Deathrow Academy: A-Class Hybrids in Training
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Deathrow Academy: A-Class Hybrids in Training


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What is Deathrow Academy: A-Class Hybrids in Training

Deathrow Academy: A-Class Hybrids in Training is a popular web novel written by the author Sendaline_16, covering ROMANCE, HIGHSCHOOL, SYSTEM, MYSTERY, ACTION, MODERN, MAGICLIKEPOWER, THRILLERROMANCEMYSTERY, MAGICWIELDERS, FANTASYMYTHOLOGY, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 49.1K readers with an average rating of 4.7/5 and 21 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 21 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Levi D'emillo is an orphaned girl that was sent to attend Deathrow Academy. Which was a school where "hybrids" are taught the art of assasination. She finds herself being pulled into a world where all logic was lost into ruins. She struggles to understand her situation as she continues to learn in the hell-ish school filled with beings that possesses inhuman abilities. As time goes by, she unravels answers she never realized she needed. Answers that led to her origin, her parents. As soon as she unlocks her full potential, everything immediately goes downhill. She then meets a challenge she never thought she'd ever come across in her lifetime.

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I have a nice reading experience from this one. The plot is great, character designs are well detailed, and world building is fantastic! I like Levi's characteristic, being bold and frank and not afraid to do something reckless in an attempt to escape xD 1st chapter is a great start and got me hooked up in an instant. Well, just ignoring the typos and punctuation errors, all in all the story was beautifully-written. Keep it up ❤️


*sips sprite* this book is perfection( just a few punctuation errors, little to too many spaces, apart from that), perfection. A must-read. What are you still doing here! Add it to your library and read it.


This is a really good story. The plot is very interesting and unique and the author is good with words. The main character is relatable and well thought out. Keep up the good work!


It's a nice story I'm super duper proud Andrea here using my dad's account hi kc beh Ako to hahaha anyways im super duper proud of you and take care and always chin up okay haha


This book is very interesting, it sent shivers down my spine when I read the first few paragraphs, it is a book that will definitely become one of my favourites as time goes on, keep writing.😁


The writing is decent and the level of articulation is superb. One thing im worried is how the story is progressing too fast. Im not belittling it or anything but the plot is in the side of being cliche, unless you make up for it by using the plot development and world building. Nice read though!


Woh! I love this!! The plot’s great and I came here for the gory gore ;))))) more updates to come!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really have nothing much to say anymore but I hope you update more and fix some errors.


What impresses me is the character development, the author exposes us to Levi, the role character giving me something to look forward to. The overall story is filled with suspense. Good job, I would recommend this book.


I loved how you started this story - It's interesting and drags whoever reads it in. I also like how you go straight to the point. Keep up the good work!


I didn't know why but yeah I admit it I like your story design because you wrote it very well. It is a good story with fantasy theme in it, hmm it is also good how you describe the situation in the story.


don't know what I was thinking Leaving my child behind Now I suffer the curse Knowing now I am blind With all this anger, guilt and sadness Coming to haunt me forever I can't wait for the cliff at the end of the river Is this revenge I am seeking Or seeking someone to avenge me Stuck in my own paradox I wanna set myself free Maybe I should chase and find Before they'll try to stop it It won't be long before I'll become a puppet It's been so long Since I last have seen my son Lost to this monster To the man behind the slaughter Since you've been gone I've been singing this stupid song So I could ponder The sanity of your mother I wish I lived in the present With the gift of my past mistakes But the future keeps luring in like a pack of snakes Your sweet little eyes Your little smile, is all I remember Those fuzzy memories mess with my temper Justification is killing me But killing isn't justified What happened to my son, I'm terrified It lingers in my mind And the thought keeps on getting bigger I'm sorry my sweet baby I wish I've been there It's been so long Since I last have seen my son Lost to this monster To the man behind the slaughter Since you've been gone I've been singing this stupid song So I could ponder The sanity of your mother


I love your story! It's very engaging and well written. Though it didn't catch my eye, I can tell you put a lot of effort in it and it paid off. To me it was quite easy to predict what would happen in the next chapter, but perhaps it's because I've read a lot. Good job!


I really love the story so far. Very much interesting. The book is written in first person mostly so u get the feeling that you are in that world, good work author




The book is really good! The 1st chapter got me hooked hehe, and I'm honest with this. The title also speak for itself haha, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED💕


The story is cool, about an amnesiac girl who search her destiny. She must know who she is and what the purpose of her life. Because the theme is fantasy, it's remind me of Zack Synder movie, Sucker punch. Good development for the character. Keep it up.


HELLO, READERS! Author here! First of all I wanna thank you for checking out my novel! Originally this novel started about a year ago. But, due to some errors that I've seen while rereading my work, I've decided to rewrite the whole story... If you're a past reader of this novel, I hope that you can give me some feedbacks on the newly revised story. This story has been improved, if ever you are an old reader of my story, I recommend that you reread it and see the newly added details of my story. Another reason why I revamped my story is that I saw some parts that lacked logical explanations. So I had to add them to the new chapters. As an author I'll try my best to be consistent in updating this novel. Again, Thank you readers for reading this novel of mine~ And... WELCOME TO DEATHROW ACADEMY!!!


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