221 Give the chick a name

This time, the chick found a deer-like demon beast. However, that demon beast wasn't a carnivore, so even though the chick came running in its direction, it basically ignored the chick. Of course, if it was any other demon beast, the deer-like beast wouldn't be so calm. The reason behind it was because the chick didn't seem to offer any danger, to the point that it didn't care about the chick.

Hulian was the first one to notice it.

"Well, that's a pretty common one beast, a white-hoofed deer. From what I can feel with my Spiritual Sense, it is an Initial Stage Two one. Simply put, it is even weaker than the Hound."

*Chick! Chick!*

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The chick arrived at the deer's side and called for its attention. The deer that was eating some leaves then looked at the chick, puzzled. After a few moments, it took some of the leaves it was eating and passed them to the chick.

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