248 Premeditated

Doren, who was doing his best to find an escape route, felt even more pressure after seeing his last remaining companion falling. Rean and Roan could even fight a Peak Stage Core Formation Realm for some time with Mirage Assault on, let alone a Late Stage.

First, Doren resisted so far because he was a genius of his own sect. Second, he was a Wind Element user. He was proficient in his own Wind Movement Technique, one of the best elements for speed. 

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Nevertheless, Rean, Roan, and the four copies they created kept blocking Doren's path time and time again. Doren hoped that his companion would force at least one of them to go and help the girl, but who could have thought that she and the fat bird would win in the end?

Roan also noticed when Malaka gave a finishing blow to the guy's head and nodded with a satisfied expression.

'It seems like Mia had been training her better than I thought. In that last second, I saw no hesitation in her movements.'

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