1 Death Bite

Milo's Point of View:

I rolled my wrist, popping it as I finished up the last sentence in my latest book, Find Me At Midnight. I smiled and saved it on my computer before I sent it to my editor, just making the deadline then sighed, getting to my feet. Just in time for my nightly walk too! Maybe I'll run into a vampire. I held back a shiver of excitement, wondering if tonight would finally be the night as I picked up my travel mug of coffee and practically ran towards the door, snatching my jacket up off the table by the door then slipped it on as I disappeared outside to head for the park, sipping on my coffee. It's been so long since I've become obsessed with the supernatural, but I still haven't found any hard evidence that they exist.... My family calls me crazy and a shut in because I constantly write, but my hunt for them is my inspiration for all my books, and people seem to love them. I've been best seller for four years! Ha! I brought my jacket closer to my body as the night air seemed to have more of a chill in it than usual, making me shiver from the cold as I walked down the sidewalk, leaving my apartment behind.

I glanced around as a few people were walking to their homes, getting home late from work as a few cars whizzed by. It was normal at least for me to see this. It would weird others out... those who don't go outside every night like I do... right about now. Most are sleeping.... I smiled and sipped on my coffee, heading for my usual haunts right by the night clubs and parks further in town. I guess that's kind of stereotypical of me, but that's where most people are at night, and a hunting vampire goes where the people are, right? I sighed, biting my lower lip as I started to get closer to that side of town and traffic became denser as they were going from night clubs, to bars, to restaurants or late night movies, the entire night life that I write about. I glanced around and then sighed, feeling like it was going to be a normal night. Darn... I guess not tonight huh? It doesn't feel special.... Still, I might find something.... I took another sip of my coffee and looked towards a nearby alley, deciding to cut through it to get to the other part of night town then started to go down it, carefully picking my way through the boxes put out by businesses.

My phone vibrated in my pocket then, most likely my editor texting me. I heard a small moan further down the alley, bringing my eyes towards it to where I was looking down a dark figure lingering over another. One was pinned to a wall, the head slightly tilted while the other was ducked into the corner of the shadowy figure's neck. I widened my eyes. OH MY LORD. I felt my heart start to speed up and I tripped, falling into the boxes with a yelp and then let out a small grunt as I landed on a sharp edge of a cardboard box then squeaked as my hot coffee spilled all over me, making me jump and fall further into the boxes. I panted and started to tug at my shirt, trying to get it away from my skin as the liquid was scalding me. I heard my coffee cup clatter to the ground as it became forgotten and I was too busy trying to save myself from injury.

The dark figure lingering over it's prey pulled back and looked my way. It's eyes glowed red in the midnight light, staring me down like a black cat in an alley. "That's going to be two hundred and forty," I heard the one against the wall whisper. "How about you write me an IOU and I'll be on my way. You're in a hurry after all. You've got that meeting to head to and-"

"Silence, someone is here." The red eyed figure pressed his fingers against the other's lips to quiet him. I widened my eyes and watched him closely. Is that a... vampire? I slowly sat up as my heart sped up in my chest, pounding in my ears as I glanced at the male's neck, seeing blood dripping down it then looked back at the red eyes. Oh... my... lord! I quickly got to my feet, dusting myself off as I trembled with excitement. IT'S A VAMPIRE! I ruined my shirt in front of him! I'M SUCH AN IDIOT! He's going to think I'm insane! I look like such a doofus!

"U-ummm," I stammered out, starting to blush. "Hi? I-I'm sorry I disturbed your meal," I whispered, trying to be respectful. I don't know what to do! He's going to leave! What's this about him being in a rush?! AHHH! "I didn't mean to..." I rubbed my neck nervously and gave a sheepish smile. "My name is Milo... Milo Tomas Young," I whispered, introducing myself to the vampire. The dark figured vampire pulled out a little wallet and handed the human some cash, whispering something to him. The human took off running, leaving the alley quickly.

"Milo, you're very brave to be giving your full name." I heard him chuckle slightly. I bit my bottom lip then nodded.

"W-well, it'd be rude of me not to," I whispered to him. I SEEM SO LAME! He stepped into the moon light, exposing his pale skin that was hiding behind a dark cloak.

"You shouldn't hand out your full name so easily," he teased me and then turned around quickly and started down the alley. "I don't have time to chat, goodbye Milo Tomas Young." I yelped as he started to walk away. No! My hard work! I found my feet chasing after him quickly.

"Take me with you then!" I called out, a desperate feeling rising in me. I can't let him get away! He stopped walking and turned to face me quickly, chuckling.

"Take you with me?" He mused and seemed to be enjoying my desperation. I stopped and blushed.

"U-uhmmm... I meant..." I laughed awkwardly. Oh man... "It's just... I've never met another vampire before, and I've been searching all my life," I whispered to him, looking down at the ground. "So please? Even just for a little while.... You might be the only vampire I ever see...."

"I'm sorry this is a brief exposure to you but I can't be late," He looked me over and reached out towards me. He rubbed my cheek with his cold ice hands. "Hopefully this will be enough." He whispered and let me go before turning and walking down the alley. I widened my eyes and quickly chased after him, catching up and walking by his side. No way! I'm staying by him! He'll have to kill me to get rid of me! I'm not leaving just yet! He stopped walking and looked towards me. "Milo," he grabbed my wrist suddenly. "Go home." I yelped and then looked up at him, feeling my heart start to sink.

"No," I whispered and didn't budge. I don't want this to be over just yet.... I bit my bottom lip and looked him over. "Turn me. I'll go after you turn me," I mumbled to him. "At least leave me with that... please...."

"Milo..." He whispered, his eyes scanned me. "I've never turned a human into a vampire before." His eyes scanned me with amusement. "You can come with me to the meeting, I've got to make it there on time. You'll remain quiet through it and when it's over we'll have a discussion afterwards." He grabbed the edge of my shirt and started to tug me down the alley. I yelped but quickly got quiet, stumbling after him.

"Y-yes sir," I whispered to him and hurried with him. I'M NOT GETTING DITCHED! He pulled me through the alley and towards what looked like an abandoned building. When he reached it he did a combination of knocks on the door where it opened magically and we were allowed entrance. We entered the dark building where the inside was modernly up to date. He took me into a large room where a round table was kept. It seemed like we were the last to arrive. He leaned in to whisper to me.

"Stand off to the side," he rubbed my cheek before he walked up to the empty spot for him and took a seat at the middle of the table. I watched him wide eyed before I quickly walked over to the side to stand away from the table, rubbing my cheek where he rubbed it. He's got something for rubbing faces.... I bit my bottom lip as I sort of hid in the shadows to avoid being noticed as I looked everyone over curiously. Are they all vampires?


As the meeting went on, I could hardly understand half of what they discussed. I did learn that the vampire who brought me here was a king, like most sitting at the table. His name was King Lyle Rosario. He was apparently very important, most of the vampires in the room had their attention focused on him and his views of the situations they talked about. The meeting seemed like hours before it actually ended. Lyle was the last to leave the room, looking towards me with a small smile on his lips. He rushed to my side when we was the last ones in the room and he grabbed my wrist, pulling me out of the room. He tugged me downstairs to a waiting vehicle by the door. A man stood with the door open and Lyle shoved me into the limo before getting in with me.

"Sorry that took forever," Lyle told me and sighed. "They wanted it to go longer but... dawn is approaching." I looked towards him with wide eyes and then around the limo.

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"U-uh huh," I whispered and then reached for the seat belt to put it on before the car started to move. Where is he taking me? I looked back at him and smiled a little before I tried to relax, slightly nervous.

"You're nervous, do you want me to take you home instead?" He gave me an amused smile. I quickly shook my head no.

"No! It's not that...." I told him quickly. Oh man.... "That's not it at all. Please don't take me home."

"Are you sure then you want to be a vampire? Give me a good reason to turn you." He pulled off the dark cloak to reveal his dark messy hair and his red eyes. His skin was pale and his hair barely rushed against his shoulder, being a tangled mess. He was dressed formally in the nicest clothes of the century. They sort of looked uncomfortable on him. I bit my bottom lip and looked him over before I looked up into his eyes. A good reason?

"We-well, I've been writing books about your kind for years. My writing would get better... and I'd stop hunting for you like I do now.... I would only keep searching till I found another vampire, and you already said yourself I'm too trusting," I mumbled. "Plus I wouldn't make you teach me anything. I'd figure it all out myself. I wouldn't stalk you either and I'd go home.... It'd be like it never happened for you, so why not? It wouldn't affect your life, just mine. Please? You're my very first vampire," I begged, looking up into his eyes pleadingly.

"You would effect my life. As a maker, I'll be held responsible in training you. If I abandoned you it wouldn't look good in front of the council. Fledglings are a ton of responsibility. Becoming a vampire is hard as well for a fledgling. You'll have to overcome changes you don't understand much of yet. You'll suffer the hours of transformation as well as the years of learning. You won't become a true vampire until five years from now. You'll even still smell human until then. Are you prepared for this?" He looked me over skeptically. I bit my bottom lip as I thought it over then. Is this really what I want? To be a vampire? Never see the sun again? I wouldn't even be a full vampire for a long time.... I looked down at the ground and rubbed my neck, my heart pounding. Is my obsession really worth it? Can I just be happy with seeing a vampire once? Do I really have to be one? He'd throw me away if I say I'm not prepared.... I'll probably never see a vampire again after this.... I looked out the window and bounced my foot as I watched buildings passing by.

"I've been obsessed all my life," I whispered softly. "Searching.... I don't want to throw it all away now that I have a chance to interact with a vampire like you.... Sure, I may be a little overdramatic about this and yeah, I asked to be turned, but... would you have even considered me for more than a few minutes if I hadn't? I don't think you would've.... You're my very first vampire, and I was lucky enough to find you.... I doubt I'd ever see another vampire," I murmured to him and then looked back at him before I nodded. I don't want to give this chance up. "Yes, I still want to be turned." I can't let him go this easily... not after everything I've gone through and done for this moment....

"We're on our way now to my castle," He told me. "It's where I live with my brothers and sister. By the time we get there it will be daylight and you'll still be going through changes. By then, you'll be able to walk though and keep yourself on you feet." He looked me over. "Come closer and offer yourself to me." I blushed and looked at him before I unbuckled for him and scooted closer. OH MY GAWD, IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING! I'm going to be a vampire~! I looked him in the eyes before I shyly showed him my neck, hoping he wouldn't laugh and shove me away. He pulled me into his lap and his fangs suddenly exposed. "You're going to be my first fledgling." He rubbed my neck before bringing me closer. I blushed and watched him before I looked at his fangs then up into his eyes then moved my head aside for him.

"I'll try to be the best one for you," I whispered to him. He's going to turn me! I leaned my head against his shoulder, resting it on him as I waited for him to bite into me, gripping his shirt a little. He leaned down into my neck and I could feel his fangs scraping against my skin. Suddenly he bit down into me and I could feel a surge of pleasure rush through me. I let out a small moan and relaxed against him, closing my eyes in pure bliss and happiness. I didn't realize that being turned felt so good... or is it being bitten that feels so good? I felt my heart racing in my chest as I leaned into him a little more. I'll have to do my best to pay him back for this! I'm being turned by a vampire- not just any vampire but a king! I leaned my face into the crook of his neck, hiding my face as I kept back another moan from it, biting my lower lip hard and accidentally made it bleed. He started to move us then and I found myself on my back with him leaning over me. I blushed and widened my eyes, gripping his shirt quickly as I started to get nervous by him being over me. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears as I squirmed slightly under him then tried to relax and calm down. After a few minutes I started to feel a little light headed and drowsy as he continued to feed on me. I felt my grip loosening on him before my hands fell completely, my strength fading fast. I groaned a little and looked up towards the ceiling of the car blankly as my body felt numb.... So this is what it feels like to die? I blinked slowly before I closed my eyes, my eyelids feeling heavy before I went limp under him, my head falling to the side as I heard him still feeding from me. Well, if I do die... then... at least it was in pursuit of what I've been hunting all my life.... I could feel his fangs slip out from my neck and he moved around on me. I suddenly felt his wrist against my lips and a sweet taste started to slip between my lips into my mouth.

"Drink this," he told me softly. I weakly swallowed it and opened my eyes slowly, moving closer to his wrist shakily as I drank from him as I felt my strength coming back a little. I moaned softly at the taste and then gently touched his arm, holding it to me. "That's it, drink up and become a vampire." He purred. I glanced at him out of the corner of my eyes before I looked back at his wrist, licking it before I started to suck on it lightly to get more as I could feel my strength returning with every drop. He pulled his wrist back from me suddenly and tsked towards me as he sat down in his original seat. "No more," he told me and pointed a finger at me. His wrist healed over in my view. I bit my bottom lip as I looked towards him and then curled up in the seat I was laying in, keeping quiet as I looked towards the floor with slight disappointment. He had tasted so good.... I should keep quiet. It seems to be what he wants from me... and I don't want to bother him anymore than I already have right now.... I don't want to make him regret this... being my first vampire.... I suddenly felt extreme pain course through my body as the turning set in. This was something I often wrote about, dreamed about, and thought I knew everything about. It was nothing what I thought it was. I could feel it in my veins spreading into my heart and through out my body. The turning, so I called it. The pain spread up my spine. I should've called it death instead. The bite of death. Death bite. It was like acid was coursing through my system and taking over everything in me. Paralyzing me instantly. I groaned in pain and held in a small shriek, panting as I started to feel sick. What the hell did I get myself into?! I should've listened. There was no way I would've ever comprehended this!

The acid like feeling coursed towards my stomach and took it over, making me feel sea sick and suddenly my stomach acid was coming up my throat quickly. I gagged and leaned over, coughing as I was about to throw up, gripping the seat. No! I don't want to throw up! Not like this! Not in a car in front of him! He leaned over me and pulled out a drawer, making a trash can appear right under my head. "There you go, puke up." He sat up and suddenly the window by me rolled down a bit to let in fresh air. I glanced towards it then at him before I looked back at the trashcan, finding it hard to breath before I ended up puking my guts out, my dinner ending up in the trashcan.

"Ughh," I groaned as I moved my head away from it slightly and felt weak as I could feel it taking me over. I felt flushed and hot as I shakily breathed. Can't it just end? Sweat started to collect on my skin, every embarrassing humanly fluid felt like it was coming at once. This was nothing like I imagined as I felt my stomach emptying and shrinking. I felt Lyle's cold hand brush against my cheek and he soothingly shushed me.

"Yes, I know...." He began talking softly to me and bringing comfort to me. "I know my fledgling... It'll be over in a few hours and you'll never face this horror again." I looked up at him weakly and coughed before I closed my eyes and then leaned my head against his hand, loving the fact that he was cold now. It felt so much better.... My body was raging with heat now and my clothes clung to me. The acid feeling rushed towards my head suddenly, traveling up my spine and my whole jaw and gums began to ache as it took over in my mouth. I groaned and clenched my jaws before I squeezed my eyes shut. Help.... Please, if there is any mercy left... let it be over... knock me out... something.... I felt my finger tips start to burn and my nails grew. I could feel my toes tingle and my hair lengthened. My eyes started to sting, but it wasn't as bad as the rest of my body. I whimpered and curled up to him, opening my eyes slightly as I tried to use his coldness to help me and make the burning lessen. My vision was blurry at the time being. I felt him pull away from me and pull out a dark blanket from under our seats. He put it up in front of the windows like a curtain, hooking it to hooks before he laid down next to me and held me close. The window next to us rolled up and I got a strange sense the sun was coming up over the horizon. I had a feeling I needed darkness, I needed to seek shelter. He rubbed my head to comfort me as this sense stayed for hours.


By the time the vehicle stopped, I was starting to feel better, the pain was subsiding and starting to feel normal for me. The door was flung open and a dark cloak was rushed over us. A heavy cloak. I felt hands start to guide us both into a comforting darkness before the cloak was removed. We stood in a dark corridor. Dark curtains blocked the sun from entering windows around us. "We're home," Lyle whispered. I caught a glimpse of maids rushing around us but my vision was still clearing. I could smell something sweet guiding me to my maker- to Lyle. I caught a strong lordly scent coming from him. I could smell the maids had a iron smell, a lesser meaning coming from them but also a sense of food. Lyle's hands rubbed my head and through my hair, waking me up more and bringing me to reality. I was more aware then I was human. I caught a small scent of my own, I had a lingering scent of the undead. A mixture of the human scent but also of Lyle's scent. Probably because I'm his fledgling now. I'll smell like him for who knows how long. "Are you hungry?" Lyle asked me softly. I looked in his general direction, trying to find his face in my blurry vision.

"Mhmm," I hummed tiredly, moving closer to him before I reached for his chest, trying to get a grip on him. My vision cleared up, making me realize my eyes had been adjusting to the darkness. There wasn't any lights around us.

"You can drink from me and tomorrow night I'll let you have your first sip of human blood," Lyle told me. "Are you feeling better?" I nodded a little and then leaned my head against his chest.

"Uh huh," I whispered. "I feel a little better.... It still aches slightly."

"I know," he whispered and soothed me with his voice. "When I'm finished training you, you'll be able to go home. Until then you'll be with me for a long time." His hand brushed through my hair.

"Lyle, it's daytime. You're waking your siblings with your voice. Hurry up and get to bed." I heard one of the maids nearby.

"Of course, I forgot about them." Lyle brushed his hand across my back and started to guide me down the hall. "I'm sure you're tired now," he whispered to me. "Vampires sleep during the day. You'll get used to this. You're probably desperate for sleep now." I suddenly felt a breeze through my hair before we appeared in front of a door. He opened it slowly and I could see a bedroom with no windows inside. "Would you like to sleep with me for the day?" I looked up at him then nodded, leaning my face against him. I didn't want to be alone after all that pain... and I have no clue where I even am.... His scent is so comforting to me too....

"Please," I mumbled to him, not wanting to be left somewhere alone without him. I couldn't stand the idea of being away from him for too long... not after all that.

"I thought you might, that means our bond is strong." He stepped into the room with me and shut the door behind us, locking it. He walked me over to the bed and laid me down on it, covering me up before getting in on the other side. "Now is the time for us to rest." I looked towards him and nodded weakly before I curled up under the sheets by him, feeling the exhaustion hit me hard. I gently touched his shirt before I gripped a handful of it and laid my head on his chest. He ran his fingers through my hair and soothed me into sleeping.

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