33 Chapter 28

Yuggun is 1 month old now and life is perfect! In 3 months I'll start my training to become an idol. Jungkook is an amazing father and is always showing Yuggun off to people. He is so proud of the baby that we created and it warms my heart seeing him like this. Everyday when I wake up and see my beautiful baby girl and amazing husband I'm reminded of how lucky I am to have such a beautiful family. Every second I spend with Jungkook and Yuggun makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Today we are going to get family portraits done! I'm so excited! Our first professional family photo! After he photo shoot we have an interview so the world can formally meet Yuggun instead of looking at photos.

Y/n: *picks up Yuggun and holds her beautiful baby*

Jungkook: *walks in bedroom and gives Y/n a kiss and kisses Yuggun's forhead* Are you guy's ready?

Y/n: Yes, do you have everything?

Jungkook: Yep I double checked everything, the diaper bag has extra blankets, diapers, onsies, passifiers, and two formula bottles.

Y/n: Ok, let's go

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We get in Jungkook's car and drive to the place that does the photos. We walk in and our greeted by a photographer named Kris.

Kris: Hello I'm Kris and I'll be taking your photos today!

She leads us to changing rooms I dress Yuggun in a white floral dress with a pink ribbon tied in her hair, and hen put on a white sundress, I step out with Yuggun and see Jungkook in a white shirt with blue jeans and timberlands. I swear no matter how many times he wears this style he still causes butterflies in my stomach with how good he looks. She leads us to a room and about half an hour later we finished the photos and she told us they would be ready next week. I change Yuggun into a comfier outfit and we drive to the TV hosts set. We get to the set and greet the lady from last time named MOMO.

MOMO: Welcome everyone! I'm MOMO and today we have some returning guests, please welcome Jungkook, Y/n, and their new baby Yuggun!

Audience: *cheers*

Jungkook & Y/n: Hello everyone and thank you for having us!

Audience: *cheers again*

MOMO: Last time you were here you announced you were pregnant, and now your here to show us all your new baby girl!

Y/n: Yes, It's hard to belive it's been so long! It seems like only yeserday we just found out I was pregnant and now Yuggun's already a month old. Everyday with her is a blessing and I'm so glad I can be her mom!

Audience and MOMO: Awwwww

MOMO: So Jungkook what's it like being a dad?

Jungkook: Like Y/n said everyday is a blessing and we are so happy to have had our little princess, there's been sometimes we wanted to rip our hair out from exaughstion, but it's all worth it when we see Yuggun's smiling face.

Audience: Awwww

??? POV

Awww my ass! You took everything from me Y/n, and now I'm going to take it away from you, you fucking bitch!

Back to Y/N POV

MOMO: So you had Yuggun on the night of your wedding, what was that like?

Y/n: Painful,

Audience: *laughs*

Y/n: But after the pain was over and Yuggun was born, I couldn't be any happier than to share our special day with Yuggun so now it's our little family's speacial day!

Audience: Awww

MOMO: Well thank you for joing us it was a pleasure to meet Yuggun and to see our faivoret couple as husband and wife!

Jungkook & Y/n: Thank you for having us!

* we exit the stage and I set Yuggun down in her car seat for a moment so I can use the bathroom. Jungkook is only a few feet away talking to the director and I told him what I'm doing so nothing should happen to Yuggun.

??? POV

Ah smart idea Y/n, leaving the baby close to Jungkook. But little do you know I've been watching! I will strike when I get the chance and make you pay for everything you did to me! Let's see how long your happiness lasts because soon You'll be miserable!

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