand out to show us into our room. She closes the door behind us, we can order our food via a tablet so no waiter has to disturb us until they are serving us our food.

Brent pulls my chair out for me to sit down, he pulls his chair slightly closer to mines. I can't help but slightly shiver with him close to me.

"You look amazing I can't stop looking at you", he says with his hand on my thigh.

In my mind I want his hand to continue up my thigh, but I smile and tell him thank you. I put my hand on top of his and I stare into those beautiful hazel eyes just getting lost.

"It's your birthday today how old are you turning ?"

I answer truthfully and say "19".

He smiles and says "Im 26"

Which I knew already after some google searching back in my hotel room. I ask him is my age a problem and he smiles saying no.

"Lets order us a bottle of wine to celebrate and an appetizer to share", he says.

I watch him as he scrolls through the appetizer and wine menu after careful searching, he orders a $80 bottle of white wine and a sampler platter full of different amazing cuisines. He sends the order over and we begin to talk about why I want to act. I tell him it's been a lifelong dream of mines even though my dad didn't support me at first until today. He just watches as I talk, it's like he gets drawn into me like I am to him.

After I tell him more about myself I ask him how he became a big shot agent.

"Well I cant act all that good but wanted to be apart of the entertainment industry. My dad was a director so I grew up in this life but wanted a different approach. So helping people reach their ultimate goals in this industry is my passion, I love to fulfill and guarantee results."

I smiled at him, I seen his cheeks slightly get red like no one really ever cared about why he did this job. I wanted to know Brent not "Brent Cornell", I wanted to know what made him happy sad laugh cry. Something about him made me want him at his most vulnerable state. We were interrupted by the bell that was rang , it was our waiter with our wine and appetizer.

"Thank you very much", Brent tells the waiter.

I smile saying thank you as well, the waiter smiles back and leaves the room closing the door behind him.

The food looks delicious and I'm starving so I'm ready to eat something and quick. Brent pours us both a glass of wine and holds his glass up, "Let us toast". I raise my glass up and listen to his toast.

"Today was the start of many new journeys in life such as careers and relationships. I hope this will be adventurous, spontaneous, full of joy and mystery. I'm happy we met today Golden, you really are a rate and beautiful woman".

God he just melted my entire heart into my panties, I wanted to just tell him then that I loved him. Granted I didn't know him but he felt so familiar it was crazy. I thank him and we clink our glasses together sealing the fate of his toast. We start to eat the food and it's amazing, we share bites we feec each other we just lose ourselves together. After about 2 glasses of wine I'm super relaxed and bubbly. Brent eats a piece of bread and gets a little cheese sauce on his mouth. I reach my hand up to wipe it off with my thumb, he directs it into his mouth. I bite my lip slightly as he looks at me, I pull my thumb out his mouth slowly. He leans in to kiss me and the fireworks go off everywhere in my body. He slides his tongue into my mouth and our tongues connect, they glide over each other so smoothly. His breathing becomes heavier as he pulls me closer into his body. He stands up and pulls me with him as we walk over to the couch in the corner of the room.

I pull his jacket off, unbuttoning his shirt pushing him onto the couch. I sit on top of him grinding on him feeling him grow between my legs. He holds my waist and slides his hands down to begin caressing my ass. I lean down to kiss on his neck and he lets out a soft moan like I kissed a spot he likes. I feel him slide his hand into my panties and I cant hold in the gasp i let out. I can feel the wetness on his fingers as he rubs my clit against his fingertips. I just want to feel him inside me but his fingers distract me from doing anything but resting my head on his shoulder as my body shakes and squirms. He slides a finger inside me pulling down more wetness that he spreads on my clit. He keeps rubbing my clit until i feel my body quiver as I cum in his hand. I kiss him and I can feel how turned on he got from playing in my panties. I climb off him and get on my knees, I unzip his pants and pull his dick out. For him to be a white man he was well endowed and I was craving every piece of him. I slide his dick in my mouth and begin sucking it, he lets out a loud fuck. That shit turns me on so much I cant believe this is happening right now. I keep sucking his dick and begin to jack him off at the same time. I squeeze his balls with my other hand, he's loving it as I make his body shiver. I don't know what came over me but I felt like a new woman with him. I kept sucking and jacking him off until he starting to breath heavy I could tell he was about to cum. I kept going until I felt his dick pulsing so I sucked one last time and jacked him off until it oozed out of him on to my hand. He looked down at me and i could tell we weren't done. My pussy is even wetter so i pull my panties off and I sit on his lap sliding his cum covered dick in me. We both let out moans as I'm riding him, he fills me up and I love every second of it. We're kissing and heavy breathing as we fuck, then he lays me down on the couch. I wrap my legs around his waist as he thrusts in me over and over. As he fucks me I play with my clit which causes both of us to get turned on more. Both our breathing changes as I know we're about to cum together and its so intense. He leans down to my ear kissing my neck and licking around my ear then he moans "Im about to cum". That shit takes me over the edge and I feel myself begin to cum with him, he shakes on top of me and I feel him cum inside me. We cum together with such intensity and it feels amazing, we kiss so passionately it's like we've been yearning for this moment. He looks at me and I look at him, somehow we both burst into laughter. It's good laughter though, satisfying laughter, it's like we know each other, then he says "Wanna go get some McDonald's ?" I smile and say yes, still smiling and recovering from this amazing sex.

We get dressed, pay the tab, and leave the restaurant hand in hand with smiles on our faces. The valet gets the car for us and Brent helps me into the car, he gets in the car and we head to the nearest McDonald's. I know its crazy we went to this amazing restaurant, had sex, and now buying fast food but to me thats a dream date. We pull into the drive through and order our food, i find out he loves a quarter pounder with cheese just like me, he orders large sizes and get our food. He looks at me and says "Want to go to my place ?" I don't hesitate and I say of course. Im thinking like well we already had sex whats the worse that could happen now ? We drive about 20 minutes and pull up to a beautiful house, its black with giant windows and a gorgeous driveway. We get out the car with our food and we go into his house and the inside is even more beautiful, high ceilings, black kitchen with the sink in the middle of the kitchen. The living room has a giant tv, a plush comfy couch, and pictures of him with all his clients. We kicked our shoes off at the door and he put his security alarm on.

"Come on" , he says as we head to his bedroom. He has a king bed with a black and gray comforter on it, his closet has his clothes hanging, his room smells just like him. He actually has a really clean and neat house for a guy which just makes me like him more. Im still in shock over dinner I'm constantly remembering each and every second we spent together in that room. We sit on his bed and he turns the tv on and we start to eat. We laugh and talk about our lives in high school and our families. I learned he was kinda the nerd at his high school even though his family was well known, and how he wish we would've done more to be more memorable in school.

I just stare at him as he talks and tells me everything he can think of, and then I respond with everything i can think of. Before we knew it, it was 5 o'clock in the morning. I think I found my prince charming.

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