353 Elite Unit Arrives

Everyone was taken aback. After all, they were confused at first, finding it hard to believe that Rorel really betrayed them. However, seeing Rorel Army members attacking their allies changed everything.

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"Hahaha! It's the end of your Cassen Army! Today, Rorel and Jialin will take over the entire Cassen Country! Tolak will then be out next target!"

"Cassen is a weak country to start with. Who would join them for real? Hahaha! Idiots!"

"Death to Cassen and Tolak, follow the Jialin Country!"

The weird thing was that there weren't many doing that. Just fifty or so cultivators from Rorel stepped out to do that. However, that was more than enough to convince everyone on the side of the Cassen and Tolak Army.

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