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Death's Journey


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What is Death's Journey

Death's Journey is a popular fanfic written by the author MinionMe, covering ACTION, COMEDY, MODERN, ROMANCE, SLICE-OF-LIFE, BADASS-MC, UNLUCKY MC, others genres. It's viewed by 23.1K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 1 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 9 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"I don't think I'm in the right place buuuttttt~ I'm here to promote Death's Journey. It's a heartwarming slow pace story following Death and me. Death is...whatcha ma call it... scary. But he is very misunderstood and playful... you're going to have to trust me on this one. I'm Little Blue, I happen to meet Death a little while ago but he was very nice to me...most of the times. Currently, we are both little babies and OMG, I'm so cute. We have a loving family which seems a little special but I haven't figured out why. Death has become my younger brother, and he's SOoo cute. I can't wait till I grow a little older, I am going to be the best Big Sister. Hmph! Okay, it seems that its time for me to go. Please join me and my family, we are very welcoming." Release Rate: 1 chapter a week ( I guarantee an update on Sunday ) The world is modern, elements of real-life will be in here, it's literally 90% Earth but there is always a twist, so you will have to read to figure that out. It will be pretty fast-paced in the beginning to just speed up progress, however it won't be instantly because there needs to some sort of development that I want for a few characters. It's more of a wish-fulfillment piece and I have things in my head that I want to write down and create. I will be taking suggestions and ideas but don't get ur hopes up. Y'all better correct me if I fuck up my English or if something came out wrong. Thank You in advance. Well, that's all, hope you enjoy! Disclaimer: This is not a harem, sorry, I'm not ready to ruin my story before it begins. In addition, Mc is a Whore, so he will be sleeping with many women. So basically harem without commitment. Yeah, that's about right. This is also not a system novel since I think a system is useless for a slice of life. Prove me wrong. P.S. The cover image ain't mine so... thanks to whoever made it, looks dope. I will change the cover whenever I feel like it.


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I had started reading this book of yours as a type of reward for liking and or replying to a comment of mine on a different book. There were some spelling errors and I could tell you use the app because of the emojis in some chapters. The OC MC characters were quite good. The story was developing smooh before you stopped updating this. May I ask why you stopped? Is it a real life issue or a lack of inspiration issue? Anyways there’s my review...


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