1 Death



In the Kingdom of Gehenna stood the Grim Reaper Amon before the King of the Underworld, Blanc. Beside him was another Grim Reaper, the veteran of all, Eucraick, who decided to be Blanc's personal adviser rather than ruling the kingdom despite being the right heir.

Amon bowed before the king. With Eucraick and Blanc looking at him proudly, he was then instructed to stand up.

"Rise, Amon." Blanc spoke with a warm but assertive tone. "You are now to get the special task of my uncle."

"I know," Amon replied, slowly rising elegantly from where he knelt. "And I won't disappoint," he added, as he slightly adjusted the heavy bone mask that he wore to hide his face.

Noticing that he is quite struggling with how to wear his mask, Eucraick and Blanc looked at each other worriedly, and then back at Amon.

"Does he really have to wear that mask?" Blanc asked, talking to Eucraick even though the person they were talking about is right in front of them.

"He has no choice," Eucraick answered as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. "You know of the consequences once he removes his mask."

His Majesty Blanc and adviser Eucraick then focused their attention back at Amon. Amon completely heard what they were talking about, but it didn't bother him much as he got used to how people treated him because of his difference.

"There is no need to worry, Your Majesty," Amon assured, giving him a small bow. "I am used to it, and I will make sure that I will use my power with great responsibility."

"Mm." Blanc then nodded once, waving his hand as if to give him his final order. "Alright. Today is your first day as the kingdom's Grim Reaper. You know what to do, and with your power being special, you know how to control it."

Amon raised his head. With a small, acknowledging smile, he then disappeared into thin air, leaving the king and his adviser alone.

It was silent for a while. With the night sky along with the red moon shining brightly in their dark heavens, Blanc let out a sigh as he stared out the kingdom's window.

"What are you thinking of?" Eucraick asked, leaning on the king's throne. It was okay for him to act this casually because the king is indeed his nephew.

Blanc shook his head, and released yet another sigh. With him propping his hand under his chin to rest his head, he gazed at the spot where Amon was just standing a moment ago.

"I don't know if we're taking advantage of the man or not," he honestly answered, Eucraick, arching a brow at him in wonder.

"You think we're taking advantage of Amon?"

"Yes," Blanc answered, now raising his head to look at his uncle eye to eye. "He only has a unique power as a demon that none of us have. You know, too, that as a former Grim Reaper of this realm, that Amon is different from everyone else."

"I know... and that is why, I chose him for this job since I will now commit to you fully as your adviser."

Blanc closed his eyes. At the same moment, the door of the throne room flew wide open, not even surprising the king and the adviser. It was as if that they are already used to this happening that it was like part of their daily lives.

"Dad, grandpa."

A black-haired man stood before them smugly as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"Where's Amon?"

Blanc slowly opened his eyes. The moment he saw the man's red eyes, he greeted him familiarly with a smile.

"Nevin, nice to see you again, son."

Ignoring his father's greeting, Nevin rolled his eyes at him and repeated his question.

"Where's Amon?"

"I believe you already know the answer to that question." Eucraick answered for the king instead. "He is now doing his first job as the Grim Reaper and—"

"Didn't I tell you to specifically put him in my army?"

With Nevin interrupting his grandfather, Eucraick then looked at him sternly and answered back.

"You are leading the demon army, I know... but what wars are you fighting for? It has already ended between Gehenna and Elysion."

Nevin narrowed his eyes at him. "You may never know what will happen if we are not careful. There are activists in our kingdom and—"

"Nothing is happening yet." Blanc interrupted his son this time. "For now, Amon is needed while Eucraick focuses on advising me for the kingdom."


Nevin clicked his tongue. With him already walking away as he knew that there is nothing that would change the mind of his father and grandfather, he decided to head towards his room to visit his wife. Now that the king and the adviser are left alone, both of them sighed at the same time.

Even though they are used to Nevin barging in the throne room from time to time, they still get tired of how adamant he is to get what he wants.


Amon appeared in the human realm. With the night breeze blowing and with the leaves dancing above and around him, he took a deep breath.

'It rained recently,' Amon thought to himself, looking at the ground beneath him. He then saw his own reflection.

He saw his slightly disheveled shoulder-length black hair. With his bone mask taken from a cow that is covering his face, he still saw his bright red eyes and his face tattoo peering through it.

Amon let out a sigh. He immediately averted his gaze from his own reflection and proceeded to walk around the vicinity in search of dying souls.

Amon always hated looking at himself. He always hated looking at himself because of how special he is.

He never asked to be special—he never wanted to be born special.

But since he didn't know the reason of living, he took the invitation of Eucraick out of whim—on the spot, as if it was the answer to his immortal question.

What is his reason for living and what is his reason for having such a power?

Amon knew that he could never remove his mask because if he did... a lot would succumb to an unexpected fate.


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