521 Being Called to Help

When Rean's group began to get closer to the valley again, they stopped so Rean could change their appearances. Soon, the fake red meridians appeared on everyone's bodies. Not long after, they made sure that they ran Spiritual Energy inside them. Of course, as Rean did in the past, he could also change how they looked like. So not only did they have the red meridians, but their faces and builds were very different as well.

There was only one thing that Rean couldn't do anything about, the fact that his ability changed the color of everyone's hair to snow-white. Well, that wasn't really an issue. They had a lot of material to use on Calina. After all, she always showed black hair to everyone while she was, in fact, blond. 

Roan, of course, took over the tasks and made sure that everyone's hair looked very different from what the Lakure Race members knew. Still, there was one thing that Wano couldn't understand.

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