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dead silent


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He loved the inside and she loved the outside How would it turn out if both of their worlds collided? Elijah loved staying inside and avoiding any social gatherings. After a long day of school he likes to read a book keeping to himself as he hides in his personal library. He was like a inside cat. On the other side of town was Diana who loved exploring everywhere going to almost every social gathering. She also loved to read a good book here and there . The whole town knew her and loved her. She was a social butterfly. But she had a secret that no one knew well not until she met him. Yes! I found it. Diana tried tip toeing to reach the book but she failed. As she turned to look for the librarian to ask for help she bumped into what she thought was the shelf but when she heard a groan she looked up making eye contact with him. “Oh I’m so sorry I wasn’t watching where I was going.” Diana lowered her head out of embarrassment and as she did her eyes landed on what turned out to be her schools logo on his bag. “Oh you go to Henderson high school as well?” She looked up to make eye contact with him. He stared back for a few seconds before answering her. “Yes I do I haven’t seen you there who’s your home room teacher?” She stood there frozen staring into his light Gray eyes before she shook her head returning back to the conversation. “ I’m sorry how rude of me not to introduce myself. I’m Diana Sullivan and my home room teacher is Mr. Michaels.” And you are? “ Nice to meet you Diana I’m Elijah Evans and my home room teacher is Miss Wilson.” Diana reached her hand out in front of her. “ Nice to meet you Elijah.” He reached his hand out shaking hers.


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