105 6.15 Why does my heart burn?

As expected, Eun-Seong went mad as he laughed, "You are my bit*h. I didn't put up with you all this time just so you would run away. I never went all the way because I wanted you to be comfortable, but I guess you have always liked it rough and hard. Ok then, I'll ram it into you until you cry."

The expression on the little bunny's face right now, Min-joon was well aware of it. It's the same devilish smile that he has when everything is going exactly according to his plan. "H-hey. That .. I .. look we don't have to make this complicated. So please just leave me alone. Please don't mess with me." Shu XinYi said in a small scared voice.

"Heh, now you know to be scared? Did you forget who I am? You can run all you want, but I still hold your leash. Return home now, and we can settle this quietly." Eun-Seong said.

"You are scaring me, Eun-Seong. Just stay away from me." Shu XinYi said and hung up. He felt his ear being pinched lightly. "What are you planning now? My brother can hire some dangerous people so you shouldn't provoke him." Min-joon said worried.

"Let him come to me, just remember your promise. Oh, tommorow let's invite Miss Park and Miss Lee to dinner. She has told you about her relationship right?" Shu XinYi asked.

"Yes, it's still in development stages. They haven't gone too far." Min-joon honestly said.

"Oh, then let's be matchmakers why don't we? Let's invite them out." Shu XinYi said giggling. Once again his ear was pinched. "Stop provoking me. I don't want to tire your body even more."

"Book a table for 4 in a nice hotel and book 2 rooms as well. Tell Miss Lee that you want to treat her. If their relationship works out then it will be beneficial to me." Shu XinYi said. It was true that since the beginning he had been keeping tabs on everything. The reason to provoke Eun-Seong was not only to have him focus on Hyun-woo, in efforts to win him back. But also to make Seok-Jin rebel. Once Eun-Seong runs after Hyun-woo then, Seok-Jin will renew the plan on his own seeing that Eun-Seong's loyalty has changed. Seok-Jin has always been good at planning and scheming, but he still needs support.

The only option Seok-Jin has to help him, is Miss Park; his sister. With Shu XinYi's minimal efforts he made sure that Sae-Bom would go after Hee-Jeong. In the original story, although Sae-Bom was infatuated with Hee-Jeong, it never turned into something more then a one sided affliction. Now though, the story was different.

Shu XinYi had also been conversing with Hee-Jeong, telling her how well Seok-Jin is doing and how much potential he has. So Hee-Jeong would be even more motivated to say no to involving in Seok-Jin's plan. From the beginning, this world was very easy to disrupt even though it was the trial world. The only difficulty Shu XinYi had was, morality and reason. Seok-Jin is a young rebel with blood on his hands, he had even shot at Min-joon. But he also had a dark past.

Shu XinYi's reason told him to deal with Seok-Jin ruthlessly, but his morality told him to deal with Seok-Jin lightly. Just enough that he doesn't become the protagonist. There was also one more actual difficulty in this world, making the formula. Obviously Snow couldn't determine anything about the formula from the world background. But with his and Min-joon's combined efforts, Shu XinYi was now sure that they would soon succeed. But that is not where everything would end.

Min-joon very obediently reserved a table for 4, and even messeged Sae-Bom telling her the details. Unsurprisingly, Sae-Bom was enthralled. She really wanted some alone time with her little fox.

"Done. Happy now?" Min-joon asked petting little bunny's head. "Yes. Very happy. We will have our first official date." Shu XinYi said with a big bright smile.

Min-joon thought of himself as a buddha for having this amount of self-control. Shu XinYi also realised what kind of broken bridge he was crossing. "Okay. I will go sleep. You go shower. Cold cold showers. Goodnight." Shu XinYi tactically moved away and quickly went to sleep.

The next day, they went to work really early. Shu XinYi had inquired but he found that surprisingly, none in the vicinity had rare features. Shu XinYi had no option but to experiment through himself. But he would wait for a few days before doing that.

Shu XinYi was engaged in testing the blood of the mutated embryo. He really wanted to find something at this point. Min-joon was not surprised, considering the little bunny's potential it would be more surprising if he wasn't making all this effort. "Oye, Even I have never been this indulged in a research before. Did you not hear Miss Lee?"

Shu XinYi looked around the empty lab in confusion, asking, "Miss Lee? Where?"

Min-joon rolled his eyes and bought his laptop to him. "She was just here. She said there was a visitor for you. Here look, the camera in the reception." Min-joon played it. It was undoubtedly Eun-Seong waiting for him.

"Tch, what a nuisance. Tell him I am busy or something. I don't have time to deal with this trash." Shu XinYi said and went back to whatever research work he was doing. Min-joon was a bit proud. He left the bunny with his work and left the room to meet with Sae-Bom. "Boss, be honest. It was the little guy's idea to have dinner right? I have known you for long enough to know you won't initiate anything like that." Sae-Bom said honestly.

"Hmm.. something like that. He is free spirited. I am willing to go along with his impulses." Min-joon said in his usual cold tone.

"You must really love him. That's good boss. Oh, the visitor is making a ruckus down there. He wants to enter the vicinity but we have removed his pass according to your wishes. So he can't enter for now. What should we do about him now?" Sae-Bom carefully changed the topic. She didn't want to sabotage her own date.

"Leave it to me. My bunny is working inside don't disturb him." Min-joon said very seriously then looked up to see Sae-Bom's shocked face. "Uh.. I mean .. the kid .. man.. guy.... Umm Hyun-woo is-"

Sae-Bom was trying her best not to laugh, she had only ever seen Min-joon composed so this kind of behavior was new to her, "Yes boss. Understood."

Min-joon made his way down to the reception. Eun-Seong was being dragged outside by the gaurds so he just followed behind.

"Do you even know who I am? I will make sure your center is closed down." Eun-Seong said pushing away the gaurds once outside.

"Objectively, you can't do that as long as I am here. What brings you here Eun-Seong?" Min-joon approached.

"Hah, did you do it last night? Did he offer you his ass too? Isn't he talented? Oh are you wondering how I know all this? Well that little rabbit is my pet. I have molded him well. He only went to you because he is angry with me. Once I give him attention he will come running back to me." Eun-Seong carefully inticed Min-joon. He didn't know since when it happened but now that Hyun-woo had left him, his heart hurt more than he had anticipated. From the start Hyun-woo was just a plaything for him. Even now Eun-Seong was prideful enough to take the role of Master rather than lover, when going after Hyun-woo.

Eun-Seong also didn't want to mess up the plan. He was that much more angry at Min-joon. How can he take my plaything away? He wanted Min-joon to know that the kid he was having, had already been dirtied by him. Eun-Seong was fully aware how much Min-joon hated used and dirty things, so it should be easy. This way the plan won't go astray and the little rabbit would come running back to me, once Min-joon throws him away.

He was so confident that listening to these words Min-joon would definitely react strongly, but Min-joon just showed an expression as if he was looking at a pitiful little ant. "No. We didn't do it. My bunny was tired so I let him rest. He wanted to get to work early so it is better for him to have good rest. Isn't he so cute? When he came on to me first, I didn't want to involve with him but now I am the one running behind him. When he realised I had OCD, he even maintained himself even though he is so lazy. He did that all for me. It made me so happy seeing him try hard for me." Min-joon kept on blabbing his true feelings about his little bunny. If he could, he would talk about the little bunny for hours and hours and tell everyone how precious the little bunny is to him.

Eun-Seong was horrified. He had known his brother for so long. Min-joon never had any passion or even any expression towards anything. He was more like a robot, excelling in everything he did. But right now seeing him so whole heartedly express his love for Hyun-woo, Eun-Seong felt like he was seeing a different man. Min-joon really does like him, nothing I say will make him change his mind, Eun-Seong realised..

"Heh, you are so obsessed with that dirty little thing? How hypocritical of you brother. He has opened his ass for so many people, It must be gaping down there. Can you still have him knowing he has been taken by so many others. And do you even know about his fetishes? The way he begs to be beaten up and bruised. My own hands have put so many marks on him." Eun-Seong's insides were burning up. He wanted to scream and shout, even cry. What happened? What's happening to me? I don't get it all. I was okay with Hyun-woo seducing my brother, but now that he is actually doing it, why does my heart burn so much?

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