1 Chapter 1: Am I Alive Or Dead

It started when i hear a loud noise outside. It seems people's are panicking and scared. some are shouting some are screaming I don't know if it makes difference but all the people are afraid of something.

I checked to see what's happening but after i got out my gate. Someone grabbed me and bites me in my shoulder.

I got startled and punched the person.

"What the hell man why did u bite me?"

He didn't respond and proceeded to attack me.

As i tried to run away more person tried to catch me.

It seems as though they're zombies.

"But what zombies carry a frickin knife??".

I tried to run as fast as i could but I can't last much longer. As the so called zombies keep approaching me.

More people are getting bitten and eaten.

At long last i found a hiding place where no zombie's or whatever they are can enter.

As i hide, i felt dizzy and wanting to rest. My body hurts and so is my head..

"Well it's what u get when u run a couple of miles without exercise".

I fell asleep but something rather someone is telling me to wake up.

"Adrian wake up right now you're late for school!.'

It's as though it's my mom. But my mom's dead years ago. As i slowly opened my eyes i see myself lying around in my bedroom and seeing my mom.

"Mom??? you're alive??"

My mom didn't answer my question. she just stared at me and smiled.

"Umm mom??"

My mom talked but i couldn't hear it. I tried to move but i couldn't!!.

"What's this!!. why can't i move?!!".

I see a light shined at me and my mom talked again.

"You're dead now son. Come with me".

"No mom I'm not dead. How am i dead tell me??.

My mom grinned

"your dead but your will to live is alive huh".

"Mom what are you talking about??".

My mom smiled at me and said.

"You'll know once yo-"

A loud noise wakes me up. it's as thought a bomb was exploded.

"What the hell is that?"

As i opened my eyes i see the colors changed as to being inverted.

"Woah what the heck am i seeing right now??"

I tried to squint but the colors never changed back to normal.

My hearing is sensitive and my body is rotting. Am i dead???. Am i a zombie??!.

"But i still have consciousness. How is that??."

I tried to go outside and see zombies walking around..

They talked and laughed.

"But last day. They we're chasing me what happened"

Am i alive or dead??