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While Shu XinYi was cooking he checked with Snow and sure enough, "Master the probability went down to 4%. But how? Bane is still in the cell carrige, traveling with the dragons. So how come the probability changed?"

Shu XinYi replied to snow with a smug smile on his face, "In the world background it says that Bane achieved this and that, during his journey as he had planned. So I thought that if Bane is still achieving those things even if he didn't fully become the protagonist, he did somewhat become the protagonist. As in this world precisely, Bane was omnipotent and had planned out what he wanted to acheive unlike any other world, unless he dies. If he dies the probability will turn to 0% as Bane will not be alive to see those things. Yet I don't plan to kill Bane, because who knows if he'll go back to "earth" as this is just a novel to him. It's better to make him suffer while he is still alive."

Snow then evaluated everything by itself, "Ok. So you helped the 2 princes reconcile and come to terms with each other's feelings. And Bane had the achievement of seducing Zither and causing conflict between Yuè and him. So now that can't be achieved, hence the probability went down."

Shu XinYi mentally applauded, "See, you have becoming intelligent staying by my side. Obviously I just helped them realise their true feelings, the rest just worked out."

After making dinner, Shu XinYi called all of them down. Surprisingly, FengYi didn't call Shu XinYi little old man in front of them. He just called him Ilseu. Zither and FengYi got along really well, while Yuè ate with disbelief in his eyes and a subtle smile on his face.

The next few days, Shu XinYi settled the council affairs as his banishment was approaching. Once he was done with all the work, Shu XinYi packed 2 few clothes and some money. The banishment was announced as Ilseu did use "moon water" and a 2 weeks banishment was just right. Obviously Shu XinYi had made sure that the council doesn't sabotage his position once he is gone.

Then on a carriage instead of a horseback, Shu XinYi rode out of the capital and made his way to the dragon kingdom along with FengYi.


FengYi entered the capital gate through the carriage as the gaurds just saw him as any other dragon young lord going out to play. Obviously, no commoners in the capital knew what FengYi looked like. Once FengYi reached the palace gates, he was obviously recognized and with emergency he had been bought to the old king's quarters.

Once FengYi was left alone with a very shocked king, it all began. FengYi kept fidgeting, his feet moving backwards then moving forwards as he tried to station himself in one place. As he continuously muttered along, "No. I don't want to go. I won't go."

The old king very carefully approach the child to ask, "Where do you not want to go?"

FengYi held his own body tightly, as not to move, "The cells. The cells by the west side. I know that man is there. The one who killed mom and dad. I can't go to him again. I want to go far away from him, somewhere he can't control me."

FengYi had expected the king to be mad but not this mad. The old king was furious yet he kept his tone calm as he said, "You are here that means you can control the power somewhat right? Stay here I'll deal with that man."

Saying this the old king left. FengYi was a bit surprised, obviously he was acting. Ilseu said that once the king realises you are here, he will send someone to bring Bane. Yet the king himself went to bring Bane. But this is what the plan included as well, for the old king to leave FengYi alone.

Once the king left, FengYi escaped the palace grounds without being seen by any gaurds, as he grew up here and knew his way around. He didn't go to the hiding place right away, he took a stroll in a nearby park as FengYi thought that the weather was nice.

FengYi was aware that his grandfather didn't see him as just something to be betrothed after today's events, but FengYi still chose to stay with Ilseu. That man didn't ask me for anything, not even loyalty. If today I want to leave him, then Ilseu would not stop me even if that's something he doesn't want to do. Ilseu had given him an option, either you can show up at the hiding place and leave your childhood home, your family behind and obviously you can come back anytime you want or you can choose to stay at the palace and be the little dragon master.

FengYi patiently sat by a fountain, in a park filled with children and their parents. When he was with his parents, he never wished to go to such parks, yet right now he wished that Ilseu would come back to him quickly after saving Uncle Saye and they can just walk around or play, it would be fun.

While FengYi had settled his dilemmas, Shu XinYi couldn't. He wasn't worried about FengYi's decision, obviously whatever he chose; Shu XinYi would always care for him. But right now he was making a choice in who to free from the cells first, Bane or Saye? Both of them were on the opposite sides of cave tunnels. Finally Shu XinYi wore a mask and went to save Bane. After bringing down all the guards with only his spritual ability, Shu XinYi reached Bane's cell.

After breaking the cell Shu XinYi just said to the shocked Bane, "I have work for you. I'll find you myself but for now go as far away as you can. FengYi has been found so they will kill you in about 15 minutes, that's all the time you have." Obviously Shu XinYi had changed his voice and given the already motivated Bane, another reason to run.

Bane was quick to react as Shu XinYi expected, he bowed to Shu XinYi and ran off, seemed like he knew the way out. Shu XinYi then hurriedly went to save his amnesiac husband. There will be a lockdown once the king realises that Bane has escaped so Shu XinYi had to find Saye quick.

Finally he found the cell Saye was held in. The cell was harder to break then the one for Bane, as high level spells were used. Shu XinYi had prepared for it so he quickly opened the door and entered the dark room, letting in some light from the lamps.

Saye also had to escape before the palace was in lockdown, so Shu XinYi had to make this reunion quick. Yet when he saw Saye lying on the floor almost lifeless, Shu XinYi's face started to go pale.

"Oye, wake up. We have to leave." Shu XinYi said with an almost breaking voice.

Finally he heard a very lazy voice say, "9 days, 17 hours and 18 minutes."

Shu XinYi finally released a breath. He even chuckled a bit listening to Saye's words. "Don't appear so lifeless. I was supposed to wait for you, not the other way around, so don't speak my words. You getting up or?"

Saye did stand up and although he looked haggard, he still maintained himself well. He was wearing nothing but 2 black clothes both tied around his waste, covering his lower body. While his bare upper body flaunted the gentle yet rough look, along with some scars. The silver hair reaching down his shoulder, along the scaled arms. He crossed his hands as he rested his back to a wall and said with a smug smile, "I'll do whatever you want, but you have to k-mmph."

Well he got what he wanted, Shu XinYi thought as he kissed Saye's lips that lacked luster. Shu XinYi wanted to part after a taste, yet his head was held gently by a hand that fully covered his scalp. The light pressure from the hand kept Shu XinYi attached to Saye's lips; even demanding to go deeper. Shu XinYi had to stop after 30 seconds. He was panting, with his lips pink and somehow; red. He gathered his wits to say, "The palace grounds will be in lockdown soon. So you need to go. I've already thought of a place."

Saye was still holding Shu XinYi close, and was looking at him with sparkling eyes, and a very prominent smile, like he couldn't be happier. "I am not such a criminal that they would do a lock down for me, Master. Did you do something naughty again?"

Shu XinYi had to palm his forehead mentally, because his hands were restricted to any movement. "I freed Bane, but I have a plan. You should go to the hiding place, If FengYi is there, then he would be getting worried by now."

Saye hummed as he kissed random places on Shu XinYi's body. After listening to him, Saye looked up to say, "Heh, you decided to adopt FengYi? Haha, I also like that kid. We'll take good care of him. Atleast better then his original parents."

Shu XinYi retorted, "Were your parents any better for you to turn out this shameless? Go and wait for me. I have to deal with your no better father. There is still Bane and other matters to be dealt with. I'll be gone for a day or 2 at the very least. So take good care of yourself, and FengYi if he does show up. Now leave."

Saye hid himself in Shu XinYi's neck again, "No. No. No."

Shu XinYi didn't say anything and just waited for Saye's rational brain to come back. Finally Saye breathed in, and out on Shu XinYi's neck and looked up to say, "Okay, I'll leave. But I am not leaving you. So don't leave me as well okay. And I will take good care of FengYi, I know that he will definitely show up so don't worry."

Shu XinYi faced away from him saying, "I am not worried for him."

Saye chuckled to say, "No use hiding from me. I know everything about you, Master."

Snow, from now on you are to call me boss. Shu XinYi silently commanded.

Snow, "Ok boss."

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