1 Chapter 1

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There was an agonizing scream of a woman going into labor in a room that resembled that of Ancient Greek architecture.But it wasn't just any Woman that was going through the pain of giving birth it was the Queen of Amazon's Hippolyta.

One of the Amazon's that was helping with the labor of her child yelled "I see the head my lady keep pushing she's almost through"

And with one last push a beautiful baby girl with bits of black hair and blue eyes came into the world,The same Amazon holding the baby said"it is a beautiful girl my lady".

Hippolyta and the rest of the Amazon's finally thought the pain would be over but they were wrong completely wrong.Hippolyta started yelling in pain which got the attention of all the Amazon's in the room who were shocked.




The Amazon's yelled in shock the healers on the island said there were to be only one child but to be having another was a shock the trained healers on the island were almost never wrong.

The Amazon's got out of their stupor and rushed to their Queen that was still in pain and helped her give birth to her 'second daughter'.

With the final push and the baby finally came out all the Amazon's were shocked

"I..it's a boy the Queen birthed a boy"

An Amazon was finally able to say after getting rid of the shock.

Everyone in the room was quiet especially Hippolyta who was quiet and shocked after seeing the baby.

It was a baby boy with golden eyes and white hair one that reminded her of a certain someone that made her look away in regret.

"Your majesty what do you want us to do with It"an Amazon said after glaring at the child that just smiled at her not knowing it's fate"

"We should throw it to the sea where it belongs like the rest, "Another Amazon said.

"We shouldn't even be letting it continue breathing we need to end it now"Antiope the General and greatest warrior on Themyscira who was known for hating men the most said

"NO"yelled the exhausted Queen "this is a child of the gods we would only endorse their wrath if we were to kill the child"

After thinking the Queen said"Put the child in the enchanted dungeons I want guards watching it all night"

The Amazon's followed the Queens orders and took the child into the dungeons not knowing that it wasn't just a child but a man in the body of a child.

Everyone left just leaving the Queen to admire her first daughter and 'ONLY CHILD'.


All I saw was darkness I was in the void just drifting and drifting throughout space and time I don't know how many years I've been here but I knew something good was eventually going to happen.

After drifting for what felt like eons something big happened I was engulfed in white light and found myself in a different location. It was still dark but I felt warm, safe and was reassured that all my problems will go away if I just waited here.

So that's what I did I waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited. I waited for a year and that's when I knew something big was about to happen I was able to open my eyes and what I saw shocked me. I was able to make something out with my blurry eyes and noticed that I had hands small hands and small feet and I was in a fetal position just floating.

After waiting for so long I finally saw a light which got me extremely excited knowing that I'll finally be free from this horrible Prison and I'll be able to move around even run.

I went towards the white light and heard a bunch of voices gasps and one of them even yelled out in a language I couldn't understand "Είναι αγόρι, η βασίλισσα γέννησε ένα αγόρι"

There were a ton of women in what seemed like a bedroom and they're all wearing some weird clothes. I saw some weird structures and architecture that reminded me of some stuff I saw in my history textbook.

I turned and saw what looked like my mother and a shiver went down my spine It wasn't what I expected at all I saw anger and hate....for me. One of the women went to my supposed mother and said in a language I didn't know " Βασίλισσα Ιππόλυτα τι θέλεις να κάνουμε με το αγόρι".

Whatever she said it wasn't pleasant and everyone in the room started glaring at me.I was confused I was born again and now there are women glaring at me like I killed their dog.

The woman That was laying on the bed who I assumed was my mother stayed quiet and just stared at me while I stared back confused on the situation I was in.

The women finally said something that i couldn't understand and some of the women in the room left leaving only a guard and a servant.

"ναι βασίλισσά μου" all the women there said out loud walking out of the room.

One guard passed me on to my mother where she began to breastfeed me but I could tell that she had some sort of hostility towards me for some reason.

After she was done Breastfeeding me she handed me on to a servant and said"πάρτε τον στα μπουντρούμια και προσέξτε ποιος σας βλέπει, δεν θέλουμε να μάθουμε νέα για αυτό".

The servant nodded grabbing me and running off.The whole time while running I started to think about the situation I was in,on my I guess I should call it previous life I was a private detective and with years of experience I could tell when something was wrong and my gut was telling me that something was definitely wrong.Those women hated me with a passion for some reason was I a bastard child or something.

We finally got to our destination which I quickly realized was a prison cell but a very old one that had rust all over it including a skeleton in the corner that still had chains on it.The lady that was holding me threw me into a make shift cradle of some kind naked and cold.

I started to think about everything that happened before I was brought here I was a detective Daniel Murphy I was a retired cop that was forcefully removed from the police force for an aggressive attitude and impulsive behavior.One day on the job I followed a suspect that I had leads on for having connection to the mob and a tip off that there was a file and evidence on the moles in the department and corrupted officials that went high into the cities chain of command.

It was sketchy and questions were raised like how was the mob able to get this information and that was easy they probably spent millions on that information for blackmail I already suspected this when the department was forced to let go of a suspect that we seized for having 20 pounds of cocain.Of course everyone questioned it but didn't say anything but me this would've been a great bust if we were able to interrogate the bastard but we just let him go like that.

I tried going against the higher ups but was put down and demoted i finally realized something it was the whole department that was corrupt and I had to stop the mob because word got out between the low level thugs that they had that information and the Yakuza and Triads got word of this and it meant only one thing it would lead to and it was a gang war not just any gang war but one that could change the entire city.

I kept on trying to convince the higher ups that weren't corrupt pigs but I was forcefully removed I understood though they wanted to do something but it was clear the mob had dirt on them also.I was fine with it because if they weren't going to do anything than I would and that I meant I had do go rogue,I had lots of contacts on the streets due to my years of being a detective and found out that the Yakuza and Triads including the cartel were going to hit the mob tonight which only gave me a couple of hours to prepare and get that information before they do.

Hours later after preparing I had a friendly talk with the son of a bitch we let go and found out where the mob had the information it was in a safe house guarded by more than 50 men.I pulled up to the safe house that was a warehouse and recognized that the mob hired mercs for protection and if there was anything that was more dangerous than the mob it was mercenaries people who didn't fight for any country but for themselves and money which meant they were either experienced soldiers and had training or idiots who just waved a gun around and sadly it wasn't the ladder these guys were trained and on guard for any attack to happen.

I made a plan and waited til the Triads,Yakuza and Cartel would attack it would be a huge free for all and they would all be to distracted to see me if I was stealthy enough.

When the attack finally happened I rushed in guns blazing taking out anyone that was in my way and got to the office that has the file.After checking it's contents I was disgusted at seeing how high the corruption went it wasn't just the police department it went all the way up to the mayors office which raised lots of red flags for me the only one that wasn't corrupt was the Commissioner Dales which meant I had to give the information to him he was a good man and knew what had to be done for the city and the department.

But that was the hard part it was easier to get in when everyone was distracted but getting out would be even harder.It was complete chaos everyone was shooting at each other with the intent to either protect the file or get it.

Lucky for me I spotted a car i hid in the distance and ran to it but got hit on the side and one in the leg.I turned around and saw everyone training their guns on me.

I dropped a smoke grenade I got from a friend who worked in Swat he was one of the good ones that wasn't corrupt and i ran getting grazed in the shoulder I got in my car and drove all the way to the Commissioners office scaring him and telling him the contents of the file.

That was my biggest mistake apparently the Commissioner was corrupt and was just lucky enough to not get found out.And I was stupid enough to turn my back on him and get a bullet to the back.The last thing I saw was the smile on his face and him burning the file.

I cursed myself for being foolish and cursed at him and everyone in the file they were all corrupt it was the entire country that was corrupt.

And than there was black and I work up here after floating for countless hours.I don't know if god did this but I regret not shooting that bastard or taking him down with me.

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