5 1.4 Carefree

Ken Arai was never someone to go watch a basketball match for a mere sponsor selection, his company sponsored many young artists, actors, musicians even players, he wouldn't go and evaluate each one of them. More precisely, he had never personally gone to evaluate a sponsor or even artist that signed contracts with them. This time he came because the head of his public relations department, who was also Ken's closest cousin, kept pestering him. Ken was being interjected at every corner by his cousin that he should select a sponsor himself this time. His cousin knew that his big bro was a cold, distant man. Even though he was one of the best at doing what he did, Ken was never passionate about it and most of the time was uninterested in things. So he wanted Ken to be around this youthful energy.

Even though Ken rejected the first few times, he agreed in the end. It was just selecting a sponsor, after all he had already been through many uninteresting feats, then what's one more. But when he came here he didn't expect to find that young arrogant boy a little interesting. Ken decided to sponsor him, since this was the first time anyone had caught his interest and to such an extent in this short meeting. In the meeting he didn't say who he wanted to sponsor, but he was prepared if anyone else wanted to sponsor the boy he would directly interject.

Shu XinYi saw the CEO walked towards him and put his hand forward, indicating to him and everyone else that Shu XinYi was the one he selected. Shu XinYi was really happy, but his expression didn't change as he shook hands with the CEO. "I am Haruto Yagi, thank you for your consideration Mr.CEO" Shu XinYi said in an introductory sense. Mr.CEO made a face as if he was having some internal struggle, and then he heard the CEO finlally say "Ken Arai, you can call me Arai. I selected you based on your play and dedication, I hope to see you improving and if I am not satisfied with your results, I will pull back and end our sponsorship contract."

Shu XinYi heard Arai make his firm declaration, no wonder people call him cold and distant. Everyone saw Haruto smile and then say in a calm voice, "Mr.Arai I will definitely leave you satisfied at the end of our sponsorship contract, won't you be coming to country z for the championship, there you can see if I am slacking off or not and do I deserve your punishment or not." Although his words were said in a one toned calm voice, the surrounding people thought that he was talking back with Ken Arai and had to praise the boy's guts. Haruto went back to his team and everyone including Akihiko, who behaved like nothing happened, congratulated him.

Ken heard the boy, Haruto, talk in such a calm voice, for a second he was in an illusion that the boy was trying to comfort him. After the sponsors left, the academy dean called the all the 6 selected players and the coach to his office. "You all should rest early today, tomorrow there will be a dinner meeting between the 12 selected players and the coaches. There will also be the representatives of your sponsors there. Basically all the people who will be accompanying you to country Z. You will meet the other members of the team, so be on your best behavior."

Everyone was quiet while the dean spoke. After he was finished someone asked "Apart from sato-san who else will be coaching us?" Sato-san was their coach, he would obviously be there. "The two people who were evaluating today are the other two coaches, Mr.Hiragi and Mr.Mafuyu. You should listen to them if I am not around and sincerely follow their advice." The coach replied.

The meeting was concluded after some instructions for the dinner meeting. They were supposed to dress formally and be punctual. Shu XinYi went back to his room in a dazed manner "Aahh how am I supposed to dress formally when all this guy has is tracksuits, hoodies and sweatpants... am I supposed to show myself to Arai-san in such attireヽ(;▽;)ノ" Snow heard its master being dumb about such a simple matter "Firstly Mr.Arai could be or could not be present in the meeting, it's not necessary for him to follow you to country z and could've just sent a representative. Secondly, it is still 3 in the day, so you can just go out and buy a new suit. Even though you don't have much money, it should be more than enough."

Shu XinYi was on the verge of crying fake tears, "why do you have to be so blunt, he would come tomorrow, definitely. I can feel it in my guts." Snow then asked very seriously, "What can you feel in your guts, Master?" Shu XinYi almost stumbled at Snow's suggestive words "Ahem it's hope, obviously that I feel. I should go buy a suit now." Snow didn't want to talk to it's Master who was being dumb over a CEO but still told him "Haruto always goes shopping with Akihiko Master, so you should go inform him"

Shu XinYi still maintained some of his sanity and got into his role as the innocent boy in love, Haruto. He found Akihiko's dormitory, and before he entered, he heard sounds of love making coming from inside the room. "Ew ew what is this situation are they doing it right now, shouldn't they be angry that I got selected, why are they so carefree making love in the middle of the day."

Snow had to interject to clear even these simple misunderstandings, he really felt like he was lied to by his creator about what kind of person Master was. "Master, they must have resolved their conflicts about you being selected in the team and most probably Akihiko has suggested something that Ishida was impressed and satisfied with. They are still the protagonist who will go to any heights just to achieve what they want, so it won't be surprising if they do something like injure your hands again except this time it would be somewhat of a larger impact."

Shu XinYi got into his senses. What snow said sounds highly probable. He thought for a while and still knocked on the door, He was only able to listen on them since his senses were better than normal people in this world, so the people inside wouldn't suspect he had heard Anything. "Why are you still knocking, aren't you concerned about your safety?" Snow asked when he saw it's master knocking on the door. "They won't harm me at all before the competition starts, atleast not physically. I am Haruto who is still in the dark about their relationship and planning. So I will continue playing that. As for how they are planning to disrupt me, I have some ideas about that."

Snow didn't argue as it thought Master is back, This is the master I know, a decisive performer. The noises inside came to an abrupt stop. After some shuffling around, as expected, Akihiko opened the door with no hostility on his face, as if he wasn't disturbed from his nightly activities. Shu XinYi secretly looked in the room and sure enough, there was no one.

"Akihiko I don't have any formal suit for tomorrow, so I wanted to go to the shop-" before Shu XinYi could finish his sentence he felt a hand on his cheek "Yeah let's go, I was so happy for you today. Give me five minutes, wait for me by the gate, okay." Akihiko said looking intently and Haruto thinking let's see what kind of interesting face you make tomorrow, I will definitely expose your true self.

Shu XinYi was too disgusted to reply, so he just nodded with a shy face and as soon as he was out of Akihiko's site he rubbed his cheek like he was smacking dust away. He had to endure these antics for now. Unless Akihiko took the initiative to break up or was caught doing something Haruto would break up over, Shu XinYi couldn't break up with him, Since Haruto wouldn't do it.

They went to buy a new suit and Akihiko even took the initiative to pay for him, but Haruto firmly refused, so he could only give up. Shu XinYi didn't care about face, but he would not show up in front of the Mr.Arai wearing clothes someone else brought. He didn't know if it was just simple infatuation and attractiveness or something else, but he really wanted to be with Mr.CEO. Although Shu XinYi knew he had a purpose for entering this world, it wasn't a problem to find someone for himself since he would be spending a life in this world. Also, he was finally in control of his body, so he didn't want to restrict himself too much. If it works it works if it doesn't it doesn't.

Akihiko also wanted to buy a new suit and while he was at it, he suggested buying matching suits. Shu XinYi was not surprised he could calculate why Akihiko would suggest something like this, so he agreed. They came back before the evening after having dinner. At night, Akihiko also suggested staying in Haruto's room, being a "loving" boyfriend that he is. But fortunately, Haruto was too tired after today's matches and wanted to sleep early.

" Haa, if he asks me again to sleep with him, help me find new excuses, Snow. He definitely will do something that is related to our relationship tomorrow." Snow heard it's master say. Snow agreed and told him to stay in character. "Master, Although I have no problem with you liking Mr.Arai , Haruto would not cheat. So remember what you are really here for." Shu XinYi knew what Snow said was reasonable. He went to sleep thinking if Mr.Arai doesn't show up tomorrow, he is going to give up.

While Shu XinYi was facing an internal struggle, In one of JJ group's company building, a certain public relations head was gawking between the man sitting on the main seat and the secretary standing beside him. "Boss, Big bro how come you suddenly decided to go to country Z, wasn't it that even in the selections, you were reluctant to go, What about the company matters?" The PR questioned worriedly. But the man in the seat remained silent, instead the secretary standing beside replied in a robotic tone "Mr.Arai has already handled all the projects of the next four months and assigned a temporary head to look over the company matters in Country A."

Ken's cousin was shocked to no ends, he even handled matters in advance just to overlook his one sponsor, he could've just sent a representative to look over the player and handle the matters, like he always does. Ken Arai was still quiet he had already decided to personally head over to country Z, and it was just 4 months, if he loses his interest in those four months, he will directly end the sponsor contract and come back. He didn't know what it was exactly he was interested in, was it the boy or the youthful environment or the unyielding eyes of the arrogant youth. He didn't want an answer so soon, and he even had plans for inaugurating the fashion branch in country Z. The project had been going on for 2 years and was finally complete, so he could make use of his time working, if this feat proved boring.

Akihiko came to Haruto's room the next day to dress up, the selected players obviously didn't have any training today and a temporary coach was training the remaining players. Shu XinYi was fixing his suit before he could wear it when he was held from behind, and he heard "Let me help you put that on, your hand is still injured, baby". Akihiko saw Haruto trembling a little and had various thoughts in his mind like was he acting shy or is he actually shy, or maybe he is just surprised. Shu XinYi on the other hand was overcome with disgust when Akihiko called him baby, but he quickly got into his role and just behaved shy as he turned around to face Akihiko.

Akihiko was about 198cm(6.5ft) a little taller than Mr.Arai who was 195(6.4ft). Shu XinYi had to tilt his head up to meet his eyes while he was being held, "I can do it myself, I want to be able to use my hands, and you know I don't like being dependent." Shu XinYi said in a firm but low voice. "Yes I know baby, I just didn't want you to hurt yourself, you know you are really precious to me." Akihiko said in a suggestive tone, and was satisfied when he saw Haruto's face turn red. Maybe he does love me Akihiko thought, but it's more like a master and his plaything, I would also like to know how you felt playing with me let's see what kind of expression you make today.

Akihiko's emotional intelligence was even more worrisome than Haruto the original goods. He was blaming Haruto of being a viper while siding with Ishida, who was the real Viper dressed like a white lotus. Shu XinYi didn't dawdle any more, he quickly changed and dressed up by himself. Akihiko didn't do anything bizarre after that, and they safely arrived at the hotel lobby where the dinner reservations were made. It was one of Yama group's largest hotel and the whole restaurant was booked.

Not all people had arrived, out of the two sponsors only Anzu, who was also the host today, was present. Apart from the two sponsors, everybody else was present. The 3 coaches introduced all the players to each other and their positions. "You are all a part of the same team for the next four months or maybe even further, so learn to get along with each other at least in the court, if there is any conflict in the court because of your emotional instability I will not tolerate." Mr.Hiragi said in a firm voice, leaving no room for negotiations.

Nobody argued and everyone nodded their heads. Mr.Mafuyu wanted to continue saying something when some people walked through the door. Haruto and Ishida, who were sitting on the either side of Akihiko smiled. Shu XinYi was smiling because Mr.Arai really came, honestly, he didn't want to give up pursuing Mr.Arai so he was happy he came today and would be coming with them to country Z. Ishida on the other hand turned to Akihiko on his left and whispered in a low voice that no one apart from them could hear "The big boss came himself, I think we just need to announce your relationship and Mr.Arai will pull back the sponsorship today. He is a businessman and wouldn't want to ruin his company image because of a mere player." Akihiko smirked, hearing him and smiled at Ishida.

Shu XinYi naturally heard Ishida, but he remained calm, He had already anticipated something like this. He was too busy admiring Mr.Arai who was in all black. The long coat the shirt the pants everything was black. It suited him really well, especially the contrast with his skin. His jade like white hands becoming a visual treat. His gaze was not missed by Ken, Although he was used to people looking at him, he found the boy's gaze very peculiar. He even subconsciously corrected his posture.

The third sponsor sent a serious young man who wore glasses and looked like he was ready to find faults in anyone, as a representative. He introduced himself and allowed the players to call him Kenjiro. Looking at him, Shu XinYi thought that this guy is bad news. He didn't know why he felt this way, he just trusted his instincts. But he didn't want any bad vibes today, so he put the matter to the back of his mind.

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