1 Background Story/Plot

Year 20XX, China released a new drug into the black markets across the world, called "Biānfú Mèng." The drug took the world by storm, in under two months, more than 1/3 of the world population is addicted to the mysterious drug. Some say it's a hallucinogenic, some say it's a steroid, some had argued it was a powerful aphrodisiac, some say it's just a Chinese version of Opium. No one knew the origins of the new drug that has enslaved part of the world.

Three months into its creation, another phenomenon shook the world. Many of its users experienced pain throughout their body and massive violent outbursts. Some of the drug addicts showed massive growths all over their bodies as time went on. The world was facing an unknown crisis.

Few month passed. The odd phenomenon disappeared, vanished with the coming of Summer. No one had showed anymore violent outbursts or odd monstrous growths on their body. The norm has returned and people relaxed, but were fearful that the Chinese had released such a drug onto the world.

China had closed its borders, in preparation for the other nations' retaliation against their action. As nations gather to bicker and argue about what to do, violence returned to the populace, tenfold.

People were violently fighting among each other, many used their teeth and nails. R*pe and looting became common as the fights went on, their leaders helpless and too useless to do anything besides hide away.

Soon, a frightful news spread around the masses: many bitten victims started to bite others out of nowhere, shocking anyone that found out. The aggressors seem stronger than normal, usually overtaking their victims and biting onto any part of the body, infecting them with whatever they had. Word among the people in the know began to spread, "Zombies are real."

Panic overruled all logic, people panicked, and violence grew by the day. The bitten people turned on anyone near. Anyone not bitten that died would rise from the grave, preying on the living. The "zombies" had overtaken the living.

Years had passed, the leaders of their nations vanished as economies crashed into ruins and their people submitting to violence. The zombies roamed the Earth and slowly spread its corruption. No scientists were successful in their chase to find a cure or suppressant, no military action would turn the tide against the growing masses of undead and infected. Humans were losing.

Maybe because too much time had passed, but 5 years later, the zombies changed as well as the living. The zombies went from instinctively biting and killing all humans to violently attacking and infecting the men. The women were left in the lowest pits of despair; if a zombie manages to latch onto any woman, they would r*pe the woman, whether alone or by the horde. No one was safe anymore.

Humans on the other hand, preserved some of their ethics and morals. They hid in communities or in small groups, working together to survive. Some communities grew large enough to build cities and start a self sustaining world for themselves. But not all is well. Some humans have devolved, turning their backs on basic human goodness and kindness; violence, r*pe, pillaging, and other dastardly deeds were welcome to those that fell from humanity's grace. Madness was afoot.

Our story begins 8 years after the initial zombie outbreak, in a small apartment in an unknown and abandoned city. A group of people moved in, migrating together to scrounge and scavenge whatever they could to survive. They have not forgotten their humanities yet, they became a "family" through effort and blood.

~ Eric, our young MC. Eric is the runt and mascot of the family. Found and raised by his adoptive mother. Maybe because of his environment or because of his mother's obvious influence, he has an unfortunate effeminate appearance; he has wide hips, long lithe legs, beautiful peach blossom eyes, and full lips. He is an experienced scavenger, adequate with knives and similar weapons, but a terrible shot.

~ Beth, the family's mother figure. Her age is a mystery. She cares for her family and will do anything to protect them all, even sacrificing her own life. She's a bit screwy in the head; she treats Eric like a girl most of the time and tends to change her emotions on a whim. With her motherly appearance, she is incapable of violence, even against people that would do her family harm. She has a VERY motherly figure. -wink- -wink-

~ Eliza, the youngest in the family. She does not talk, if at all. Eliza is the darling of the family, as well as the weakest (she's a young child, will not pick an age because FBI is reading). She will not be involved in adult scenes, besides maybe gore and death. Eliza is emotionally attached to Eric, even dragging him along when she needs a potty break late at night. She does not go out often and is very afraid of the dark.

~ Ann/Annabelle the violent and aggressive tomboy. She is definitely older than Eric and Eliza. She takes the role of a leader and will punch her way through if anyone disagrees. She is the epitome of a tomboy; short dark orange hair, flat chested, but wide hips with supple and firm ass, amazing abs, likes action more than talking. Ann has a history with abusing Eric, physically and sexually, behind everyone's back. Ann is fine with melee and ranged weapons, but suffers from using any sniper rifles due to impatience; shotguns are fun.

~ Me, your D-list omniscient narrator that you can find anywhere with MTL on anything. Except I do have some semblance of English knowledge, so it's readable, might not be palpable when it comes to content.

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