Deep in Love

Author: Cat_Anthony
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What is Deep in Love

Read ‘Deep in Love’ Online for Free, written by the author Cat_Anthony, This book is a Teen Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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The original Author of Fourth Prince Debachuary was not updating the Novel from multiple days, so I just decided to make a Fanfic out or that was what I initially planned. The Story is initially just a copy but gradually It will change (After 15-20 Chapters). The Characters and World is Inspired from Many Novel: - Fourth Prince Debauchery by Aidka. - The Devil does not Need to be Defeated by Ruqing Rusu - Womanizing Mage - Grandeur Fantasia by Verglas - Heavenly Star by Mars Gravity - Infinite Apostle and it's 12 star maidens. - Shoujo Grand Summoning by Ruqing Rusu About the Story: Are you bored of seeing MC getting underestimated everywhere? are you bored of that weak to stronger trope? are you bored of seeing 2D female leads? If yes, than this novel is exactly for you! People looking for Justice hero stories stay away! MC in this story will not even protect a child till he gets some benefit out of it. He is whimsical, can even protect villain if he deem so. This Novel will completely follow a different route than others, The Main character will be overpowered and will not hide his power at all. He will view the people around him growing up and developing, he will act like more of a mentor. It is going to focus more on character development. Each character will be fleshed out properly and have it's own story, you will see them go through a lot, develop and till the end they will have completely changed. The MC will develop throughout the story as well but that will not be the main focus. The novel is going to Focus more on life of other characters and how their decisions are gonna change them. The Female characters are not just going to fall in love with him blindly after spending a night. They will have their own selfish motive of being with MC. This Novel is going to be a Very long one, as every character will be given proper screen time, each and every Female Lead will have at least 50 chapters. This is mainly to tackle the issue of most novels having Rushed Ending. The side characters also aren't going to get ignored, they will have their short arcs as well. Hope you Enjoy It! ....... Thumbnail not owned by me. Found on google. ....... Note:- R-18 Scenes are not original and copied. [ With Adjustments to suit the scene]. First 50 chapters are only for plot building, introducing world and many characters. Read till there before forming an opinion.

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