1 The Walls of Hope

The year was 2000 when the outbreak called the Achilles virus started in Europe. It was created by the company Helix in an attempt to make super soldiers. Genetically taking away all emotions and the ability to feel pain. All surrounding countries tried their best to block it from spreading, but none succeeded. The virus spread throughout all of the eastern world. There was only one major country that was lucky to be apart from the mainland, America, which is now called The United States of Utopia. The only place safe from the Achilles virus, or so it seemed. In the year 2006 the Achilles virus somehow made its way to Utopia. Dragging the only safe haven in the world into the fiery pits of hell itself.

Fourteen years had passed since the Achilles virus invaded Utopia. The survivors built walls in different places throughout Utopia, keeping the Virus at bay. One of those places was call Forge City. Only 2,000 people inhabited the city. One of its citizens was a seventeen year old mechanic name Luke Castillo. Luke wasn't your stereotypical mechanic. He had dark tan skin with spiky brown hair that was a mess. He wore brown leather goggles that covers his eyes. He had on a white grease stain lab coat with a black shirt that said Hephaestus on it in red letters. He had a tool belt around his waist while wearing ripped blue jeans and black combat boots. The thing that made him different from the rest of the mechanics was his size. He wasn't as buff and burly like the other mechanics that worked with him. He was scrawny and looked weak compare to them.

But that didn't bother him much, what he lacked in size he made up in his know-how with machines and tools. You could give him some gears and a hammer, and the kid could build a phone out it of. The guys in the shop gave him the nickname Hephaestus to show how well he is when it comes to mechanics.

They all acted like a family and the towns people called them the Castillo boys. One dark and cold night, at the shop Luke was working on his top secret project or some would say a birthday gift. It was Luke's fathers birthday that day. His father was a big burly buff man. He wore a bandana to cover that he was bald and black sunglasses. He had on a grey jumpsuit, but he always tried the shirt part around his waist exposing his chest. His name was Andres Castillo owner of the workshop. Andres wasn't his real dad but the man took Luke in at the age of 3 during the invasion of the Achilles virus. When Luke was 12 Andres told him that he wasn't his biological father. Even today Luke always told him that he will always be his dad. Luke was almost done with his gift, When Sam Walked up behind him.

"Hey Hephaestus what's that your working on?" He asked.

Luke turn around and smiled. Sam Castillo, age 20, was the pretty boy in the family with his long blonde hair and handsome face. The man looked like Brad Pitts twin and all the women wanting him. Sam had on a grey jumpsuit too and wore it just like Luke's dad does. He's Luke's closest friend, they are like brothers. Luke was 10 when they met. At the age of 13, his family was killed by a psychopath. Before he was next, Andres killed him, saving Sams life. He then ask if he wanted to join his family.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't save your parents, please forgive me." Andres said.

Tears running down his eyes,"It's alright mister.... You did your best, thank you for saving me."

Andres held out his hand, "Come, be apart of my family. I have son who close to your age, you'll like him."

The boys eyes lit up, "Really mister?"

Andres nodded with a smile on his face. The boy took his hand and became a Castillo.

"It's my gift to the old man blondie, it's not done yet, I still have to configurate the size since they'll only fit me at the moment and also some of the wires need readjusting." Luke explain to him.

Luke grabbed what he was working on. It was a pair of brown leather fingerless gloves that had three wires coming from the rims of the gloves outlining to the knuckles.

"Luke what are theses?" Sam asked curiously.

"I'll show you, lets go outside don't want the old man finding out or break something." Luke whispers to Sam.

They headed out of the building when Andres yelled from across the building, "Hey Luke, Sam don't be gone long the scavenge group should be back soon and the Deadman are everywhere!"

Luke nodded knowing how dangerous scavenging can be with all of those Deadman out there.

Thats what Luke called the ones infected by the Achilles virus, Deadman. His dad told him that were already dead, but also alive at the same time.

"So they're Deadman, people that are waiting to die, right dad?" Luke asked.

"I guess they are like deadman little one. Haha, Deadman I like that name for now on we'll call them Deadman." Andres happily said.

"Luke! Luke! Earth to Luke!" Sam yelled.

"Huh, oh sorry Sam I was just remembering something." Luke explained.

"What about kiddo?" Sam asked.

"How we came up with the name Deadman, but I'd better hurry up and show you this." Luke said.

Sam nodded and followed Luke to a empty area, putting on the gloves and the wires started glowing dark red. Then he clinched both of his hands into fists and opened them up quickly, flames danced across his palms.

Sam yelped and jumped back. "Luke what the fuck! This is amazing your hands are on fire and not being burned! How is this happening?"

Luke clinched his hands again and quickly open them and the flames went out. "The three wires on both gloves generates heat that your body gives off. So since its your heat the gloves are design not to harm you, but your opponents that's a different story. There's one problem I can't figure out, when you use theses your lose your body heat for 3 minutes depending on how bright you make the flames. So right now I'm kinda of cold."

"Luke this is amazing!" Sam shouted.

"Well thank you, do you think my old man will like it even with the flaw?"

"Of course he will dumbass. Even Hephaestus the forge God himself wasn't always perfect. Dude you made gloves that can catch on fire! Come on we better get back to help the others prepare for the scavenge group."

"Yea your right, need to get my sniper ready."

In Luke's family they all had a specific gun or weapon they use. Luke got the sniper which he put together himself. In this time period everyone in Luke's family knew how to use a gun. Luke taut himself how to aim with precession. He started out with a BB gun his dad got him. Out of the of the whole family Luke was the best shot. Sam and Luke returned to the shop and spilt up. The shop was huge a building that use to be a warehouse or some kind before Luke's dad turn it into a mechanic shop. The shop was covered in junk of all kinds, but each person had their own areas for working. Luke turn his into his room. His room was a metal box with a door that he created. As Luke made his way towards his room you could see a neon sign in purple saying Luke Castillo.

Luke open the door and went in. The room was enormous on the inside. You could see a bed on the right up against the wall. A small tv was on the left with a game cube hooked up to it. Various tools hung on the walls. A bunch of gears and wires laid on a table. Next to the table was a tall cabinet. Luke walked up to the cabinet and opened it. Inside was his rife, it was a old beat up hunting rifle with a silencer attached to it. Above it was a black cloak and reinforce leather armor.

Luke grabbed all of it and put it on. His rifle didn't have a scoop on, instead he use his goggles that can zoom in and out, has night vision, and inferred. It was Luke's first invention he made at the age of 10. Luke strapped the sniper over his back and headed towards the door. He always had extra ammo in his tool belt. The sniper could hold up to 12 bullets in its camber. He took the gloves off and put them into his pocket before leaving.

Leaving the room Luke went to meet up with his father at the front gate right outside of the shop. The wall was about 3.60m high with barbed wire at the top. Luke had a sniping tower the was twice its size for him to snipe.

"Luke my boy, your ready, good." Andres exclaimed.

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Andres was wearing swat armor with a AK-47 swung over his back. "Yea, sorry I didn't get here sooner. I'll head to my position now and see if I could spot them."

Andres nodded and went to help the others. The defenses that the family made over the years was impressive. They had two automatic turrets on each side, a walk way with extra guns and ammo along the wall. On Luke's tower was a radio and extra ammo for his gun. Also a old fashion curved sword called a khopesh, that Luke got for his 14 birthday. It was only for emergency if they broke into the city.

Luke twisted his the rims of his goggles adjusting them to get a lay out beyond the walls. Looking around he made out a small group of four people. They looked like they were running from something. Luke zoomed in pass them and saw a horde of deadman chasing them. Luke grabbed the radio.

"This is Luke, the scavenge company is in sight but also deadman."

Then his dad voice came in, "What's the count?"

Luke zoomed and started counting. Holy shit, what did they do to attracted so many Luke thought to himself.

"Dad this could be a problem.... I count at lest over 20 of those damn things and only four of the company is alive. How do I proceed?" Luke reported back.

"Dumbasses! Kill as many as you can Luke."

"Understood, Luke out."

Luke put the radio down and aimed his rifle at one of the deadman. Luke smiled chaotically pulling the trigger. The head of the deadman exploded throwing meat chunks everywhere. "Pop goes your head. Who wants to face me, Luke the great next." He took out 20 more, painting the ground with their blood.

"Luke come in, you can stop shooting." Andres told him.

"Understood dad, coming down now, took out at lest 20 this time."

"Good job son! That's more than last week." Exclaimed his dad.

"It's because I'm a wizard of course." Luke said with a cheerful voice.

Luke headed down the staircase, each step making the wood creak as if it was crying. He was about half way down when he heard screaming from the radio. "Dad what's going on! You there! Answer me!" Panic ran through his head as he rushed down the steps. A cold pain stung his neck. The air was thick and cold around him. Dropping his radio, slowly falling through air. Freezing the world with only the sound of it shattering. A deadman starring at him, It's eyes were solid red as maggots crawled out. The skin was already in decomposition, with the flesh rotting. Blood dripped from its mouth, grinning with excitement. Bending down the deadman sank its teeth back into his victim. The victim was no other than Sam. Rage shot through Luke, like a dagger. He ran up and slammed the stock of his rifle in the deadmans face. Hitting the ground, Luke jammed the barrel in its forehead blowing it to pieces. Turning around he rushed towards Sam examining his wounds. The sight was almost unbearable for him to look at. There was a huge hole in his stomach. His organs showing, some of them completely gone. He was covered in blood and dirt. You couldn't even tell the mans hair was blonde anymore.

"SAM NO!!! It's going to be alright I'll get the first aid kit."

Sam looked up at Luke, stretching out his right arm gently touching Luke's cheek. Chills struck through his body, his hand was getting colder. Grabbing it Luke started to sob., "Luke it's over for me. I'm sorry old friend no first aid kit is going to help....(coughs). Go save yourself and your dad. One of the scavengers was bitten. The idiot told no one that's how they got in. It spread to fast and before I knew it, one of them jumped me."

"Sam quit talking you need help. I won't leave you blondie."

Sam shook his head, "Stop being fucking stupid Luke your smarter then that. Hell your smarter than anyone here...(coughs up blood). We both know that I'm done for, once bitten it's no turning back. So please.... Finish me off little brother."

Luke stood up, tears poured down his face as he pointed the rifle at his head. "I'm sorry Sam, rest in peace brother." He whispers.

Sam smiled and nodded, "May your inventions take you far Hephaestus." Luke's rifle went off with a loud boom leaving nothing, but silence. Falling to his knees he slam his fists in the ground screaming.

Luke sat there for short while grieving for his lost. He's dead now; I can't keep sobbing like a baby, my dad might need help, he thought to himself.

Forcing himself up, Luke ran towards the gate. As he was running a cold chill ran down his back. Out the corner of his vision he saw people running and screaming. One was a girl that looked about his age, standing by a store window. She looked across and made eye contact with Luke.

"Your a Castillo! Thank god I'm saved," She exclaimed.

Smiling wide, moving towards his direction. Behind her a dark figure moved in the store. Luke tried to say something, but no words came out. Shattering glass flew through the air as the figure from earlier reveled to be a deadman, jumping. Landing on the girls back with a thump. The deadman gripped her neck with its teeth snapping it like a twig. A sick feeling ran up through Luke making him almost throw up. Seeing death left and right could make the sane go insane. Luke had one thought in his head, saving his father. A deadman was in the way of Luke. As he ran towards it, raising his sword and screaming, using all of his force, decapitating it.

The clumping of Luke's boots hitting the ground as he ran towards the gate. The whole thing was destroyed, metal covered the ground. Luke looked up where the once great gate stood keeping this place safe. Twisting his goggles Luke zoomed into a specific spot. A man was trap under one of the support beams with 4 deadman closing on him. The air around grew thick, Luke grasped for air as he realized who it was.

"Oh God No! I won't let you die as well!" He shouted across.

The air whipped through his body as he rushed over towards the man. Flinging himself over the beams he finally was able to see who the person was. Luke raised his goggles revealing his eyes. They were multi color one blue the other green.

Shouting, "Father I'm coming hold on!"

The man looked up,"No! Don't Luke save your self, leave this place."

"I can't leave you too." Luke responded back.

Andres shaking his head,"I'm sorry my boy, but please head away from this place. Move to the safe house east of here."

Luke started to move closer,"But father wh...."

"Luke do it now! Run get out here."

No tears would come out as he turn away from his father the man that raised him. Running out of the city that he once called home into the hell it self. Cause war, war never changes.