4 The Ultimate Trick to Deal With Cold and Arrogant Men

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"I'm sorry, but a hospital isn't a marketplace where you can pick and choose your own ingredients. If you're so picky, why don't you hire a family doctor? It can be a male or female, old or young, tall or short, fat or skinny. It's entirely up to you." Gu Qiqi said plainly.

Gong Jue frowned. Where did this woman come from? Why was she so arrogant?

Did she know who he was?

This was the first time that a woman dared to be so presumptuous in front of him!

Gong Jue pulled at the curtains and said coldly, "Tell me your name!"

Gu Qiqi was surprised for a moment by the man's cold and resolute face.

However, she regained calmness very quickly.

So what if he was handsome?

Mu Liuchuan was good-looking as well.

It was a pity he was a scumbag and betrayed her to go along with Gu Xuexue.

She frowned. "Why should I tell you?"

Was this man sick?

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How could he just give an order whenever he spoke?

Did he think he was the king?

"Because you're fired." Gong Jue snorted coldly.

"On what basis?"

"On the basis that you're a woman and you appeared in front of me without my permission."

Gu Qiqi became speechless.

She had seen domineering people before, but not to this extent!

He even disallowed women to appear in front of him? Was he sick?

She really wanted to turn around and walk away.

She wasn't going to serve such a person!

However, remembering that the sinister Zhu You was still outside, wouldn't she be walking into her own trap if she went outside now?

With her eyes squinted, Gu Qiqi decided to adopt a roundabout strategy against this sick man.

She wouldn't be calculative against this man as a soft voice flitted across her mind.

The soft voice didn't seem to belong from her pure and innocent soul.

He was domineering, huh?

All domineering men have weaknesses, and that is…

Gong Jue was suddenly distracted by Gu Qiqi's squinting look.

The expression of this man who had always been cold and indifferent actually cracked at this moment! From this crack came a rare tinge of tenderness.

That wild kitty used to squint like this as well.

With his memories uncovered—however—Gu Qiqi's calm words followed suit.

"You are free to complain to the director and let me be fired, but it doesn't matter. A healer is benevolent. Do what you must, but I must finish this examination for you first. Please close the curtains, follow the instructions, and proceed with the examination.

The trace of tenderness in Gong Jue's eyes faded away.

"Do you understand human words? Get lost!"

Gu Qiqi was indifferent as usual. She stated placidly, "If you want to hurry up, I can help you turn on the machine."

She had to buy time for herself.

After a pause, a trace of well-hidden slyness flashed across her half-squinted eyes.

She then raised her voice and said, "Well… if you can't do it…"

"We won't be able to proceed with the examination."

That strange and soft voice in her mind reminded her. "Yes! Domineering men can't tolerate women questioning them. He would definitely prove you wrong."

Indeed, the man's face had completely darkened.

The cold aura that he was emanating dropped the temperature in the room for several degrees.

"You're saying that I… can't?"

"We'll know after the examination."

The man stared at Gu Qiqi.

If looks could kill, Gu Qiqi would've been dead countless of times now.

That oppressive aura made her feel strangled and breathless.

A few seconds later, the curtain was closed.

The man's angry voice traveled from behind the curtain. "Turn on the machine!"

Gu Qiqi's lips curved. Very good. She managed to handle this domineering man.

"Yes. Open the lid of the machine…"

She provided the appropriate instructions through the curtain.

However, the man seemed to be incompatible with the machine.

He smashed it with his fists, and it nearly distorted into scrap iron.

Gu Qiqi could no longer tolerate it.

She helped a little through the curtains.

Her face looked steadfast and unmoving, but the man flared up.

"I'm not doing this anymore!" Gong Jue tightened his belt.

This action was done in a single move. His voice was aggressive!

Gu Qiqi felt that this sound of a belt being tightened was somewhat familiar

Has she heard it somewhere before?

Seeing that the man was going to leave, she hurriedly said, "Sir, you're giving up halfway. The machine will definitely determine that there is something wrong with you. You can't leave…"

"Shut up! How noisy!" The man scolded coldly.

He pulled open the secret door and left behind a sentence. "Stay here and don't move!"

After giving his command in a domineering manner, he slammed the door shut and left.

Gu Qiqi curled her lips silently. "There must be something wrong with him. Even agitating him didn't work."

Looking at the physical examination report in her hand, she wrote her conclusion at the end of the andrology section.

"Erectile dysfunction."

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