8 Put Her In Her Place Firmly!

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In the hospital.

At the end of the corridor.

A small, pretty dumpling was currently working his short, tiny legs. He was carefully peeking into one emergency room after another.

Behind him stood an old, white-haired special assistant who was looking at him helplessly. "Little Chief, what are you looking for?"

The small dumpling stared back with a watery pair of black eyes, "Special Assistant Lu, I want to find that young older sister who saved me. As a gentleman, I have not thanked her yet or given her a gift out of courtesy."

Gentle… man?

Looking at the little imp of a dumpling saying that he wanted to pay a debt of gratitude so earnestly, Special Assistant Lu—who had lived through many changes in his life—felt like laughing, but at the same time, he was also speechless.

"Why don't you go back with me first? I'll look for the hospital's registration book and you can go through the people in it?"

"But… I didn't see her face clearly because she was wearing a huge mask!" The little dumpling looked dejected as his small hands gestured.

He only remembered that Gu Qiqi's eyes were big and bright, pretty and dignified, like an abyss reflecting the stars; it glittered with a cold splendor. He really, really liked it.

Tweaking his ears and scratching his cheeks, Special Assistant Lu pursed his lips. He didn't know what else to say. "Your father is also looking for someone and he is getting really angry from searching for her. If you don't return to extinguish his fury… I reckon that he can even level this hospital without a problem. In that case, your young older sister may be implicated too and you won't be able to find her forever."

Upon hearing his words, the little dumpling suddenly stopped in his tracks and held onto Special Assistant Lu's hand obediently. He then said with a solemn expression, "I understand this rationale—when the city gate catches on fire, disaster will befall the whole pond of fishes."

Just as Special Assistant Lu was about to praise him for learning his proverbs well,

In the next second, he only heard the little dumpling heaving a sigh like he was an old and worldly man. "Oh dear, he is so insensible. How can he be such a headstrong adult? It will be better if I go and educate him a little."

Special Assistant Lu, "…" →_→

Little chief, I admire you!


Distinguished VIP Consultation Room.

A group of hospital heads and doctors were standing respectfully while trembling.

On the sofa, a man was sitting with his back ramrod straight. A cold expression was on his face, befitting that of a king.

The icy aura he was releasing from his body was even lower than the cool air from the central air-conditioning by 10 degrees—the people around him felt as if they would freeze over into chunks of ice.

"A bunch of useless people! Is the hospital's CCTV for display? You can't even find a single person?"

"If terrorists were to sneak into this place, will you people be unable to look for them either? Are you going to come and find me with your heads hanging so low?"

"Pull the blockade line! Use the Gong family's newly developed search system to check one by one!"

The hospital director was nearly about to cry…

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He had seen fierce big-shots but he had never seen such a menacing one.

For the people living in this small place called Qing Cheng, they only knew that this person was from the Gong Clan Conglomerate in the Imperial Capital. They knew that they could not afford to offend this bigwig, but they had no idea who he was from the Gong Clan.

Even his temper was as furious as thunder.

"Your Excellency, t-this hospital has never pulled a blockade line. Perhaps the person you're looking for isn't a doctor but a patient…" The director gathered his nerves to remind him.

"Are you reminding me to pull your hospital into the Gong clan's blacklist directly?" the man's wintry gaze swept across them and made the director quiver.

The Gong Clan Conglomerate was the top-notch financial magnate in the Empire!

They had a monopoly on all the high-tech products in the Empire and its most advanced technologies.

If this private hospital could not use the Gong clan's apparatus, then they should just close this business down for good.

"No, no, we'll look! We will pull the blockade line immediately! We'll look again right away!" The director was ready to kneel down. Minor ghosts should not fight with the King of Hell. He should just listen to this man's orders instead.

Just as the director was about to exit the room to escape the thunderous rage of this living King of Hell.

Suddenly, he heard the man state coolly behind him, "Wait a minute. Bring me the nurse who did my check-up tonight first!"

It was fine even if they couldn't find that woman who had done that shameful thing with him in the operating theater for now.

But that nurse who had done his andrology examination wouldn't be able to get away with it!

He had ordered her to stay where she was; she must be shivering with fright in the "examination room" as of this moment, right?

Hmph, when he thought of how that female nurse actually dared to… The veins on his forehead looked like they would explode in anger.

If not for his mysophobia—which compelled him to rush into the bathroom to clean himself right away—he would've definitely put that female nurse in her place on the spot without any hesitation!

Wasn't it time to settle this score with her now?

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