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Dearly, Ravenous


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***GORE WARNING*** Some chapters might include scenes that might not be suitable for some readers. Blood, gore and guts can be featured at scenes where it might trigger other readers. Still a good story to read, just read with caution. _______________________________________________________ Anna Sanbwan has always has a healthy appetite despite being an exercise junkie. But she had one dark secret. She only feels satisfied after eating raw meat, and she wasn't sure why. She had her life all figured out. A wonderful and noble job as a nurse, waiting for her immigration application to be approved. A wonderful boyfriend who was always there to support her. Her life is about to go on a dark turn as her cravings became more insatiable and bloodier. Now, she craves for human flesh. A voice, a beastly voice inside her head is about to take over her. Will Anna find the strength to control her beastly appetite? Or will she succumb to the hunger and embrace her the evil monster within?


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