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Deceit Of The Princess - MrXwriter


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ONLY AN ADVERTISMENT FOR MRXWRITER: LOOK FOR THIS BOOK WITH THE SAME NAME, COVER AND IS WRITTEN BY MRXWRITER - FIRST CHAPTER UP! - GOING TO BE GOOD SNEAK PEEK: Princess Evelyn’s mother died at a very young age. She was a loving Queen and taught her daughter everything a woman should know. Princess Evelyn or Eve as her friends called her, was loved by the kingdom. She is a kind and fair princess. But she is also known for her beauty and suiter across the world would ask for her hand in marriage. Her father, King Henry the third, is a cruel ruler. The only thing that was important for him was his Queen and his gold. Ever since his wife died, he blamed his daughter, Princess Evelyn. She, in return, would try to make up for her father’s mistakes and treat the people fairly where she can. But he had all the wealthy men in his pocket. Baron Alexander has been known as a generous man. His family handles the exports and imports of the kingdom. He is seen as a very wealthy man. Every woman wants to be his wife but for some reason, he is not interested in any woman. What secrets lays in the kingdom of Teruya? Join me as we explore the kingdom.


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