5 Chapter 5

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(9 Months Later)

"Please come with me tomorrow we can leave this place and start a life together we don't have to be trapped here together we can be free"Our MC begged his voice filled with worry

"I-I can't it is an Amazon's duty to stay here I must protect this place with my sisters it is my duty I'm sorry my love but I can't go with you, "Sofia said sadness clear in her voice as she looked away from the bo-Man that she loved tears filling her eyes.

"YOUR STILL HOLDING ON JUST LET GO YOU THINK THEY CARE ABOUT YOU YOUR TREATED AS BAD AS I AM IF NOT EVEN WORSE YOUR JUST A SLAVE THERE SLAVE IF YOU COME WITH ME YOU WONT HAVE TO EXPERIENCE ANY OF THIS I BEG YOU-"Daniel said as he saw the woman he caught his heart flinch in fear when he raised his voice and made a comment of her being a slave.

"Sofia I'm sorry for raising my voice and saying that but please you need to think it over and come with me it's dangerous for me, you, and him, "Daniel said as he eyed her stomach.

Daniel found out Sofia was pregnant 3 month's ago after she was sick for a couple of days and excessively throwing up Teresa Sofia's mother told him about her and after putting the pieces together he broke out of his cell beating up a couple of guards putting the entire island on lockdown just to see her.

Sofia put a hand on her stomach and looked at Daniel tears gone her eyes sparked a look of understanding" I understand but we need to tell Mother if we leave she must come with us"

Daniel smiled and hugged her kissing the top of her head"I'll make the preparations take anything valuable with you and tell your mother we need to be discreet about this no one can find out"

Sofia nodded her head and quickly left the dungeons leaving Daniel in a dark cell standing there thinking. He needed to be ready for anything tomorrow if there's even a slight mistake they'll have the entire island after them.

Daniel inwardly chuckled and thought 'They'll need an entire country to take me down because nothing is going to stop us'

Daniel stopped and saw something in the corner of his eye something was moving within the shadows.

Daniel quickly looked over to the darkest side of his cell jabbing and kicking he saw nothing there but his Detectives gut had that retching feeling that someone or something was watching him.

Out of the shadows, a figure rose a being made up of pure shadows tall extremely muscular, and with red eyes, that eyed his very soul.

Daniel got into a Taekwondo stance as the figure made the come at me gesture and got into a stance of its own spreading its feet apart and putting its hands in the air as if it was going to lunge at him like a Lion looking at its prey.

Daniel gulped but quickly shoved that fear down and kicked at the figure's left abdomen hoping to hit its liver but to his surprise, it did nothing he felt his leg make contact but the figure didn't move a single inch or react to it at all.

It was as if he was an ant and he threw a pebble at the monster. Daniel got into a boxer's stance and jabbed at the beast his hits making contact but it was like he was punching pure steel his hands were almost broken.

That's when the Creature finally reacted faster than he could blink it slapped him flipping his entire body upside making him spin in the air for a good 30 seconds before falling to the ground unconscious.

The figure walked back to the corner looking back at its opponent as he stood up his entire body relaxed but his eyes were pitch black with white irises.

Daniel? Approached the figure and faster than an average human could see proceeded to kick the figure in the left abdomen like before but this time unlike before the figure reacted blocking the force and making it barely slide back.

The figure looked up in shock smiling showing fangs coming out of its mouth as it got into its previous stance but this time it wasn't underestimating its opponent he wasn't an ant but a wasp.

The figure was going to attack but saw the sun rising and frowned looking back at its opponent and said

"Tch sunrise already and it was just starting to get fun," The figure said as he put his hands in his pocket and walked towards the corner before stopping moving his head to the side dodging a kick from Daniel?.

"Looks like you still got some fight in you good I like that but you'd Gould stop right now I don't wanna break you," The figure said as he turned around menacingly a red aura erupting from him causing Daniel? to his knee.

By the time Daniel got up, the Figure was gone but left a huge fist-size smooth punch imprint on the brick wall without any cracks. Daniel? Went up to the wall and relaxed his body punching the wall leaving almost the same mark but the wall only had 2 of his knuckle imprints on it.

Daniel's body then dropped to the ground unconscious.

A purple figure with red eyes was watching the fight laughing incredibly hard slapping his knee behind him was the black figure with red eyes standing there clearly displeased with the fight.

"You laughing about this you promised me a worthy fight he wouldn't even be able to fight my son"

"Hehehehe I know but given time he will be strong stronger than even you"

"You go back on your word and I'll snap your neck like a twig," The black figure said as he put his hand around the purple figure's neck squeezing shocking him but quickly changing his face from shock to pain to fear.

"H-How is this possible you shouldn't be able to touch me nor hurt me this is impossible I summoned you here I'm your master I'm the one who controls you," the purple figure said confused.

The black figure smiled then broke into a fit of laughter wiping away a tear and said"You? Controlling me your funny Clown your just weak and none of your magic tricks work on me"

The black figure dropped the purple being and walked away spitting on the ground as he retreated to the shadows.

The purple being mad eyes filled with rage stared at the ball of Magic he conjured and stared at the unconscious body of Daniel and smiled an idea popped up into his evil head.

'Soon your body will be mine all I need to do is wait till your mind is weak and broken then that power shall be mine and I will make even the Gods beg at my feet for mercy'

The image of Daniel changed to Sofia who was sleeping with a hand on her stomach.

The figure smiled his white teeth showing clearly it was a smile of insanity and pure evil

'All you need is a push and everything will go the way I have foreseen it'

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