Death by Prawn
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Death by Prawn


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What is Death by Prawn

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“Too much love." ~ Prawn A middle aged doctor discovers an old coin, which is a relic from his ancestors. On it, 10 mysterious patterns were inscribed. At first, only the simplest pattern was visible underneath the countless layers of rust. The doctor studied the patterns on the coin for 5 years. Dedicating more than 5 hours a day to it, he finally revealed some of the secrets of the coin. He applied the energy he received from drawing those patterns to his patients, and he saw them recovering at an exponential pace. Yet one day, out of the blue, he was dragged from his bed and thrown into the most secure prison in the world. Designed to make people go mad, the prison is responsible for many suicides and has caused an innumerable amount of prisoners to go crazy. After being locked up for more than 24 hours, the doctor began to show signs of madness. Will he survive the experience? Or will he perish in the damp cells, doomed to never know why he was thrown into this living hell? Read to find out.

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Meself said this one is great, so this one is going to be great. Fear not to read, this meself is great!!! Of course, the main point is this meself indeed helps editing of this novel, so trust this meself and read it.!


... A bit late but I thought I should still review this. It's a good work. I liked it, though a bit disappointing that the releases were cut (10 months ago), I still hope Pandas can write about this again.


The author has a very smooth writing style that is both easy to read and flows from one sentence to the next. The synopsis of the story seems to be more of a prologue, while the first chapter jumps directly into the plot. As there is only one chapter posted so far, it is difficult to judge the story development, character design, and world background. However, the MC has already been shown to possess an interesting special ability and a rather resilient personality. Though some plot points seem arbitrary at the moment, I can only assume they will be elaborated on later on in the novel once more chapters are uploaded. The stability of updates is very lacking, as the first chapter was posted three and a half months ago with no new content since then. Overall, this is a story with an interesting premise and it would be great to see its continued development. I would like to express my support for the author, as well as my sincere thanks for your work.


For entertaining me earlier with one of your reviews have this as thanks I'm not reading it though since I'll just imagine it's like my star rating😂🤣 plus it only has 1 chapter


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