1794 Brumel Down

The first thing Roan did was increase the defenses on Butiva's border with Lativan. As mentioned before, Lativan shared the south and southwest borders of Butiva, so that's where Roan positioned everyone necessary.

Following that, the twins spent two weeks reorganizing the army. There was a reason why the twins' army was ready much faster than the others. It was all due to the System Sect's methods. For example, Rean and Havek had made copies of the Soul Gem Forge and Power Hammer with the Circuitry Formations. They weren't as good as the real ones created by the system, but they were definitely much better than the ones used in the Realm of Gods.

Thanks to things like that, it was a lot easier for the System Sect to arm itself, let alone its army. Rean had hundreds of blacksmiths from both Tramara and Jaxto come to Butiva, where they learned how to use the new equipment. That only helped increase the production of weapons even more.

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