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In an instant, Rean and Roan noticed a difference when breaking through a higher stage with Divine Energy. "There's no chaotic energy after the breakthrough!"

Be it the twins or the people they knew, everyone would have to first stabilize their foundations after a breakthrough. That's because a breakthrough would throw the energies in their dantians and cores into chaos. That was also why Roan learned how to concoct Foundation Estabilizing Pills. However, there was no such thing after breaking through with Divine Energy!

[You can be ecstatic about it later.] Sister Orb warned. [The Divine Stream Lake has already lost 20% of its water. Try to reach the limit of the Nascent Soul Realm and the limit of Stage Five before it all dissipates. I'll keep the extra concentrated Divine Energy in the Soul Gem Dimensional Realm once you're ready to enter the Soul Transformation Realm.]

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