310 Counter Attack

Both Rean and Latalia's group were taken aback by the newcomers. Latalia was surprised to see Roan's group there, but she at least knew that they would be meeting. However, the Umbral Sect group was not part of her plan. Naturally, she thought about the possibility that this was a trap against her.

However, she immediately noticed Rean's group entering a guarding stance. Just as she was about to say something, Rean sent her a Spiritual Sense message.

'Senior Latalia, be careful. Those guys are part of the Umbral Sect.'

The Umbral Sect members were also surprised to find Rean and Roan here. They had noticed that the maze would change as well. However, they really arrived at this place by mere coincidence. When they saw the maze changing once more, they decided to stay put to see where the room would connect them. Finding Rean and Roan here was not what they expected. This group had Vio and Sames, two Middle Stage Core and Soul Fusion Realm cultivators. 

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