1 the loss

she was so peaceful and full of excitement until a sudden event that changed her life .....

chapter one (1)...

On a sunny afternoon, Annabelle was coming back from the mall together with her parents.

While her dad was driving, her mom was asleep and leaned beside the window of the car watching the trees pass by. It was a beautiful sight though, but it didn't last long.

After a long drive from the mall,my parents and I were heading back home when an incoming car failed it's brake and knocked our car out of the road into the bush, our car Sommersaulted and that was the last thing I remembered.

At the hospital.....

"leave the way! it's an emergency"immediately the nurses rushed them into different wards and started their treatment, Annabelle's parents were not responding to the treatment, but Annabelle was.

Hours later...

Annabelle regained consciousness, looking round the room where she was.

"where am I?"she thought to herself. Not quite long later nurse Clara( the head nurse)came in.nurse Clara is a lady in her late thirties,tall,

fair - skinned.

" how are you dear? ,I hope you are alright?" nurse Clara asked in a gentle voice.

she checked Annabelle's temperature and it was normal.

" you seem to be responding quickly to the medication,so how do you feel now?" she asked.

' i wanted to but I felt a lump in my throat,I couldn't speak,I was speechless and all I did was to stare at her.' Annabelle thought

"I asked how do you feel?... can you hear me?"

there was still no response from Annabelle, nurse Clara thought she was deaf and dumb,so she turned to leave.

"where are my parents?... how are they?"i finally spoke, through her expression I could tell she felt relieved.

"I thought you've lost your voice for speaking or you were deaf"nurse said with a smile.

" no I'm not"

"can you recall anything that happened?"

"yeah...I do"

" would you be willing to tell me all about it?"

"not really"

" why not?... it would be of great help"

" what of my parents? ... they would explain better"

"you are the only one conscious for now... come on"

But as it seems to her that it would be hard to get me to talk,she moved closer to me with a smile on her face.

" can tell me about yourself?" she asked calmly

"alright...uhm...my name is Annabelle Higgins,I grew up in new York City, but I'm from Texas, I'm the only child of my parents Mr and Mrs Higgins, I'm fifteen years old of age" I narrated

"that's good to hear... now how did the accident occur?"

" it happened so sudden,I was staring at the trees through the window, my mom was asleep, while my dad was driving,an incoming car knocked us off the road..."as I narrated cloud of tears covered my eyes.

"And then what happened?" nurse Clara asked curiously.

"that was all I remembered"

"really?... alright have some rest"she injected me and left, after a while I fell asleep.

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