4 Ch 4: Someone's behind me-

Previously - Chuyi tried to drug Amy but it didn't work. Lisa and Amy went to check their dorm.

On the way to their dorm, as 17 years old, they both were just thinking of places to hide the high voltage stuff *haha*

Lisa - How about the bushes?

Amy - Everyone else will probably keep it there! How about the garden behind the dorm building?!

Lisa - Yeah! that's a great idea too!

Amy - But, what if----

Lisa - look!! ours is in building A, room no.21! we've reached!

Amy - Oh okay! Then let's go!

They both went to their room and unpacked. Meanwhile, let's see where Chuyi is!!

OMG!!! This is not right!!! She's in room no. 22 of the same building!! <<<<< ×_× >>>>>

Let's just wait what she'll do next to Amy and Lisa?!!


At night:

*chaos in girl's dorm, building A*

Girl 1 - Oh no!!! quickly hide the hair straightner otherwise it'll be taken by the inspector!!!

Girl 2 - Give it to me... I'll just throw it in the bushes!

Girl 1 - WHAATT!??! you'll just throw it??!

Girl 2 - Or what?!... Just give it to me.

Woah!!! Amy, these girls are really gonna throw those. It's good that we've already hidden ours. Phew~~

Yeah, Otherwise we were dead *haha*

After the inspection:

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*Everyone* - Let's take our stuff back!!!

Amy - Lisa ,I'll go down to get it.... tomorrow you can go!

Lisa - Okay. Be safe!

Amy - I'll be back!

*Amy goes to their SECRET place in the garden behind their dorm •_< *.

While walking towards the garden, Amy kept hearing the eerie sound of big foot steps , as if they were following her.

In suspicion, she takes a right into the alley to get away from "IT" ...Her mind came at ease when she stopped hearing those footsteps. (But she didn't know that.....) She turned around to get to the garden through that alley(cuz she was too frightened). After turning with her head down, She saw a man's feet.... still frightened, she lifted up her head and started shouting loudly to get help!! Without seeing that man's face, she started screaming but little did she know that it was YOUNG MASTER GU CHEN!!!! Chen tried to quiet her down but she was so scared that she wasn't even able to stop!..... Therefore Chen had no choice and placed her hand on her mouth to shut her up. She's so stupid *haha* that she thought he was kidnapping her and and she fainted AGAIN (kind of a weak girl, right?) .

Seems like Gu Chen brought himself a TINY trouble?! Boys aren't allowed inside of girl's dorm and he didn't know Lisa number so He took Her his home ^3^ .