Deceitful Reality Book

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Deceitful Reality


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After finally completing his nine years of compulsory education plus three years of secondary education, Leo managed to get into one of the decent colleges from his country, sighing in relief thinking that the bad days were behind him he peacefully lay down on his bed and slept like a log after countless sleepless night's. Unfortunately, his happiness only lasted for a single night as when he once again opened his eyes a whole new world appeared before him. Still, that wasn't going to stop him as he once again worked hard in this new, he worked harder than he did in the previous world by severalfold and manage to achieve a level which kids his age could only dream of. And just as he was about to experience his first day at the most reputed college in the new world..... It happened again......... But this time it was a little different....... [You have been chosen as one of the first contestants to enter the 'Sanctuary'.] Why is getting into college so hard............


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