392 Trapping Herself

"Boyfriend? This guy?"

"Princess Qia, is that true?"

"Isn't he younger than you? Is that really okay?"

"How come no one has heard anything about it?"

Qia showed an embarrassed expression as she replied.

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"He only confessed his love recently. At first, I was in doubt. After all, he's a little younger than me. Still, I had to admit that he has been putting a lot of effort into it. In the end, he succeeded in moving my heart. So what if he's three years younger than me? Does love care for such trivial things?"

Rean almost cried. What confession? How come he wasn't present when he confessed? As far as Rean could remember, he never sleepwalked recently.

'What are you trying to do? Is it really okay for a princess of the Empire to say something like that?'

Qia smiled as she replied.

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