Dear Author, Save Me! [BL] Book

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Dear Author, Save Me! [BL]


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"You have to let me in! The author knows me, I have to talk to him!" Lucian Gale also known as Lucianus Blaine de Sinclair Percival, was a royal survivor of another kingdom that turned into a slave. The emperor and his concubine adopted him, but due to fighting for power and the throne among imperial members, the emperor was his only ally. If the emperor dies, Lucian will eventually die at the hands of the imperial family. The only way he could save himself was to save the ill emperor so he set out to find the wizard who holds the elixir that could cure him. However, after a series of troublesome situations, both Lucian and the wizard's souls went into another world. Lucian found out that he was the main character of an ongoing web novel that was about to be dropped! All the suffering he went through was a story made by a mere man, the shock was too much to handle. Fang, the wizard, warned him that his soul will burn out soon if he failed to find the creator, the author, Hyacinth! Kaiden stared at him, hiding the surprise on his face after seeing 'him'. "...what do you need?" Lucian knew that the man in front of him is the only one who can help him now, he grabbed both of his hands and looked directly into his eyes. "Dear author, save me!" ~~~~~ Disclaimer: Picture used in the cover is not mine, all credit goes to the original creator. If the owner sees this and wants it to be taken down, please do tell. Thank you!


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