341 As Long as I have Full Control

Seeing that the Jialin Representative appeared, the man began to speak.

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"I'm Larael Cassen, the Ancestor of Cassen's Royal Family. I came forward with a deal. Your country has already conquered quite a significant part of my own. That should be enough for whatever reason you need it since you said you wouldn't try to take us over completely."

"Let's end it here. I know that you guys are continuing this battle because you also learned about the mineral deposit. We can share that deposit equally between the four countries involved at the moment, 25% for each one, what do you say?"

Kocei narrowed his eyes as he looked behind. Zuan and the other two Saint Realm cultivators couldn't help but agree with that offer. Indeed, 25% wasn't the same as the entire deposit, but they would obtain it without having to risk their armies in this even fight.

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