1 Chapter 1 Confused and alone

I woke up in an unfamiliar place with no idea of how He got there which kinda sucks.

I looked around but saw nothing but trees and heard the screams of something else out there which means I'm not alone the Howls and screeching and roars of creatures out there proves that.

I was defenseless, scared, and afraid of what I might come across so I picked myself off the ground and started going in the direction where there were no sounds if only I knew what I will be walking upon something greater than myself A path of no return.

I kept walking and walking and walking but the sounds of creatures and things I do not know of kept getting quieter.

I keep getting this feeling of being Stared at and that something is down this way but if it's Scaring other things away from here then I am in deep ****.

I was still walking yet I noticed a glow coming from this weird looking structure Up ahead and I can't help but want to go near it.

When I got closer it looks like a skeleton of a human but on closer inspection it has horns and its Bones are darker as if it was Chard as it has been on fire for a while but it looks perfectly intact.

I'm now standing in front of it and there's a glowing orb in Side it's rib cage I grabbed it and it takes hold of me I scream in pain so loud that even I bet that the whole forest or jungle can hear me but yet nothing comes towards my screens nothing makes it stop.

I pass out due to the pain but when I woke up The sky was dark no lights no sun but two moons one red and one blue.

I feel something within me a power I have no idea of how to use so I walk off back into the direction I came.

I am now back in the spot I woke up at but there's a wolf it's fur as black as the night its eyes Yellow yet bright I can't help but back up because it was larger than a regular wolf bigger than a wolf.

it looked at me it's eyes stare into me I can't help but feel danger from it so I slowly back away But it seems smart so it charges at me so I turned and run.

I ran and I ran to get as far as way as possible but it has my scent it's following me I can't keep on running it'll catch up so I try and look for something at least to put up a fight with.

the branches are all around me but then I remember I thought back to the structure I never explored it fully with the skeleton I just left not wanting to be there so I ran back in that direction hoping to find a weapon.

I kept running and running and then I heard the wolf howling and one thought was in my mind (it was having fun).

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