1 Chapter 1

Deans POV:

I was in my motel room. Me and Sam were working a case in Ohio. Being in Ohio made me think of Cassie. She was a beautiful woman, and had oh so many features. She was amazing. She was my first love.....and she led me down the way to becoming the biggest player in the country. Cassie was amazing. I took my focus off of her and went back to putting bullets into my rifle. Afterwards, I laid in bed and took a nap. I was imagining me and Cassie. Wow, it was when we had sex....damn that was fun. I woke up, and saw Castiel at my bedside. " Hey Cass." I said, sitting up. Cass was in a suit, ready for us to head to the police station. And work a missing persons case. We believed it was a demon swarm here. We headed to the police station. " Special agent Smith and Novak to work a case here" I said. We showed our fake badges and they showed us the files. Demon signs were lurking all over. "Now we have a dead body..." The officer said." Who was it?" I asked." A woman. Her name is Cassie...." The officer said. I almost dropped my gun." not Cassie Robinson right?" I asked, very scared." Yes it is. Cassie Robinson..." He said. My heart almost got crushed. The girl of my dreams was dead!! Besides Lisa she was a shoulder I had to lean on. The officer shows us her body. Oh poor Cassie. She was still perfection." the last person who saw her was her daughter. Mary." The officer said, handing us another file. " where does the young girl live?" I asked, still shaking. " in the Robinson household..." He said, showing us the address. " let's go cass" I said. We got in the car and drove to her house. I remembered it like it was yesterday. God this was so sad. I knocked on the door. A girl about the age of 18 opened the door. She had green eyes, Cassie's skin tone, black hair and looked like me and Cassie combined. She looked up at me, and slammed me against the wall.' Woah what the hell!' I thought to myself." You! You got my mom killed...Dean Winchester"

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