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Dead, Not Dead


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"Let's do things more crazier. Only by letting all your darkest drive can you feel the thrill to life!" ----- An ordinary ghost who suddenly discovers that he can possess humans by touching them. Because of his boredom and routinary way of life, having this kind of ability made him happy. Lay is a sinister yet cheeky ghost that wants to play with society's rules. Stealing...failed. Carnapping…failed. Kidnapping…failed. Smuggling…failed. He was always caught by the person entitled Detective Su who he was scared of. Then… hacking which was unexpectedly his best suit landed him a job offer from the said detective's firm. Because of his circumstances, he declined it, three times yet the detective continued to pursue him. Even started to put up wanted signs of him. 'Wanted the hacker named "Ghost X", bounty: one hundred thousand dollars' But as Lay involved himself to the detective. His customary way of life turned into a mystery-horror story that he wasn't fun off even he was a ghost, when they started to solve the murders of the missing children that led to another case and another which behind of it, was the real mastermind. cover from the respected owner. P.s: This will be very slow to update as the author is stucked to some chapters. But it will still get updated soon.


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