13 announcement

(not using good grammar)

okay soooo im really sorry for not posting on here- at all. ive alreadt said this a lot, but there's no fonts on this app for me to use, so i basically just have to manually rewrite the sentence or paragraph for a font to represent a thought, or author's note. it's really annoying and makes me less motivated to post on here im really sorryy- uhm, ch 12 probably wont be posted for a while (on here), so please check out my wattpad (diwn below)! i already have chapter 12 posted there, so id appreciate if you could just read it from there! its hard for me to use this app haha- also, i dont post as much on here or wattpad bc these past few weeks school has just- been a lot lol- soo yeah i still have a bunch of hw to do-

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Thank you so so much for all of these reads! this makes me happy and im so sorry that im not doing a lot for yall :( i dont deserve the fame thank you-

stay safe!! <3