1089 Roan Lost

Even Regio couldn't help but get a little emotional after seeing his mother well again. Although that emotion on his expression disappeared as fast as it came. 

Eventually, Natalia looked at Rean, still in tears. "Thank you, thank you! How can I ever pay you back for this?"

Rean shook his head after hearing that. "There's no need. Regio and I are part of Senior Fabio's group, so it's my duty to help. If there's any payment, Senior Fabio would be the one to do it. Hahaha!"

Regio, on the other hand, didn't like hearing it that much. "I owe you a huge debt. As long as it doesn't go against my principles, I will do anything you ask."

Rean patted Regio's shoulder in response. "How about smiling more as payment? Trust me, you don't want to grow all grumpy like a certain person I know."

Regio was taken aback. "This...might be a little difficult."


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