34 Chapter 29

** That night ** ??? POV

I've been watching and now is the chance. I've been planning this. You took everything from me! You cost me what I love and now I'm going to take what you love!

I climb the balcony to the terrace and pick the lock with a hair pin. I then cut open the screen and enter through the door.

I make my way to the baby's room and open the door quietly so I don't wake Jungkook or Y/n. I walk softly to the crib and gently cradle Yuggun in my arms. I place her blanket over her mouth so she doesn't make a sound and put her in a baby carrier. I go out the door on the terrace and climb down.

I walk to my car and place her in a car seat before driving away. I can't believe this was so easy! *laughs* Oh Y/n you have no idea what's coming for you!

** Next day ** Y/N POV

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I wake up and walk to Yuggun's room to bottle feed her. Her door is open which is weird. Maybe Jungkook had to change her diaper last night. I walk to her crib and pull back her blanket only to realize, SHE'S NOT THERE!!!

Y/n: *runs to her and Jungkook's room* JUNGKOOK!!! JUNGKOOK!!!

Jungkook: What's wrong?

Y/n: *cries* YUGGUN IS MISSING!!!

Jungkook: WHAT?! *runs to her room*

Y/n: *walks to living room* OH MY GOD, JUNGKOOK COME HERE!!

Jungkook: *runs to y/n* What is it?!

Y/n: *points* Look at the door! *cries* Who would take our baby!

Jungkook: *hugs her and rubs her back* It's okay we'll find her!

Y/n: *cries* But what if we don't!

Jungkook: Shhh we can't think like that, we'll get our little princess back!

** Time skip **

Police man: Okay Mr and Mrs.Jeong we filed a report and will do our best to find your daughter!

Y/n: *cries and bows* Thank you sir! Thank you so much!

The police man leaves and Y/n and Jungkook walk inside and sit down.

Y/n: *stands up* I can't just sit here while our daughter is missing!! I have to go find her!

JK: What if a crazy stalker took her huh? Then you'll get hurt! I can't lose both of you!

Y/n: Please I feel so powerless *sobs* I feel like I let our baby down! I can't believe someone would take our precious baby girl!

Jk: *hugs her* I know honey, I'll tell you what let's both go out and search for her we'll split up for better coverage but you have to take someone with you

Y/n: Ok I'll call Yoongi

Jk: Ok I love you baby stay safe

Y/n: I love you too

** Time skip **

Y/n and Yoongi have been looking for 3 hours and so has Jungkook when he suddenly gets a message.

Unknown: If you want your precious baby back come to 221 XXX road and do exactly what I tell you, if you bring the police or tell anyone about it Yuggun dies, and don't think I won't find out, I've been watching

JK's thoughts: WTH?!

I go to the address the unknown number sent me and it's a nice house. I walk up to the door and there's a note that says to come in. As I enter the room I'm hit in the head which causes me to fall. Someone picks me up and ties me to a chair, it's a woman but I have no idea who she is.

Woman: Litsen here, I'm going to do the talking and your going to do everything I say so Y/n and your baby stays safe. Your going to call Y/n and tell her you found Yuggun, you'll call the police and tell them you found Yuggun and that the kidnapper fled but you had a deal that would protect Yuggun, while Y/n is on the way back You'll make out with me on the couch and when she walks in you'll announce that you are leaving her for me. Break our little deal and everything and everyone you love will be gone!

** Time skip Y/N POV **

Jungkook told me that he found Yuggun and told the police so they arrested the kiddnapper. I'm so happy that my baby girl was found safely! I can't wait to get home and scoop her up into my arms! I take a taxi home and take the elevator to our floor I open the door and see something that breaks my heart all over again, there is Jungkook with some girl in a tight red dress on his lap kissing her.

Jungkook: Shhh calm down Y/n will be home soon

Y/n: I'm already here asshole!

Woman: Hello Y/n *smirks*

Y/n: Sabrina! Why the HELL are you here?! And more importantly, JUNGKOOK WHY ARE YOU KISSING ANOTHER WOMAN?!

Jk: About that, *gestures to him and Y/n* I don't think this is going to work anymore, there's just something missing that's not there

Y/n: I don't believe you! You said you loved me! I could see it in your eyes that you meant it!

Jk: Maybe this will help you better understand *Unzips Sabrinas dress pulls the top down and places kisses on her chest while grinding her hips against his* *looks up at Y/n* Do you want to stay and watch the whole thing?

Y/n: I believe you! *Tears up* You promised to love me and said you would be nothing like Noah but you exactly like Noah! You even cheated on me with the SAME FUCKING GIRL!! You'll have divorce papers in your mailbox by Wednesday, I'm getting full custody of Yuggun, I planned on raising her alone before I met you anyway

I pack me and Yuggun's things and leave the apartment. I'm glad that I made some money when I did the modeling gigs and released my colab with Jungkook. I'll be able to get an apartment for me and Yuggun. Should I leave bighit entertainment and join a company abroad or stay and show that what Jungkook did doesn't affect my professionalism? I check into a hotel for the night and call Hoseok for advice

Hoseok: Hey y/n! What's up?

Y/n: *weak voice* What isn't happening today?

Hoseok: what happened Y/n you sound like you've been crying?

Y/n: First when me and Jungkook woke up this morning Yuggun was missing, After hours of searching for her Jungkook called me after the police to tell us he found her b-but when I g-got home *cries* he was kissing another girl

Hoseok: WHA-

Y/n: It get's worse though,

Hoseok: How can this possibly get any worse?!

Y/n: When I confronted him I realized that it was the same girl Noah cheated on me with and Jungkook basically told me he doesn't love me anymore and wants to be with her now. I told him that I'd send divorce papers and that I'm getting full custody of Yuggun. I packed our things and were currently staying at a hotel for the night.

Hoseok: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HIM!! What happened to the Jungkook that was so in love with you that we dragged him out so he could plan the perfect proposal and looked at you like you were the most valuable gem in the universe?! Do you want to come over and stay the night?

Y/n: No I'm going to try to find an apartment for me and Yuggun, that's actually why I called. Do you think it would be better to go abroad and find a new entertainment company, stay here and change companies, or just stay at bighit and ignore Jungkook?

Hoseok: Y/n I honestly can't answer that. No matter what I want it's your life and I can't make decisons for you. Take some time to think about it and go with what you heart is telling you

Y/n: Okay, thank you Hobi, you alway's have good advice for me!

Hoseok: Your welcome, that's what big brotherly figures are for! Now tell me which hotel your at and your room number so I can bring the calories and icecream!

Y/n: DEAL!!

** Time skip **

*knock on door*

I look out the peep hole in the door and see a masked Hobi wearing an oversized hoodie and hat. I smile and let my best friend in. (male best friend)

Hoseok: Okay I brought pizza, chicken, soda ice cream, chips, sad movies, pictures of jungkook attached to a dart board, tissues, and vodka just in case the rest doesn't help! *smiles*

Y/n: *smiles* You really are my best friend! Seriously thank you though for coming over to cheer me up!

** A large pizza, bag of Doritos, tub of ice cream, bucket of chicken, 4 sad movies and a whole bottle of vodka later **

Y/n: *Throws dart at dart board* FUCK YOU JUNGKOOK!! *stumbles*

Hoseok: *stabilizes her* Okaaaayyyyy I think it's time for you to go to bed!

Y/n: NoOoOO I'm habing so much fun, just one m-more thing please!

Hoseok: No Y/n, you need to go to sleep before you end up smashing the windows out of his car

Y/n: Heyyyyyyyy that's not a bad idea!

Hoseok get's her to bed feed's Yuggun her formula and then goes home and think's about how to deal with the matter at hand.

A/N: Thank you for being patient for this chapter, I have been busy and had writter's block last week but I'm finally releasing it today! Today was also my birthday!! *confetti falls* Anyway than you for reading and I'll release the next chapter as soon as possible.

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