38 3.5 Smell of poppy oil; taste of pure bliss

Shu XinYi had figured out most of the case but it still had many missing evidences, so he didn't put mind to it for now. The next trial was for the next month, so Shu XinYi busied himself with his art.

His first video did well, the result was not as exceptional as getting millions of views but there were a few ten thousands of them. For Shu XinYi this was more than enough, since he could now monetize his channel and start earning money. The only thing he should be careful of now is having no controversies and consistently uploading. Shu XinYi had already planned the next 3 videos he was gonna complete in this month.

The last one will be a small video where he won't be making any painting or sculpture but just an artistic video talking about the profanities and virtues of life through his eyes. Many of Lan Xiao's young followers on social media ask him about how he managed to achieve this much in such a young age. Although many people would also hate on him, claiming that he is only successful because of his family background. It was not that Shu XinYi was bothered by this at all. but since he had started making videos, he should make some helpful videos for his fans as gratitude.

Leaning against a wall Xiang Li, who had already set up the camera on a tripod, was observing Lan Xiao. How is it that this young man seems so interesting to me? Xiang Li wondered. After that time he relieved himself looking at Lan Xiao's recording, he was more confused about the behavior than ashamed. The boy's delicate little fingers were a mess of colors as he was lightly holding a brush in one hand and a palette in the other.

Xiang Li didn't have time to look at the painting Lan Xiao was working on, as he couldn't remove his eyes from Lan Xiao. Was it just that he is good looking? Xiang Li thought. No, he had seen many people that could be considered beautiful. He had been approached by many as well but never had he wanted to hold a person this much.

Shu XinYi was painting a godly man who was floating in the air wearing a white robe and a golden mask with his arms stretched out, he was holding a child in a red torn down gown and bandaged face. The child had only a red eye visible from the bandage and although the man was being worshiped by the crowd down below, true belief could only be seen in the child's eye.

It was not an original, Shu XinYi knew that Lan Xiao didn't copy, but he was not Lan Xiao, also this was a scene he had witnessed in his 13th world and it was particularly beautiful so he wanted to paint it and bring it to life in this world.

Obviously Shu XinYi was aware that Xiang Li was staring at him, too intensely at that. Although he didn't feel uncomfortable, he also wanted to know why he had suddenly become a subject of intrest to this wooden man. Shu XinYi just kept working until he felt that he was done for the day. Painting for 4 hours straight he had completed two thirds of the painting.

Shu XinYi moved his hands to wipe the sweat off his face when someone held his wrists. Obviously it was Xiang Li who had already wiped his face with his own hands saying "Your face will get blemished, if you are done then go clean yourself up. I'll clean the studio okay."

Shu XinYi didn't know why but he was particularly moody right now. Maybe it was because he had been painting for 4 hours or that he hadn't slept much for a while but whatever the case he was in a very complicated mood. Shu XinYi looked at Xiang Li in the eyes and humphed, then he moved his free hand that was also dirty with paint, and wiped his face with it saying arrogantly, "What does it matter to you? I'll do what I want."

Shu XinYi saw as Xiang Li's eyes literally shined and a small smirk appeared on his face and he looked all the more intently at Lan Xiao, as he said "Okay then, you can do what you want."

Shu XinYi got even more irritated but he thought of something and said "Really? you won't run away if I do what I want?"

Xiang Li tilted his head and asked "Run away? Why would I run away?"

Shu XinYi smiled and didn't think for a second as he grabbed Xiang Li's neck and kissed him on his lips. The pure desire he felt for the past weeks trying to understand Xiang Li, couldn't be put to words so he just put it into action. Although it seemed like a fearless move, Shu XinYi was very scared to find out his true identity so he didn't pry in to his mouth and just moved his lips away after a peck.

Shu XinYi wanted to move away from Xiang Li but his wrist was still being held by him, so he just stared away from the man. Xiang Li, who's conscience had already snapped, held the boy's neck gently and looked into his eyes for some clarity. If he saw disgust or regret in the boy's eyes then he would leave but what he saw was anticipation. He smiled and brought the boy's face closer to him, bending his neck to reach the boy's lips.

Although every last bit of sanity was gone from Xiang Li's mind, he still wanted to cherish this moment by not rushing it. Slowly he kissed the boy's lips, the smell of poppy oil; the taste of pure bliss. Xiang Li wanted more so he moved his thumb while kissing to pry open the boy's lips. For some reason, the boy was reluctant to do so but after some seconds he opened his lips, giving him permission. Xiang Li smiled through his kiss as he moved his tongue. Xiang Li had only started to savor the taste when the boy who was reluctant a second ago, started to kiss him back passionately.

It was like some switch had turned on in Shu XinYi's brain, once he felt the familiar spiritual cognition pass through him, he didn't feel reluctant at all. All he wanted now was to love his husband. Although he wanted to maintain a slow pace, now that it had started, Shu XinYi didn't want to stop. Xiang Li didn't even have time to clean up the room nor did Shu XinYi get time to clean the wet paint off of himself as the little kiss had turned into a make out session.

None of them wanted to stop so they just continued for the night. Their bodies, soon enough, were covered with paint and cum as they mixed with each other. Although the studio had sound proofing walls, it was difficult to know if the voices that their bodies were making could be heard outside. They went for another round before Shu XinYi finally said panting as he had just climaxed "Ah... Ha wait. Please, I am tired. I want to sleep for now."

Shu XinYi could feel Xiang Li's thing inside him only grow bigger but when he said he wanted to stop, Xiang Li immediately withdrew and said "Ok, rest well." Shu XinYi was a little tired and so he slept on the same sofa they were just going at. Xiang Li on the other hand filled a warm bath in the studio washroom, he cleaned up the studio and the set. He covered the dried canvas Lan Xiao had been working on and washed all his brushes. Then he first cleaned his own body in the shower and wore his paint stained clothes again.

He went out of the studio and asked Mrs.Lan for some new clothes for Lan Xiao saying that they had been dirtied with paint. Out of curtsey she also bought Xiang Li a new set of clothes. Xiang Li then went back and picked up Lan Xiao giving him a warm peaceful bath without disturbing his sleep. He cleaned the boy inside out and made sure his body wasn't damaged. Then he changed him into the new clothes and placed him on a different couch. He also did his best to clean the couch where they did the deed but well...

After all this Xiang Li wrote a note for Lan Xiao and kept it on the table then left after saying a light goodnight while pecking his little earlobe. He left their house and went home. As he reached, he looked on his backseat where some report files were kept. After the trial that day he had started to investigate the possibility that Xue Fan might be being targeted. At first it did seem like a possibility that Xue Fan was the killer but the more Xiang Li thought about it the more absurd it was.

He had gone to the construction site where the statue was found and viewed the cctv footage, it was the same as in the gallery, some of the footage was missing. The real murderer maybe had access to the cameras or he was an hacker. Both were solid possibilities but what was the connection between him killing Bai Jiao and him stealing the artifact? If he wanted to blame Xue Fan for the killing by using the sculpture then he should have taken something more handy. Why go to the lengths of taking a human sculpture to make trouble for themselves?

The sculpture was of Song XingChen... For some reasons lately, Xiang Li wanted to punch the guy but after tonight he was feeling more sane about the matter so he thought objectively. In the report he had made some claims about Xue Fan being innocent and until the next trial he wanted to make a complete report of who was the murderer. He got out of his car and walked towards his house when the sound of glass breaking was heard from inside the house.

Xiang Li reflexively ran towards the back door. There wasn't any more movement that could be heard or felt. Xiang Li took out his gun and walked around the back yard. Then he saw a broken window so he entered his house and saw a letter wrapped around a rock. He opened and read it "drop this case, do no further investigations. Today it's only a rock in your house next time it will be a bullet to your head."

Xiang Li had been feeling like someone had been watching him when he went to the construction site and even when he went to talk to Xue Fan's lawyer. He thought that it may be a threat to him but well it's just a kid trying to play tricks. With only a single threat letter and the mannerisms of delivering, Xiang Li had calculated a lot about the killer's identity. The killer should be a person around his 20's. It's his first time committing murder and threat so he is being cautious in all stages. Everything had been preplanned and the murderer knows that he can only get away with it if the plan goes well.

The killer is not a hacker so they have access to cameras by some other means, maybe he has people working as the insider so they can mess with the cameras. It is a revenge plot. You don't do such a planned murder and blame game as a first timer because of money or fun. So it is revenge of some sort. The killer not only wanted to kill Bai jiao but blame Xue Fan for it. The killer is not alone, some people are supporting him. The killer isn't filthy rich or a big businessman but someone with a more serene profile who is quite but does his work efficiently.

Right now the killer is panicked maybe because things aren't going his way, there are two ways to make the killer show himself easily. One make him panic even more, two make him feel okay by playing into his plan on the surface then catching him off guard. Whatever the case may be, a month was more than enough time to figure out.

Xiang Li didn't dwell anymore and went to sleep. It should come of as atleast surprising that he just slept with a man and loved every second of it and craved for a lot more but here Xiang Li is, sleeping peacefully as if he never had insomnia and today was any normal day.

When Shu XinYi woke up it was almost evening. He walked around the clean studio with a hand on his aching butt. It wasn't surprising to find the room and himself, cleaned. He found a note written on the table which read "I won't run away, will you?"

Shu XinYi rolled his eyes at his dramatic husband and he picked up his phone to look at his video status. People liked the first video a lot and the platform had also successfully monetized his channel, which was great. He had posted his official email for work stuff and there were some sponsor emails already waiting for him. Shu XinYi thought that he should get a social media manager in sometime.

There was also a messege about 5 minutes ago from

"Yeong ai" (eternal lover) saying "Good morning, decided to run away yet?"

Shu XinYi replied "Do you think I can even walk properly after last night? ╥﹏╥"

It wasn't even a 2 seconds when Shu XinYi got a reply, "I am sorry little bunny, :( are you mad?"

Wha- is Xiang Li the cold and fierce detective really using emoji's right now, if his sub ordinanates were to know they would definitely think that somethings wrong.

Shu XinYi replied in a spoiled tone "( ̄ヘ ̄), Who is little bunny? I am hungry ..."

Shu XinYi really missed eating the food LiFeng made in the previous 2 worlds and he was actually really hungry right now. Although he knew it was day time and Xiang Li must be busy with work but he really wanted to be spoiled and served right now. He also didn't want to be a bother so he would stop if Xiang Li said so.

Xiang Li replied "What do you want to eat? How about we have lunch together, I was starting to make some for myself, will you join me?"

Shu XinYi tilted his head and texted "Hmm? aren't you at work Mr.detective?"

Xiang Li "No, I finished early today there was only follow up work. Can you come to my house for lunch?"

Shu XinYi "Are we ordering take out?"

Xiang Li "No, I'll cook. Do you want to order takeout?"

Shu XinYi "Nah it's fine, tell me your address."

Shu XinYi dressed up in casual clothing and went to Xiang Li's house for lunch. It was some chicken rice and side dishes with some ice cream. Both of them didn't talk much and just had lunch quietly. Seeing Lan Xiao eating was such a mesmerizing sight to Xiang Li that he didn't have time to touch his own food. It was not the first time he had cooked but it was the first time he cooked for someone else.

"Lan Xiao, do you like it?"

Shu XinYi felt irritated for some reason, "Don't call me Lan Xiao."

Xiang Li wasn't bothered as he said "XiaoXiao, do you not like your name?"

Shu XinYi replied with a red face and a little voice "It's.. o-okay..Um can I call you L-li Feng?"

"Feng? like mountain? It does suit my name. If you like to then you can call me but I am not a replacement or a plaything." Xiang Li lightly commented.

Shu XinYi was although shy and embarrassed in the moment, he still faced Xiang Li with all the confidence he had and said, "You are you and no one else can replace you. If I ever interfere with your job as a detective more than I should then you can question me. I really do... I uh.." Shu XinYi was wondering if he should say that he loves him. Wasn't it a little early?

Although Xiang Li is his eternal lover but in this world he is still Xiang Li who has lived his life having trust issues so if he just comes onto him during a murder case then it may became an awkward situation. Shu XinYi took a deep breath to calm his nerves thinking about what he should say when Xiang Li said "It's okay, don't pressure yourself. We can take things slow. I am willing to trust you."

Shu XinYi nodded and said "Yeah, thankyou. The food is great. I like it a lot, can I cook for you next time? I mean i can't cook as well as you but I can try."

"Okay, I will assist you."

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