1 How To Heal His Broken Heart

You walked trough the crowded hallways trying to find Jin, wanting to hang out since school was over. Jin was your best friend since diapers and whom you had feelings for, but life was hard.

He had a toxic girlfriends named Park Kira, who was the Queen-ka of the school, having a facade of a nice innocent and beautiful angel, but she was an ugly demon. As she stole Seokjin away from you.

You spotted Seokjin in the parking lot of the school, with Kira yelling at him, as he looked down, when she slapped him and walked away. He looked petrified, and shocked, sadness was in his eyes as he lifted his hand to touch his red cheek, Kira slapped him.

You run over to him and grab his face, inspecting his red cheek, ad he stared sadly into your eyes, as you shake his head.

"Do you want to talk about it?"


"S-she broke up with m-me" he cried on your shoulders as his tears damped your shirt, his sobs echoing trough the silent house.

"We've talked about this before, she's not-"

"BUT I LOVE HER, WHY AREN'T YOU UNDERSTANDING ME?" He yelled as you sighed sadly, and looked into his eyes, he had a mixture of sadness and anger.

"She broke up with yo-"

"N-NO S-she...s-she l-loves m-me" he cried as you approach and put a hand on his shoulder, before shaking your head

"She's not good for you, you have to understand that, you'll find someone better that will treat you right Seokjin" you said sadly, you never used his full name, and when you did, it was serious

He looked down at you before sighing, and giving a sad smile

"Thank you n/n, what would i do without you, i promise I'll try to get over her" you nod and he hugged you, as you hugged back, tears were in your eyes, he couldn't know or understand how you felt, this feelings for him are too strong.

"See you soon n/n" he waved as he exited your house with puffy tear stained cheeks.


Dear Diary,

How do i heal his broken heart?

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