35 Chapter 30

** 6 months later **

Host: And now, she's beautiful, she's single, she's had her heart broken but that doesn't stop her! Please welcome Y/n to the stage!!

Audience: *cheers blatantly* WOOOOOOOOOO!!! Y/N!! Y/N!! Y/N!!

The lights dim and Y/n rises to the stage as fog starts to seep onto the stage the music starts to play and Y/n start's to sing

Disclaimer: I didn't write this song it is called "You broke me first" and It's by Tate McRae

Y/n: Maybe you don't like talking too much about yourself, but you should have told me that you were thinkin 'bout someone else , you're drunk at a party or maybe it's just that your car broke down, or your phones been off for a couple of months so you're calling me now, I know you you're like this, when shit don't go your way you needed me to fix it, and like me I did, but I ran out of every reason, *volume increases and sparks errupt behind y/n* Now suddenly you're asking for it back, could you tell me where'd you get the nerve? Yeah, you could say miss all that we have, *Y/n rips off black loose dress and she is now in a silver sparkly dress with long sleeves* but I don't really care how bad it hurts, when you broke me first *dances in a way that shows shade to the audience to set the mood* You broke me first! *walks up to platform and sits with one leg bent knee facing the sky and the other straight down* took a while was in denial when I first heard, that you moved on quicker than I could've ever, you know that hurt, swear for a while i would stare at my phone just to see your name, but now that it's there I don't really know what to say, I know you, you're like this, when shit don't go your way you needed me to fix it, and like me I did, but I ran out of every reason, *get's up and run's across the stage and dances energetically* now suddenly you're asking for it back, could you tell me where'd you get the nerve, Yeah you could say you miss all that we have, but I don't really care how bad it hurts, when you broke me first! You broke me first! *stops dancing and looks at Jungkook in the crowd with a serious but cocky look* What did you think would happen? *look's away and dances walks around the stage swaying her hips* What did you think would happen? what did you think would happen? Now suddenly you're asking for it back, could you tell me where'd you get the nerve? Yeah, you couldsay you miss all that we had, but I don't really care how bad it hurts, when you broke me first! *Y/n poses and the crowd cheers wildly* * Y/n blows Kisses and waves at the crowd before exiting the stage*

Host: Whew! That was some performance! I need to find me a woman like Y/n!

Audience:*laughs at his comment*

Host: And now your winners for best ship, *drumroll sound affect* Y/n and Jungkook!

Y/n's thoughts: How ironic * mentally rolls eyes*. Of me and Jungkook were voted best ship. The voting for this event started months ago before the divorce was publicly known. The audience must have noticed the irony because there is a dramatic pause as I make my way to the stage and Jungkook walks up to the stage. During the last 6 months I moved to another apartment a city away from Seoul and focused on my career and Yuggun. I must say I've been doing pretty good on my own if I do say so myself! And Jungkook? Well he's still successful obviously but a lot of people are mad at him and he's not as popular as he was. Luckily the band is still successful and topping charts and breaking records! The rest of the members did nothing wrong and are big sweethearts! They helped me a lot during the breakup, they don't have as much respect for Jungkook anymore tho.

Y/n: Thank you everyone I'm very thankfull we've won this award! *looks at Jungkook* You should keep this with you *smiles a fake smile and then exits the stage*

Audience: *cheers*

** After the awards ceremony on the red carpet **

Y/n: *poses for pictures then Yoongi show's up and she poses with him*

Reporter1: Is it true that you guy's are planning on collaborating?!

Reporter2: Are you guy's dating?!

Reporter3: How does Jungkook feel about all this?!

Jungkook POV

I've missed Y/n and Yuggun a lot these past few months but I had to do what I did to protect them! When Y/n looked at me during her performance with that powerful look I knew that I had fucked up big time! When we won the award I felt happy because I was finally close to Y/n after so long Sure we're managed by the same company, but she always avoided me and the company kept us seperated to avoid conflict. I walk outside to take photos for the event and see Y/n and Yoongi closely posing for photos which makes me mad and a little sad but I have no one to blame but myself. Besides they need to promote their upcomming song anyway's.

Back to Y/n's POV

Y/n: *giggles* No we're not dating we're just really close friends!

Yoongi: Yeah, she's like a little sister to me! We are sure you've heard the rumors about the collaboration, our company has given us permission to confirm those rumors

Y/n: And as for Jungkook, I don't really know where he stands but it's really no longer his business on who I decide to date

Just then I see Jungkook and the reporters rush to bombard him with questions

Reporter4: Can we get a picture of you and Y/n?!

Oh, did I forget to say that some people still ship me and Jungkook together? *mentally rolls eyes*

Y/n: Sure

Have to take the picture together tho because it looks good because we won the award together. I take pictures with Jungkook, the other members, and other groups like BlackPink, Got7, MonstaX, StrayKids, RedVelvet, and Twice and then get into the limo to go home. I don't really feel like going to the after party. Suddenly my phone rings and I look at the caller ID to see it's BangPD.

Y/n: Hello?

BangPD: Hey Y/n, I know that you didn't want to go to the after party but with you and Jungkook winning that award you have to attend now so it looks good

Y/n: Okay, let me notify the nanny

We hang up the phone and let out a deep sigh as I dial the nanny and let her know what's happening.

Y/N: Can you actually take me to the after party instead of home?, something came up

Driver: No problem!

We pull up to the after party and I make my way inside the event filled with all the top idols in South Korea. Sana from twice approaches me and greets me with a smile.

Sana: Congrats Y/n! Best new artist, Best solo artist, Best debut song, Best female artist, Best ship! You're amazing!

Y/n: *smiles* Thank you! But don't act you aren't just as amazing miss favorite girl group vocalist!

Sana: *giggles and blushes* Thank you!

Y/n: Want to go get a drink together?

Sana: I wish I could but I have to get back to my members *frowns*

Y/n: *smiles* That's okay! Enjoy the event!

Sana: *waves and smiles* You too!

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I make my way to the cocktail table and feel someone tap my shoulder, I turn around to see, Jungkook?!

Y/n: May I help you?

Jungkook:*nervously* Can I talk to you somwhere private please?

Y/n: *annoyed* Fine, but only because I don't want any private arguments

Jungkook leads me to a quiet room far away from the busy event

Jungkook: *takes a deep breath* Litsen Y/n, I never meant to hurt you, but-

Y/n: But you did!

Jungkook: Will you listen to me please!

Y/n: No! I'm not going to listen to you try to make excuses for why you cheated on me, months later for some unknown reason! You broke my heart after I trusted you! You made my heart shatter into pieces, and NOW your trying to resolve it!! I'M DONE!! If this is what you wanted to talk abiut I'm leaving! *turns to walk away*

The next thing I know Jungkook had me pushed up against the wall me wrists above my head and he's kissing me deeply. I'm shocked and I feel my body ignite with passion and all the feelings are coming back to me. I kiss Jungkook back passionately feeling a heat build up a between my thighs but then I remember, all that he's done, the way, her broke my heart, the way that e cheated on me with another woman! I bite his lip harshly and knee him in the stomach, he falls to the ground grunting in pain.

Jungkook: Ok, I deserved that but I need you to litsen to me! I didn't do that on my own! Sabrina forced me to! She threatened to kill you and Yuggun if I didn't do what she said! I never touched her except when you saw us on the couch! It was all apart of her plan!

Y/n: And why should I belive you?

Jungkook: I have proof!

Y/n: *doubtfully* What kind of proof?

Jungkook: Text messages!

Y/n: Ok let's see this "proof"

Jungkook: *Get's up and opens his phone and hands her the phone with the messagesfrom the past 6 months and the 1 the day of the kiddnaping*

Y/n: *reads the messages and starts to tear up* THAT BITCH!! SHE KIDDNAPED MY DAUGHTER AND RUINED MY MARRIAGE!!

Jungkook's thought's: Oh fuck! Should I run? Y/n is not a nice person when she is pissed off!

Y/n: I'm going to kill her!!

Jungkook: Wait! Let's do this legally! I already sent this to the police and media outlets 5 minutes ago, the news should be blowing up everywhere in about 10 minutes and she will be arrested!

Y/n: If you knew you were innocent why did you wait so long to tell me?!

Jungkook: Because I was scared, I didn't want her to hurt you guy's!

Y/n: So why did you release the truth now?

Jungkook: Because I couldn't take it anymore! I missed everything about you! Your smile, your giggle, *laughs* the way you look so ugly yet beautiful when you cry, how much you cared for other's, the way you looked at me with so much love! I just knew I had to get you and our daughter back! Can you please give me a chance to prove to you how much you mean to me so we can maybe get back together one day?

Y/n: You don't need to ask because the feelings never left *cries* BUT! IF YOU EVER DO THIS AGAIN INSTEAD OF JUST TALKING TO ME I WILL LEAVE YOU FOR GOOD AND CUT YOUR DICK OFF!!

Jungkook: *giggles* Deal! *picks her up and kisses her* Now shall we get out of here?

Y/n: Please! I need to feel you again after so long!

*time skip to Jungkook's 2nd apartment he bought to avoid Sabrina*

Jungkook pushes me against the wall and I wrap my legs around his waist as he attacks my lips with his making me moan out with anticipation. He makes his way to my collarbone and then to my neck sucking on my skin leaving blue and purple marks all over the place.

Jungkook: God I missed you so much!

He lifts my dress up a little bit and grinds is hard erection against my core and I gasp out at the amazing sensation. I buck my hips up trying to create more friction. His lips trail down the parts of my chest that my dress exposes,

At the same time: The police bust into Jungkook's 1st apartment and pin Sabrina to the ground and handcuff her before carrying her out to the squad car as she struggles in their arms.

Jungkook pulls me away from the wall and I feel my dress fall to the ground then my bra, he carries me to the bed and sets me down gently. He removes his shirt and I trace his luscious abs he kisses me massaging my left breast. A moan into the kiss as he rolls my sensitive buds between his fingers.

Jungkook: Y-y/n I need you

I break the kiss an gently push him back so he's sitting on the bed, I craw over to him and unbutton his pants and pull them off, I remove his boxers and his hard erection springs out. I run my finger across the precum soaked tip. I Iean forward licking the tip to tease him a little.

Jungkook: *in a raspy voice* Baby don't tease me

I slowly insert his length into my mouth. He grunts in frustration and pushes my head down, I bob my head up his shaft, he moans out and I use my hand to add more pleasure, gripping tightly as I move it up and down, I feel him twitch in my mouth, I hollow out my cheeks knowing he's close and suck rapidly, within seconds he cums in my mouth and I swallow it all down. I pull away wiping my lips and he lays me down and pushes my thighs apart. He leans forward and I feel his tongue swirl around my clit before sucking on it. I moan out and I feel him smirk as he continues to eat me out. He inserts a finger into me an thrusts slowly, I moan out at the new sensation as I haven't felt a man in a while. He thrusts in another one and I start to feel a knot in the pit of my stomach. I grip the sheets tightly as my thighs start to shake and I come undone all over his tongue and fingers.

Jungkook: Are you ready for the big show? *smirks*

Y/n: P-please

I practically beg and I feel him slowly insert himself filling me up with his thick member. I gasp out at the almost foreign feeling. He thrusts slowly making me feel sexually frustrated .

Y/n: J-jungkook please!

He answers my plead and thrusts faster. Sounds of our skin slapping fill the air. He intertwines his fingers with mine and thrusts harder. My eyes almost roll into the back of my head from the sensation and I arch my back into him. I feel close and he notices as he pins my hands above my head and thrusts deeper and faster. It only takes a few more thrusts and we both come undone at the same time. He rides me out through our high and we collapse breathlessly on the bed.

** 4 years later **

It's been 4 years since me and Jungkook got back together and our time together is blissful. We have some arguments every now and then but we work it out. Whenever one of us is facing something difficult we confine in each other and help each other solve our problems. We got married again a few weeks after we got back together, and I gave birth to a baby boy a month ago who we named Ji-hoon which means wisdom and purpose. Yuggun really enjoys being a big sister and often helps me take care of him. The no dating rule was lifted from bighit a few days after me and Jungkook remarried. Namjoon married Kiki a few weeks ago, Jimin and and Myla started dating a year ago, Tae is courting Saoirse hoping that one day she accepts him. Jin got engaged to a girl named Ara-aera (beautiful-love) Hobi married my cousin Lisa and they are now expecting their first child together, and Yoongi married a girl named Savvy 2 years ago. (Yes I put myself into the story lol) The boys are still in the band and I'm still a singer. Saoirse became a Engineer, Kiki became a vet, and Myla became a manga artist. Honestly, life couldn't get any better! I'm so happy I walked in on Noah cheating on me that day because if i didn't then none of this would have happened! I can't wait to see where else our story takes us!

A/n: Thank you so much for reading Deepest Attractions! It's been a long ride and I'm happy I got to share my story with all of you! This is the first story I started writing and now the emotional day where it comes to an end has finally came. I'd like to give a huge shout out to @Kaveri_Bhoir_3466 for supporting me throughout this story as well as my friends that Kiki, Myla, and Saoirse are inspired by! <3 <3 <3 <3 The story may be over however Jungkook and Y/n's story continues on. Thank you so much for reading I love you all! Stay tuned for my future stories!