1 Bipolar Disorder(1)

Evan, 22years Old, living alone in an apartment near Keyes University.

I wake up early morning as I hear the alarm ringing on my smartphone. I check the screen to see:-

•Time: 5:00 AM

•3 unread messages.

I unlock my phone and open the messenger app to see:

Martha:Hey! Next week is Mary's BD, right?

Martha:How should we plan her surprise party?

Blake:Hey pal! SOS! SOS! Next week is Mary's BD, and I have no idea what I should do, help me out bro.

I smile at their messages and think about how can I help them. After thinking for a few seconds I start typing massages.

To Martha: Let's discuss this at lunch.

To Blake: Let's discuss this at lunch.

To be honest, I have no f***ing idea what to do about the birthday party, but let's see what we can do.

I get out of my bed and switch on the lights.

My bed is on the other side of the door at the left and a study table is placed right in front of the bed on the right side. The window is just beside the table. Trees and fog could be seen through the window.

I move out of my room and reach the kitchen. I make some coffee and bread butter for myself. I start the water heater after which I eat my breakfast then change into my tracksuit. Then I get out of my apartment, plug in my earphones and start jogging. I come across various people, uncles and aunties. A few beautiful girls as well. After reaching my destination, I enter a small grocery shop.

"Morning uncle," I speak to the caretaker of the shop.

"Morning kid. Is everything going great? How are your studies going?" He starts asking his daily fill of questions.

"1pound chicken, 2pound...." I answer him with my daily grocery list.

He starts smiling and says, "brats these days are getting too smart for their age. If it had been us we would have listened to all the questions, then answered all the questions one by one."

Then starts packing all the necessary goods.

I smile at his words and help him in packing after which I bow at him and then leave the shop.

A small girl unknown to me was watching me buying all the groceries from the shop. She had hidden behind the door, to not get noticed by me.

I start walking back to my apartment as I plug my earphone on.

I then call to mom...




Mom: Morning son. Did you eat your breakfast?

Evan: Yes mom.

Mom: Did you take a bath?

Evan: As always, I'm going to take bath after I reach home.

Mom: Did you take all the groceries?

Evan: Yes, mom.

Mom: Chicken?

Evan: Yes mom, I took everything and didn't miss anything.

Mom: Okay son...then.... take care.

Evan: Yes Mom, you too take care. Love you.

Mom: Love you too, son. Bye.

Evan: Bye.


After cutting the call, I start thinking about why is it that our talk usually lasts for only a few minutes? That's a good question to ponder over.

I soon reach home, take bath and start preparing for University.

I change my clothes and take a bus to reach the college. After reaching the class I saw my friends sitting in the back seat.

There is Blake, Mary(Blake's Girlfriend) and Martha.

I move and reach them sitting beside Martha.

Evan:So what are the plans for today?

Martha: Just an afternoon trip to the Bunny's Cafe, nothing special.

Blake: How about we go to the Gamer's Zone, it has been a while we visited there.

Martha: I don't want to go there, the cashier's looks send chills down my spine.

Blake: Hahahaha... That guy's facial features are just like that, don't say something about him just because he looks so. Maybe he is a goody-two-shoes like our Evan here.

Evan: Oi! I'm not a goody two shoe here, I just have to manage everything properly or I'll be f***ed up badly.

Mary: How so?

Evan: Nothing special, I get my pocket money from part-time, so if I miss breakfast at home while I'm having 'unprepared' fun, I will need to spend extra bucks to eat. And various others similar things will make me go a penny less.

Mary: Can't you ask your parents?

Blake: He doesn't have a father and he sends money home from his own pocket. His mother works at a restaurant. Though his sisters are talented, so they got their own scholarships for their schooling.

Mary: Sorry, I didn't know that.

Evans: No biggie. It's more or less a know fact now.


The bell rings and the teacher enters...

After the classes are over we visit the Bunny's Cafe and start discussing the next week's plan.

Martha: So what should we do this week?

Evans: Hmmm...let's do it like this, we make random chits of 10 places we like and each pick one. Then we will visit those four places this week.

Blake: That's too simple dude, can't you use your brain a bit more. Should I hit hard there so ideas start flowing in your brain?

Mary: It's not like we have any greater ideas right now. We more or less have visited all the places in and around this city.

Martha: Hey! Lisa! Come here.

Evan: Hey! Martha hushhh stop it, what are you doing? Why are you calling her here?

Lisa comes and joins us

Lisa: What happened Martha?


Martha: Evan and us need your help in finding an interesting place to pass this week.

Lisa: How about the park in the east.

Blake: Already done. We visited every place in this town and the next town. And going farther than that is not feasibl-owww. Hey, what did you do that for?

Mary: Can't you just shut up for a second.

Blake: But she did ask the question didn't she? How come I got hit for answering it?

Martha: Sigh

Evan: You can ignore these idiots. Sorry for wasting your time.

Lisa: It's okay.

Lisa then smiles, stands up and leaves.

Evan: Thanks a lot?

Martha: At least you should try and propose to her.

Evan: Not unless I get a stable job.

Martha: sigh.

We talk a little more then everyone went to their own work.

I need a few things to buy from the supermarket so I take the longer route.

After picking up everything I realised I dropped my ID Card back at the university, so I get back to the University and search for my card. Luckily it was right below the desk where I sat.

I pick up the card then take the usual route to home.

Since it got quite late, no taxi is visible and I already missed the last bus.

I walk in the direction of my house hoping to find a taxi along the path.

After I walked quite a distance I hear a voice from an alley.

Someone is shouting for help and from a distant look 5-6 people have surrounded one woman and one man

Normally I might have called the police as I can't fight these many people at once and be a hero but...they are Blake and Maria.

These gangsters are trying to **** her in front of Blake who was struggling to fight them.

I sneak towards them, picking up a broken brick from the side, as I reach close to one of them and hit on the closest one's head. He falls down but the impact wasn't much. I then rush towards the one holding Mary down and try punching him but he leaves Mary away and attacks me.

Mary starts running away and one of them starts chasing her.

Before I can run after Mary too, something hit me in my head from the back... I put my hands on my back to feel something wet...only to find it is my blood.

One of them has attacked me with a steel pipe.

Before I can see who did it, my consciousness faded...

Then I wake up, I see the men hitting Blake badly, Blake had bruises all over his body.

I then look around to see a steel pipe at the corner.

I pick it up, they notice me and starts following me, then...I hit as hard as I can at the head of the one coming closest to me. He falls down then I hit him again...the others flinch...I hit him again...his skull breaks...I start smiling...the others are scared...I hit him again...his skull breaks further...the pipe bents a bit...my smile widens a bit...they start running away...I keep hitting him...his head is smashed...and now that I am satisfied...I am smiling widely...

"Damn! That felt good!" I am still smiling with joy.

Then I look at my best friend's body lying at a distance...a grin forms on my face.