Dead Skin
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Dead Skin


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What is Dead Skin

Read Dead Skin novel written by the author Sento on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering action, adventure, comedy, apocalypse. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Luna wakes up on the ground in a seemingly barren wasteland, she is covered in half-healed cuts and bruises. With foggy vision and a case of amnesia, she has no idea what to do. Left wandering the abandoned roads for a hope of finding somebody or any sign of life she runs into a zombie. But not just any zombie, no, these are the fast kind of zombies that can kill you instantly. She was now on the run with known predators chasing her scent as well. What will she find? How long will she survive? Read to find out, updates when I feel like it.


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The author is really talented like a lot of other authors on this app but Sento has a way of making the story come to life, for example Sento’s book the lost tide took an idea that I would never have thought would work but yet somehow Sento makes it work and this book is the same she took an idea so familiar with the zombie apocalypse theme and turned it into a new creation. I really hope that Sento is able to finish all the books he/she’s made and I hope that Sento is able to make more.


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Where should I begin writing this review? Wait... I don't because this novel is a hidden gem and worth the read. Why should I waste my time in writing this review and not read it right away? It's so I can inform you people who are still hesitating to start reading the chapter already.


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It is good. Very good. So amazingly good that I wish I could kill you and steal your account so it was mine. Yes this is a threat. Give me your address.


Wow, I was recommended this by a friend who uses Webnovel regularly, I honestly didn't expect much but when I got to reading it I was super surprised. The originality of the book is insane, though I do notice some similarities to moves like 28 Days Later and The Crazies. I've never used Webnovel before and just made my account so I could give a review since this book honestly deserves it and could do with more publicity. I don't know how you do it, but keep writing because I'd love to find out what happens to Luna in the future.


Everything is great, I can't wait for more episodes. The writing is artistic, and the characters seem alive. The stability of updates is great, story development is too, character design is also amazing. I don't expect the world background since it's the first episode, but it's amazing.


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