Death, the Most High, & the Demon King
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Death, the Most High, & the Demon King


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What is Death, the Most High, & the Demon King

Death, the Most High, & the Demon King is a popular web novel written by the author Joel_West, covering BIBLICAL ALLEGORY, SPIRITS AND DEMONS, ENSEMBLE CAST, MYTHIC, FANTASY, GOD, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 41.5K readers with an average rating of 4.81/5 and 17 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 57 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The tale of a world fallen to darkness, a God desperate to save his beloved and most of all the people who have to live in the world ruled by the wicked Demon King. You'll meet Edo and Eva, the close friends of the Most High, Triac, who have to struggle with the guilt of giving the world over to the Demon King. There's Anak and Tzipora who struggle against the tyranny of the proud and stubborn King Gel-ad. Stars like the energetic Raguel, the passionate Uriel, and the treacherous Armaros add to the chaotic atmosphere, and even minor gods get involved. Over the course of history, one grand story reveals itself. Delve into the chronicling of the planet Vinetum and its fall, and rise, as Triac exerts his influence to shatter the curses of the Demon King.


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Hello, Apologies to any readers that have kept with me til this point; I will be continuing this story on Bravonovel, a similar app to Webnovel, where I've been contracted and incentivized to continue writing. Should Webnovel see fit to contract my story themselves, I will upload the chapters I write elsewhere here again and continue. If you wish to support my story, download Bravonovel on the app store and read there.


Ok, let's get started. Excuse me if I make any mistake writing this. I liked the story and the storyline. If you're familiar with the Bible, you will see resemblances and references clearly, and I like that. Making a new story out of an old one, and you CAN'T call it a rehash. I will tell you what I think. You have good grasp of grammar (but I've seen a couple of missed wrongs, mostly punctuation). Your vocabulary is expansive and adaptable. You are a type that focuses more on describing rather than the dialogue, and that really suited my tastes, because I'm the same. I left you a big comment on the first chapter about Adam/Eva issue, so I will skip that. As they go on, it seems that the time is changing, the timelines are getting jumbled, and the proof is Azazel's advice to go find a city-state. So, we actually don't know what is happening and where, except that Edo and Eva are trying to survive on Vinetum, and that the Demon King is basically threatening them. Characters are likeable, each one is different, meaning that you have the ability to describe them properly. Since the world background in your story is more than complex, with new concepts being introduced as these are the beginning chapters, I gave it a 5 for potential. I liked it. Triac's underlings getting their own planets/supernovas to control and make, basically playing with clay is funny and a concept that is completely viable by the Bible. If you want to write a traditional novel, I suggest you continue this way and read even more books than you have read until now, not webnovels, but books. If you're going to do it the Webnovel style, I'd have a lot to say, but I won't since your style is more than pleasing. That's why, keep it up! This will be going to my library, for sure.


This is one of the best stories I've ever read. The writing is great, are you an English teach by chance or did you come out of the womb speaking perfect English? Honestly, this story is very entertaining and I can relate it a lot to the bible and even Roman and Greek Mythology. I really enjoy this story. Author, keep up the good work!


The story is very interesting and keeps the reader wanting more. The descriptions are so vivid that the reader feels like they are actually in the story and can feel each moment as the characters do. Excellent!!


From the moment I saw the title of this work I immediately thought of Steinbeck's East of Eden, and from the prologue onwards I was reminded of the Book of Genesis and Paradise Lost. The author has created a unique story and premise that I have rarely seen before, even in print books. Even if you don't understand the references I still think that you would enjoy the story. I don't think I've given anyone a perfect five yet, but I'll give it to you, author-san. Keep writing!


I really enjoy the world you have created author.. Finally edo understood that demon king deceived him it's okay don't worry Triac will come and save you. I am curious to know what does Asmodeus mean..


I love this story so much. The concept of it is simple -humans VS demons- but unique due to the author's writing. The only problem I have so far is the world background. Descriptions of the animals and plants are vivid and I like that, however I feel like f I knew, say the name of where Edo and Eva are and the name of where Triac and them are I'll feel more familiar with the world and I'm not confused as to where they are. Besides that I love this story and I can't wait for more.


Your story is interesting and your world building is really good. This book is really not my cup of tea. The fantasy of it is really good but the biblical references is not for me (growing up in a baptist household has me holding off on reading stories with biblical references). There are tiny grammar mistakes that if reread, you will catch. But since it is so minor, it can be left alone. Other than that, you are doing a fine job. Keep up the good work!


I really enjoyed the creativity of this story. It's a great allegory of the fall of man. I'm very impressed with his word choices. He paints a very vivid picture of the story in such a way that you feel that you're almost watching it on screen. You can also feel the heaviness at the end of this segment. Excellent work!


Writing Quality: 4/5 Your grammar is very good with tiny mistakes, which is fine, every authors make mistakes. Updating Stability: 5/5 I put that for everyone Story Development: 4/5 The pacing is good, and I really enjoy the plotline. I am not much for religious stories, but I like how you use biblical references with a twist to them. Character Design: 5/5 I love your characters, they are all well-written. They have depth to them, and their interactions don't feel forced at all. World Background: 5/5 You are descriptive with the right amount of dialogue that gives me the sense of the story is world. Your world is written very well. Keep up the good work! (also I feel like people don't think I read a lot of chapters when I stopped commenting on paragraphs, but I'm actually a silent reader).


Ok so I really love these kind of books. I feel like you have inspired it from myths and legends and combined it with your own fantasy which you have done in an absolutely amazing way. From the start your descriptions are just amazing and you continue to impress throughout the book. The way you write is just on my liking and I really feel you should continue with this book. Great job, author!


This is a wonderful novel. There are some interesting characters in this novel and your world building skill is amazing, the pacing of this book is great love the twist that you've done with the bible references this book has potential and I recommend giving this book a read


Amazing story with nice characters and world. The grammer is great and the pacing is also good, so sofar amazing. It has a really great potential, so I can easily recommend this to anyone.


Ah, where shall I start? I like how the author based his novel on facts, using his own twist and truth to show his unbiased views, implying through his characters that nothing is pure white or black.👌 The females in this novel are exceptional; it's rare to find likable females like Eva and Uriel. ❤ Without trying to be different or special, they are just themselves. I simply love their unforced feminity. ❤ The demon king isn't simply bad; for an antagonist, his character has actual depth—props for sticking to his character. Thanks gods, he's not a loli girl. (It's nice when I see it once, but seeing how demons are portrayed as good guys and angels as bad ones on constant repeat, it can get tiring. Because what the authors usually do is they just exchange the two roles, and exaggerate with their not very believable explanations...) The one with most human traits has to be Edo; his behavior and attitude are so relatable on many levels that you can't really be angry at him for why he behaves like that. + Author promised stable releases (Every reader should appreciate an author like that). There is no chance I could pull out high-quality chapters with such a short amount of time. + Smooth flow of the story, very easy to read. - Can't really find anything that would make me stop and think about a plot hole. 👌(I often nag about unbelievable characters, so yeah... Yours are so on point that I'm giving you a 5* for characters.) Good luck with the competition. Well done!


Helloo..... what I love the most is the writing of the author is super good. the charectersation is also good. I have read in other reviews that this is related to the bible. Since my religon is deifferent I have never read it. But What's wrong in knowing more about other religions? keep up author....


Okay, I'll be honest with this.I still don't understand with the background (maybe because I'm not Christians, pardon me if I'm wrong) but so far I read from the first chapter I like your way to describe the character. You have been place a true goal from the beginning and I see The story development and character design is good Well written and quality writing. Keep up your good work.


This story is a very good set up and I think it should be more out there. I love just the idea....oop [img=recommend] almost gave a spoiler. Well, I won't say anything else, but just give this Novel a shot I promise it won't disappoint. also [img=update]


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