77 5.11 Pathetic isn't it?

After Zither and Yuè had left with the parchment, Shu XinYi had decided to get rid of Bane, so he could go meet his amnesiac husband. But Bane was clingy, "Master Calian, aren't you intrested to know the actual method of killing the dragons? You haven't questioned me at all about it. Why don't we chat about it over some steaks? Hmm?"

Shu XinYi was unentertained by this repressed hater, as he quietly walked ahead. Bane tried this in the original story too, by telling the tale of his murder streak. He wanted to incite sympathy in Calian. Sympathy for the dragons. There was also another reason Bane wanted to tell his story today. "There is a restaurant up ahead, I am sure you were also heading their with the princes. I have heard some interesting things about that place. Why not we head there together?"

This time Shu XinYi firmly said, "No." Obviously he knew that Bane didn't just want to play with Calian, but Saye as well. Bane knew who Saye was. By telling the tale in that restaurant, he wanted Saye to get angry and push for a war out of hate. How could Shu XinYi ever allow that.

Bane said in a smug tone, "Oh come on, Master Calian. Aren't the 2 princes going to head there too. Well it's ok if you don't want to go. I'll just go meet with them and tell my story to them."

Shu XinYi was irritated now, "Mr.Bane, I am not playing into your childish feats. I am heading home now. If there comes any harm, mental or physical, to the princes, then consider yourself dead."

Bane was equally irritated but he said respectfully, "Okay then Master Calian. I guess I'll just head there myself and tell my tales to the chef. I just wanted someone to listen to me."

Shu XinYi wanted to punch this Bane, but he could only go to the restaurant with him. Shu XinYi wasn't going to leave this psycho alone with his idiot of a husband and his other 2 little idiots.

Bane was set on telling the tale of how he killed the dragons, once they were inside the shop. Saye was cooking and doing his tasks, in the closed restaurant. Obviously he could hear it all.

"Such a mighty beast the dragon is known to be. Yet they die by the blood of rabbits. Heh, how pathetic isn't it?" Bane asked with a smug smile.

Shu XinYi was not in his best state right now. This was true, a rabbits blood was highly poisonous to the dragons in this world. The conditions were that the blood had to be fresh, of a full grown wild rabbit. If the blood cells had died then the blood wouldn't be poisonous to the dragons, at all. It really was pathetic.

Shu XinYi said avoiding the pulsing pain in his head, "Mr.Bane, I am here for some peace and quiet. Please save your tales for the council to hear."

Shu XinYi's headache was only increasing as Bane continued, "They already know of this story. You don't Master Calian. Just mix a rabbits blood with a dragon and see it happen. When I did it, the moon was high and the night was cold. The dragons were in their human forms. 3 of them. They looked weird, with scaly skins and tails. I immediately felt the need to eliminate that threat, after all I heard them conspiring against us."

Shu XinYi closed his eyes to avoid seeing the ridiculously pretty face of Bane. He wanted to shut his brain off or he might actually kill Bane right now. Saye was cooking in the kitchen, he could obviously hear all this. Shu XinYi didn't want to know how Saye was feeling right now. Maybe he was angry or worse, guilty.

WARNING: (Mild Gore, Animal sacrifice)

When Shu XinYi closed his eyes, something weird happened. He saw something, no more like he witnessed a crime. In front of him a rabbit was cut open and bleeding. Bane dropped the rabbit to the ground, holding the bloody blade he had used on the rabbit. He raised the blade to ruthlessly impale a man. The only thing Shu XinYi could see on the man were Silver hair, and his own body that the man was desperately holding. Shu XinYi could recognize those silver hair even in his dazed state.

Warning end.

Once he opened his eyes, Shu XinYi had a fire in his eyes. A fire that was born to kill. This was the scene Zither and Yuè had walked in to.

Shu XinYi had broken the sturdy table in half with his bare hands. He said looking right into Bane's eyes, "An other word out of your mouth, and I'll make sure it's your last."

Although Bane's objective was exactly this, to incite Calian. Right now he was scared out of his wits, unable to speak.

Shu XinYi was trying really hard not to kill Bane. What he just saw was a premonition. The G.I.F.T from the worlds gave him this. Although the accuracy rate of this premonition was less then 50%, seeing Saye murdered by Bane was not entertaining to say the least.

At this moment he heard the a calm voice, "This kind of violence really doesn't suit you. My Master Ilseu. I have brewed some tea, the smell and taste will definitely help you. Please come with me."

Shu XinYi looked back to see Saye standing near the kitchen entrance. He looked resolved. Much more than himself. Shu XinYi listened to his amnesiac husband and went with him. Before entering the kitchen he said without any hesitance, "Mr.Bane, Find yourself a decent resting place. I don't want to see you here. So get out. Zi, Yuè please clear this mess, the dinner will be served soon. Also, make sure Mr.Bane sees himself out."

Then Shu XinYi walked inside the kitchen without looking back. The air wafted of a calm smell, much like Saye's usual personality. Even now he was calm. Hearing about that man confess to the murder of his brother and sister-in-law wasn't a nice story to listen to. But he was calm listening all this. Like all that was happening outside of his life. Until a few weeks ago, Saye had been really angry at the Elven kingdom. He knew that his brother had been traveling the Elven kingdom when he was killed.

But right now, Saye was himself surprised to find himself calm. Like all his pain had gone away, and nothing would hurt him. As long as my Master Ilseu stays, I'll be alright. As for my brother's killer, I'll see that justice is served through proper channel. But why does Master Ilseu look so troubled? It's just a death of a dragon to him, then why?

Saye looked at the dazed man in front of him. He moved his hands to gently rub his left ear saying in a losing tone, "Master Ilseu, why do you have to seem so sad by the death of a mere dragon? Or did you know that dragon as well? Are you kind towards every dragon like you are to me?"

Shu XinYi lightly flicked Saye's head saying in a spoiled tone, "Why is it so easy for you to die, huh? I don't like it. Who cares about your brother? And why do you behave so calm? Aren't you hurt as well? That bastard just had to describe everything like that in front of you."

Saye took a minute to understand Ilseu's words. So you know it was my brother he was talking about and ultimately it was me you were worried about? Instead of being hurt, Saye was actually really happy right now. He changed his form to his original and gently embraced his Ilseu.

Saye said, "Don't be hurt because of me. Okay. As for my brother, to me he was just family by name. But I also won't let Bane get away with it. I hope you don't find my decision stupid."

Shu XinYi hid himself in Saye's strong build saying in slightly muffled tone, "Not now. I don't want to let him have an easy end. I just hope that there is no war. A peaceful negotiation would do. The rest will fix itself."

Saye was impressed, "How much do you know about me? I thought I was the one keeping track of your life. Heh, either way, I can't fully convince my family not to push for a war. But now that you have asked this of me, then I'll definitely see it through. I am glad you asked for my help. Please never hesitate to do so in the future."

Shu XinYi softly punched Saye's chest and looked up to his face to say, "Yeah, if I don't then you start doing stupid things. Don't do stupid things. You mean a lot to me. And you don't owe me anything. Even if you do, just forget about it. I don't care."

Saye really did subconsciously decide to forget all what he owed Master Ilseu in this life. "Ok then. But then you have to promise to rely on me only. No one else." Saye wasn't scared to ask this. Although he knew how blasphemous this statement would sound if said out loud in public. But right now in front of him was his Ilseu. Nothing else really matters.

Shu XinYi hid himself on Saye's person again as he said, "I already do that. You idiot. I don't have anyone else beside you. You should go cook now. The princes must be waiting. They had a rough session today."

Saye kissed Ilseu's forehead and they parted. Saye really didn't want to change his form, his body right now matched perfectly with Ilseu but after making dinner he had to.

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