10 9. Worthless

"Why should I bother with respecting myself, if other people don't respect me?"

- Laura Chintya Bella


"Vikram, where is Laura? Why doesn't she accompany me to study?" Angkasa looked at Vikram who seemed to be getting ready to go to school. After the incident at the hospital, Laura ordered Angkasa to study science because Angkasa was left behind a lot. Angkasa's voice is clearly audible, although sometimes his voice will stutter at certain times.

Vikram smoothed the collar of his uniform, his fingers running through his hair. His eyes glanced at Angkasa through the mirror. The man Laura brought overlooked at him with a sad look. He seemed so looking forward to Laura's arrival.

"Laura told me to keep an eye on you, to study hard. Before you finish reading and understanding the material in all the books, you are not allowed to meet Laura." Vikram squeaked, why would any man depend so much on Laura?

No, Vikram is not jealous. Honestly, all this time he had no sense of romance even though he had been with Laura for years. His friendly relationship with Laura was established on the basis of compulsion. Back then, maybe Vikram spent his time thinking about how to get away from Laura. But now, Vikram is enjoying their fake relationship. Well, at least Vikram has friends who don't take advantage of him materially.

The pitch-black bead of Angkasa widened. "L-Laura doesn't want to see me?" Angkasa's voice trembled faintly, his eyes turned sad. His face suddenly clouded, as if there would be tears flowing.

Vikram shook his head in disbelief. Why is this man so whiny? Whereas, when Vikram sees Laura's future through his dreams, there Angkasa looks like a scary man. The man who although silent but carried a frightening aura. Until now, Vikram still felt goosebumps when he felt the coldness of Angkasa that he saw from his dream.

This couple… just trouble other people.

"You're a hassle, that's why Laura doesn't want to take care of you." Vikram grabbed his school bag and slung it over his right shoulder. He walked towards his bedroom door. Well, Angkasa is staying at his house, even in his room. Once again, Laura and Angkasa are a couple who always trouble him.

"Until you get out of this room, even if it's only one step, don't expect you to meet Laura."


Vikram closed the bedroom door, he didn't bother to see the response Angkasa gave. Vikram doesn't lock Angkasa in his room as per Laura's request. Vikram is sure that Angkasa will not come out of the room if Vikram has made threats on Laura's behalf.

"It's stupid if he cries, I don't want to bother." Contrary to his words, Vikram's heart was restless. He was afraid that Laura would kill him if he made Angkasa cry all day. Laura is a determined girl, her threats are not even playful.

In Vikram's room, Angkasa starts reading a book with shaking hands. He bit his lower lip to hold back the cry that was about to come out. "I-gotta meet… I-I had to meet Laura."

Angkasa's eyes rolled to look at the books around him. There are dozens of thick books that he has not read, books containing Elementary School, Middle School, and High School material. Angkasa has to solve it as soon as possible.

"I-I want Laura."


A red Lamborghini car parked in the parking lot reserved for teachers. The owner is not afraid if a teacher sees her impudent behavior. Laura, the owner of the car, came out in a tight uniform. The length of the skirt that should be below the knee becomes thigh-length.

The two buttons of her uniform were deliberately unlatched to reveal her flawless white neck. Laura looks like she's just going to the club. Her appearance even caught the attention of some men who were hookers.

"Hey, Susan!" Laura waved at Susan, the girl she had helped—perhaps—while being bullied.

Susan approached Laura with hesitant steps. She observed Laura's striking appearance in her vision.

"How? I'm beautiful, right?"

Susan nodded without hesitation. Indeed, judging from wherever, Laura is a beautiful girl. The naughty impression even gives its own charm. But now, right at school. Is it okay if Laura wears a uniform like that?

"Your uniform, isn't it too… revealing?" Susan squeaked at the end. Her hands squeezed together, her legs even moved restlessly. Susan was afraid that Laura would end up bullying her like before.

Laura's laughter exploded. She laughed so hard that it caught the attention of a few passing students. Laura's hand patted Susan's shoulder to express the amusement she felt. "That's good! I actually like it when I wear revealing clothes. Should I just wear a tank top to school?"

"Don't make it up, you lunatic." A jacket slung over Laura's shoulders. Vikram who had just arrived looked at Laura with an incredulous look. "You're wearing a tank top to an existing school will damage the good name of the school."

Laura rolled her eyes lazily. "Why are you worried about the school's reputation, which doesn't matter at all, but not worried about me being toyed with by assholes?"

Vikram frowned in surprise. "Why should I worry? It's likely you'll be the one toying with them." Vikram shrugged nonchalantly.

"Ah, you don't know, babe." Laura was about to put a kiss on Vikram's cheek. Before that happened, Vikram's palm had already landed on Laura's face. Laura is not at her wits end, she licks Vikram's palm, making Vikram scream in disgust.

"You crazy bastard! Why are you licking my hands! What do you think I am?!" Vikram wiped his palm on Laura's uniform, who seemed unconcerned about her actions.

"You're cute, so I want to eat." Laura had her hands on her hips, she blinked one eye to tease Vikram who was still normal. "Do you have feelings for me or not? Interested in being my boyfriend of this sexy one?"

Vikram frowned in disgust at Laura's narcissistic attitude. "My answer is still the same. I'm not interested in dating you! I just don't have the slightest lust, even though I see you naked." Vikram spoke confidently.

"Heh, like you've seen me naked! Or do you want to see me naked?" Laura was about to unbutton what was left of her uniform, but Vikram grabbed her hand.

"You can't always respect yourself, can you?" Vikram smiled sadly. What else can we do? This girl in front of him considered herself worthless. She doesn't even care about her pride as a woman who is very vulnerable to damage.

Laura tilted her head, a smirk rising on her pretty face. "Why should I bother with respecting myself? I've behaved well, but what? In their eyes, I am nothing. They are ignorant people who don't respect me. So, why should I respect myself, if they never want to see me?" Laura looked away, she pulled Susan with her and left Vikram still pensive in his place.

Laura stopped in her tracks, she looked back with a hideous smile. "And well, if you don't know anything, just shut up. Don't say a lot of useless things!"

Vikram took a deep breath. He ruffled his hair, feeling guilty. Vikram doesn't know anything about Laura's past. He only knew Laura's nature without knowing the cause of Laura's nature and what Laura's true nature was.

"It's useless! I've been her 'best friend' for years, but I don't even know anything about her. It's no different from strangers."



I don't want to blame Laura for her shameless attitude. But, to be honest, sometimes I also think like Laura. Why bother with respecting yourself when other people never respect me? Every time I think about it, it's sad.

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