1 Chapter 1 Arrival of a legend, the legend of the god of death!!!

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So i'm going to skip the whole part where ainz gets isekai because I'm way too lazy. Because it's literally the exact same thing except he gets send to one piece instead of 'the new world'

Ainz alongside the great tomb of nazarick had just been teleported into the world of one piece at an unknown location.

Unknown location, nazarick, ainz's office.

Ainz was currently looking in his mirror of remote viewing.

So this is really a new world, said ainz thinking out loud not really minding his personal butler sebas who was standing by his side.

Is this a festival of some kind? Ainz said as he saw a group of people standing near a port.

No, I don't think that is the case my lord.

huh... they look like bandits but the other group look... huh i'll have to see this for myself.

I'm going to give them a visit, tell albedo to put on her armour and join me. Ainz said as he put on a mask that he got from staying logged in on christmas eve.


Meanwhile dawn island, near a port.

Many civilians watched as Monkey D. Luffy, a kid who ate the gum gum no mi.

The kid had picked a fight with a big group of bandits for making fun of his friend Shanks and so the kid came to get some sort of revenge but as you can imagine it was not going according to plan.

As Luffy struggled, Shanks came and told the bandits to let go only for them to point a gun at his head.

Back off stupid pirate. Seeing this, Luffy got mad and his eyes flashed red for a second which made shanks shocked and made the bandits freeze, giving a member of shank's crew the time to shoot one of the bandits.

Chanks then beat up the bandits and was about to go for the leader when he managed to escape with luffy and went out to sea on a small boat witch got destroyed and killed the bandit but luffy survived as went the beast was about to eat luffy it froze and started to shake in complit terror.

Luffy turned around on instinct to try to get away forgetting the fact that he can no longer swim.

When he saw a black portal appear and soon a staff that seemed to be made of gold with the top having 7 serpent heads with a gem in each mouth then it was followed by a man with a big rob on him along with a mask covering his face.

Following the man was a woman in black armor that covered her whole body along with a battle axe.

The man then pulled Luffy up, somehow flying in the air.

Time skip.

Thank you for saving the brat. Shanks said as he tanked ainz and albedo.

No problem.

Time skip a year later.

Not much happened in the tomb of nazack with the only main thing that they were doing was lots of research gathering some experiments to find out where they stand in this new world and have been making some plans for their future, and the most noticeable thing that happened was a tomb wide summont where ainz revealed that he as decided to take albedo and shalltear as their main wifes witch got many of the other female sad but became happy when he announced that he will still be with them just that albedo and shalltear be his first's.

Not long after there was a massive marriage reception as ainz married albedo, shealtear, Yuri, Lupusregina, Solution, Shizu, Entoma, and aura tho she was teased more than the others.

However something else that would shake the world greatly in the future was happening behind the scenes.

Dawn island.

Luffy, Ace and Sabo were all smiling holding up a small cup of sake.

You guys know all it takes to become brothers is to share a cup of sake! Ace said.


Yep, totally!

Ok, cheers! As they all drank the cup of sake.

Yeah we're brothers now, no secrets between brothers!

Well guys i have a secret to tell you guys. Luffy said in a pretty quiet voice which was extremely unnatural for him.

As he said this his shadow seemed to glitch a little.

What is it?

well... you see, for the last 11 months I have joined a… organization of sorts…

What, what's it about?

You remember the man ainz that saved me last year?


Well he has been coming to visit me weekly and has been training me and other stuff but 6 months ago he didn't come himself but instead sent someone to bring me to his home 2 mais Yuri alpha, Lupusregina beta they brought me to ainz-sama home called the great tomb of nazarick where we had a long talk and he revealed his face along with the womans face her name is albedo apparently she is his right hand lady and one of his main wifes.

I was really shocked to see his face as he was not human but instead he was a demon he looked human but was not then he showed me his other form which was pretty cool he is a skeleton, apparently that is his main form but then he used a ring called wish upon a star to give him a body capable to reproducing so he could please his wifes.

He then showed me the tomb and he offered me the opportunity to work for him which I accepted but I get to become a pirate and be captain and he will support me from afar and I will do the same in return.

He also gave me this…

Luffy pulled a box and opened it to reveal the flame flame fruit, he told me to give you this.

Wow, that is my dream fruit! Ace said breaking out of the cool character and getting overlie hipped.

And this one's for you sabo. Luffy said as he took out a copy of the gura gura no mi witch was created by demiurge who has been studying the devil fruits as soon as they found out about them and found out that the fruits really had small devils in them so all he really had to do was summon a demon and put it in a fruit while also using his powers to make the fruit have the power that he wants.

Sabo grinds widely as he also with Ace ate the fruits while agreeing to join ainz so they can have the fruits.

Time skip, Marine headquarter.

Fleet admiral Sengoku sir.

What is it.

There is a man in ravane black armour along with a woman in the waiting room requesting to speak to you.

Let them in.

I thank you for taking the time to see me today. Momon said as he entered the room followed by nabe.

Yes yes, now what is it that you guys want?

We request to be put in the marines.

To do that you need to file the-

No, not as just a regular marin but as a admira.

Hearing this sengoku looked up for a long second before sighing and what makes you think you qualify for such a thing?

Well I will let you decide that for yourself.

What do you mean?

I along with my partner will go and take down anyone you ask even a current admiral or emperor of the seas.

Hahahahaha! The laughter of a new voice was heard.

Garp, how about you fight him and see if he is any good or just running his mouth?

Do you have a fruit power?

No, I have not eaten a devil fruit.

Ok then we can have a fair fist fight then.

Sorry but I do use swords but if you really want I can use my fits…

Oh yeah it's cool you can use them.

Ok then let's go outside i don't want to destroy the whole building afterall.

Meanwhile, unknown island, unknown kingdom.

Sabo had his pipe on his back with his hat on his head as he walked up to the kingdoms walls.

Dragon style, dragon claws! He said as he dug his fingers in the wall then many shock waves started to happen as the whole kingdom was soon destroyed.

This fruit sure suits you but I still don't understand how you got a copy of the same fruit as the strongest man in the world. Said his female partner.

Yeah I already told you and dragon didn't i? I don't know exactly how but ainz sama gave it to me and i ate the fruit simple as that, no idea how he got the fruit himself tho.

Well that's ok, as long as it doesn't hurt you or anything.

I'm fine. I actually feel really good when I use it like it's natural or something.

But I also feel my life being sucked away.


I'm just kidding! Hahaha



But my younger brother will become a pirate soon… I'll be looking forward to seeing how he does! He thought to himself and smiled.

Time skip, dawn island.

Luffy smiled like a big idiot as he got ready to set to sea on his small boat.

Luffy was then attacked by a giant sea king as luffy easily one punched it making him feel stronger as he remembered how he was helpless against them before but now he felt good knowing he can beat them.

HAHAHA!!! It's time to start my journey as the future king of the pirates!

Back at marine headquarters.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

You're pretty good newbie! Garp said using haki to block momon swords.

This is great. I'm really getting to fight! Momon said as he swung one of his swords to try to slash garp on his side.

Garp jumped up landing on the sword and kicked momon in the face making him stumble back taking 2 steps back.

Garp then went for a palm strike to momon's chest but it was blocked by momon who made an a x with his swords and then jumped up he threw his sword up and mad a small flame in his palm and threw it at garp.

Garp smirked, covered his arm in armament haki and swatted away the flame and caught Mormon's other blade as Momon tried to overpower him.

You sure like those swords of yours. Garp said as he smirked.

Let's see how you do without them! Garp said as his arm got covered with more haki but this time it was circulating from garp into mormons sword and then the sword got bent by garp.

Seeing this, momon let go of it, jumped up and pulled out a small ice spear.

Frost Pain Modified! Momon said as he swung the spear making a large amount of ice

spikes came out.

Boom garp pulled out a cannon ball out of nowhere and blew away the ice only to realise it was a mistake as momon came down on him with his blades clashing him on the chest.

Time skip.


You finally got your ass beat garp! Sengoku said laughing as he walked out of the room followed by momon and nabe.

Meanwhile, on a marin ship.

Koby! koby!

Helmeppo said as he ran to his ship's new captain koby.

What's the matter, Helmeppo Koby said, trying not to panic.

All of the marine's troops are being called back to headquarters!

Wow, this is big news, why do you think it's about?

Maybe they're making you into an admiral?

Very funny, but really do you have any ideas?

I don't know there's not many things that make the fleet admiral sengoku give such an order with most of them being us being in danger.

Yeah you're right. Helmeppo said still trying to come up with an explanation for the current actions being taken by the marines.

But there is one thing for sure, whatever it is it's gonna be big and could possibly even change the power balance in the world. Koby said a bit worried and really curious and anxious.

Time skip, Marineford.

So these are the marine's troops. Momon thought as he came up a giant stage where all of the marines were on the floor except for Garp, Sengoku, the other 3 admirals and some other important figures.

Ladies and gentlemens!

Thank you all for coming here today!

Today I have a big announcement that will greatly help us the marines!

In the history of the great pirate era there have always been 3 great powers: the 7 warlords of the sea, the marines and the 4 emperors of the sea.

And those 3 powers have always been 'equals' however today this all changes as from now on us the marine have a new great power that will change the balance of power.

Welcome our new member of the marines momon of darkness and his companion nabe but they are not only part of the marines but they are also a group of admirals.


Time skip, No one pov.

All over the world there was a newspaper about the new admiral momon and his partner mare.

The civilians of the world were happy as they would get more protections from pirates while the weaker pirates fumed and coward in fear.

Meanwhile, in an unknown area.

So there is a new admiral, something seems off about him and his partner, said Shanks as he looks at momon and nabes newspaper.

I wonder what he looks like under that armor, I wonder how strong he is.

Hopefully he will get into a fight with someone big soon.

End of chapter 1

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